Americans Are Moving to These 2 Southern Cities — Myrtle Beach and Wilmington

As inflation and soaring home prices push Americans out of the country’s largest urban areas, many are seeking more affordable living options.

A recent survey by moving and storage company Pods has revealed that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, are tied for the top spot among the most popular relocation destinations.

Why Are People Moving?

A significant factor driving this migration is the affordability of housing in these areas. In many of the nation’s largest cities, wages have not kept pace with rising real estate values, making mortgages unaffordable for many residents.

As a result, people are moving out of cities in search of affordable housing, lower crime rates, proximity to nature, and a lower cost of living.

The Appeal of Myrtle Beach and Wilmington

Both Myrtle Beach and Wilmington offer stunning beaches, great weather, and a low cost of living. Additionally, these cities provide a mix of southern charm, history, dynamic arts, culture, food, and wine scenes.

Myrtle Beach, known for its popularity as a summer vacation spot, is becoming a permanent home for more Americans due to its affordable housing.

Similarly, Wilmington has evolved from a getaway spot to one of North Carolina’s most popular places to live, offering an eclectic blend of history, recreation, and sound economic opportunities.

Residents in both states can look forward to a growing economy and lower tax rates compared to many other U.S. states. Other popular cities in these two states include Greenville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, which also ranked in the top 10 of Pods’s list.

Emerging Destinations in the South

Besides South and North Carolina, the survey highlighted Tennessee and Georgia as emerging destinations for new residents. Many people are moving from states like California, Florida, and Texas, attracted by the mild climate, affordable living, and rich culture in these areas.

Declining Popularity of Certain States

Conversely, South Florida’s Miami metro area has the third highest number of move-outs, according to Pods’s data. People are leaving cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco due to rising crime and homelessness rates, high living costs, and higher rental rates.

Florida, in particular, is becoming less attractive due to the high costs associated with homeownership, including rising insurance and repair costs from natural disasters related to climate change. In 2023, Florida homeowners paid an average insurance premium of $10,996, significantly higher than the national average.

For a complete ranking of popular move-in communities, you can visit Pods’s official website.

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