11 Best Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee Perfect To Enjoy Nightout Parties

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Today’s article is all about the best bars and clubs in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee is the capital city of the US state of Florida.

It is a very popular destination for tourists and students alike. During the daytime, it offers attractions such as Lake Ella, the Museum of Florida History, visiting the flea market, but if you are more of a night owl, you will be pleased to know that you can find a wide range of nightclubs in Tallahassee.

These clubs can be found all over the city, from the famous ‘Tally Strip’ to bars hidden in the outskirts, and offer a wide range of music, venue sizes, and decor.

It is famous only for its nightlife either for students or for working people.

The 11 Best Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee

We have put together a list of the best bars and clubs in Tallahassee, so let’s begin.

1. The Moon

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

A live entertainment venue and a nightclub featuring a wide range of acts and country nights.

Four levels and five main bars offer optimal viewing and convenience at all times! Cascades Park,

The Museum of Florida History and the Florida Historic Capitol Museum are some of the attractions nearby that you can visit.

2. Baja’s beach club

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Open to anyone over 18, this student-centric club will provide the music and atmosphere for a perfect night.

It is located in the heart of Tallahassee where you can enjoy electronic music.

This nightclub offers you a wide variety of drinks, food or snacks and also a large space to dance. This will be worth the money.

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3. Bradfordville Blues Club

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Featuring regular live blues, rock, and R&B and open on Fridays, Saturdays, and the odd Sunday, these best seats in this throwback juke joint often fill up fast and it might, therefore, be worth making a reservation in advance.

It is quite literally off the beaten track as it is located just outside the city on the Mississippi Blues Track, you can enjoy this beautiful location to the fullest by sitting outside and warming yourself by their nightly bonfire.

With live music, an authentic setting, and even delicious food on offer, this is a nightclub experience like no other.

4. Top Flite Club

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Top Flite Club

It is one of the 21+ nightclubs in Tallahassee and offers more than bright lights and loud music There are also regular comedy and karaoke nights,

while the soul and R&B nights make it one of the most popular black clubs in Tallahassee FL. If a nightclub that is not filled with 18-year-olds sounds more up your street, Top Flite will not disappoint

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5. Potbelly’s

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Potbelly’s

It is one of the most student-friendly clubs in Tallahassee. It is open Thursdays – Saturdays all year round, and also on Tuesdays during the summer.

this club hosts regular live music, and its Friday Happy Hour is guaranteed to fill its venues in no time.

It consists of two different buildings to choose from depending on whether you want to feel pumped up or chilled and also boasts a huge beer garden where you can relax with a drink under the stars.

6. RedRocks

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tallahassee

Located on the Tally Strip, this is another Tallahassee club open to 18-20-year-olds who feel like a dance.

With a range of cheap drink deals for the over 21s including $1 shots, RedRocks is a classic throwback club with the atmosphere to match, displaying mirrors, a disco ball, poles, and a chandelier around their dancefloor.

7. 926 Bar and Grill

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: USA Restaurant

It is one of the most famous LGBT-friendly nightclubs in Tallahassee. A bar with a menu as extensive as 926 Bar and Grill may not seem the obvious place for a gay club.

The LGBT owners and managers are proud to make this a club in which everyone feels welcome, regardless of sexuality or gender, so you can be your authentic self all night long.

8. Waterworks

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Visit Tallahassee

Waterworks serves casual food, and a wide range of picturesque cocktails and hosts great live music and regular events.

Its Tiki-style decoration gives it a fresh and quirky vibe and is guaranteed to provide a night out with a difference. Waterworks are worth the try.

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9. Bullwinkle’s Saloon

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Bullwinkle advertises itself as one of the top nightclubs for students in Tallahassee, and this is reflected in the fact that it was voted the top club in Tallahassee for drink specials.

This saloon-style bar makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome and features the best DJs in town as well as monthly live music.

Wednesday night is Ladies’ Night, and there are regular game-watch parties during football season.

10. Yianni’s

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tallahassee

Open to anyone 18+ dance and hip hop are played all night to keep you on your feet, making it one of the most popular hip hop clubs in Tallahassee.

It is also possible to rent a VIP booth to give you a place to chill between your favourite songs – or as a location to polish off one of their fish bowls before returning to the dancefloor!

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11. TENN

Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee
Image Credit: Tallahassee

TENN Club in central Tallahassee (previously known as Encore) prides itself on its high number of bars and bartenders, ensuring you never have a long wait for a drink.

It is a large nightclub with many VIP rooms and an impressive sound system guaranteed to get you in the mood to dance.

TENN is also open to 18-20-year-olds on a night out, and for those who aren’t into partying the night away, the nightclub is adjacent to the TENN Lounge, where you can find a more relaxed atmosphere and understated electronic music.

FAQs About Bars And Clubs In Tallahassee

Does Tallahassee have good nightlife?

With its range of regional breweries, CollegeTown hotspots, and exquisite rooftop cocktails, Tallahassee comes to life at night. Once the sun goes down, Tallahassee sways to a beat of its own, whether the mood calls for a nostalgic drink from a bygone era or wearing your red shoes to dance to the blues.

What is the oldest bar in Tallahassee?

This is what? Since 1976, a pillar of Tallahassee’s nightlife The oldest independently operated bar in Tallahassee, Poor Pauls Pourhouse, interim relief drinks.

What time do clubs close in Tallahassee Florida?

2 a.m. in Florida As long as they don’t sell alcohol after 2 a.m., bars in Tallahassee are allowed to stay open until that hour. Alcohol may be purchased in Miami clubs until 5 a.m., Fort Lauderdale bars until 4 a.m., and Tampa bars until 3 a.m.

What is the first bar in Florida?

The Palace Saloon: The Oldest Bar in Florida

The Palace Saloon on Amelia Island is the oldest saloon in Florida and the final American pub to close its doors during Prohibition. It maintained an ice cream shop during that period of dehydration.

What does the word Tallahassee mean?

old town

The Apalachee Indian name for “Tallahassee” implies “old town” or “abandoned fields.” The Apalachee village there ultimately vanished. A Spanish deputy governor and his crew made their home at the Apalachee settlement of San Luis in west Tallahassee in 1656.

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