Apple Maps Is Making It Easier to Explore National Parks With Its Latest Update 🗺️

If you’re a fan of exploring national parks, Apple Maps has some fantastic news for you. With their latest update, navigating and enjoying these beautiful natural spaces is going to be much easier.

What’s New?

Starting this fall, Apple Maps will let you save your favorite national park hikes for offline use. This is a game-changer because we all know that Wi-Fi can be pretty unreliable in the great outdoors. Now, you can download maps and routes ahead of time and have them ready, even when you’re off the grid.

You can also create custom walking and hiking routes, adding them to a new “Places Library.” This feature allows you to store not just your hiking paths, but also your favorite restaurants, coffee spots, and more. You can even jot down personal notes about each location, making your trips more organized and enjoyable.

A Word from Apple

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, highlighted the importance of this update, saying, “So many of our users rely on Apple services throughout their day, from navigating their commute with Apple Maps to making easy and secure payments with Apple Pay to curating playlists with Apple Music. We’re excited to give them even more to love about our services, like the ability to explore national parks with hikes in Apple Maps.”

Enhanced Features for Outdoor Adventures

This isn’t Apple’s first step towards improving outdoor navigation. Last year, they introduced the option to download specific areas on a map for offline use. This was part of the iOS 17 update, which also brought place cards with details like trail length, difficulty, and elevation variations. With these features, you can easily filter and find the perfect hike that suits your needs.

Beyond National Parks

Apple is not just focusing on the wilderness. They are also enhancing travel experiences in cities. For instance, ahead of the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, Apple made it easier to navigate the city’s transit system. You can now add a Navigo pass directly to your Apple Wallet, buy tickets from your iPhone or Apple Watch, and simply tap to ride.


With these new updates, Apple Maps is making it more convenient and enjoyable to explore national parks and travel around cities. So, if you’re planning an adventure, make sure to check out these new features to make your trip smoother and more fun. Happy exploring!

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