11 Best Convertible Backpacks For Travel

Planning your next adventure? A versatile convertible backpack should be included in your luggage. Find the ideal bag to meet all of your travel needs by reading our top recommendations for the best convertible backpacks for travel.

Sometimes carrying a bag in one shape can become tedious and dull. When heading out, you may choose a bag that facilitates freehand carrying, such as a tote, a backpack, or a crossbody.

Why don’t you obtain a convertible backpack instead of buying various bags for these carrying methods?

A convertible backpack is essentially a bag that has multiple ways to be worn. These bags can be changed into totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, and cross-body bags at any time.

For your comfort and convenience, they encourage a variety of carrying methods. The top convertible backpacks are featured in the review that follows.

Things To Consider While Buying Convertible Backpacks [Buying Guide]

As the name implies, the best convertible backpacks transform into a carry-all tote, duffel bag, and messenger bag from a strap-on backpack or knapsack. When looking for the best convertible backpacks for you, take into account the following.

  • Straps: Different strap options are not just a stylish and practical design choice; they may also protect your shoulders on lengthy hikes. When the weight starts to seem unequal, having some double backpack straps hidden away is helpful. A removable long shoulder strap allows you to bear the weight across your body. You may also take the weight off your shoulders by using the handles to carry it horizontally or as a tote.
  • Material: Some backpack makers go above and above in this regard, rigorously testing and choosing materials that will stand the test of time, not just against the elements but also against regular abuse a bag might receive. Important electronics inside are further cushioned by thickly padded walls, which can also withstand being knocked around during shipment.
  • Weather: When choosing materials for your convertible bag, water resistance should be a need, especially if you want to use it outside. A decent convertible backpack shouldn’t require cover from the storm because a backpack is designed to be taken outside and used in all weather conditions.
  • Weight: Your most precious belongings will be transported in this convertible backpack, and the weight might build up quickly. However, if the bag itself is deadweight, clever and minimum packing can only get you so far. The greatest convertible backpacks should ideally just weigh a few pounds or less. On lengthy drives or even short hikes, you’ll start to feel it if you go over that limit.

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11 Best Convertible Backpacks For Travel

1. Women’s Convertible Backpack By Pacsafe

This backpack is an excellent option for women who want a bag that will keep their belongings secure while they are out in public. The bag’s interlocking zipper design makes sure that someone can’t unzip it when you are not looking.

If you prefer to wear the bag as a backpack, the long shoulder strap is detachable. The shoulder strap has a lot of cushioning, which makes it pretty comfortable. The bag can be folded into a handbag, making it ideal for night dates with your pals.

Special features:

  • This bag only has a 0.99-pound weight.
  • The bag has a detachable, padded shoulder strap.
  • Features secure interlocking zips
  • The backpack is interchangeable with a handbag
Pacsafe Women's Citysafe Cx Anti Theft Convertible...
  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN - With Interlocking Zippers and...
  • CAN BE LOCKED TO FIXTURES - Cut-resistant shoulder...
  • ORGANIZATION & POCKETS - 1* RFID Blocking Front...
  • FOLD DOWNS INTO HANDBAG - Backpack can be folded...

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2. Classic Small Convertible Backpack By Travelon

Using the long strap, you can use this safe bag as a backpack or a shoulder bag.

It is not only a stylish bag, but it is also a reliable design. A few of the security features on this bag include an RFID-blocking zippered pocket and a tethered key clip that prevents pickpockets from readily accessing the interior.

The tethered key clip also features LED lighting for a pleasant glow when walking at night. This backpack will fit you if you enjoy outdoor pursuits like sports or short walks. To carry additional goods like water bottles, you can use the expanded mesh pockets on them.

Special features:

  • There are two ways to carry the bag.
  • The shoulder strap can be altered.
  • The pockets include an anti-theft design.
  • This bag features several compartments.
Pacsafe Women's Citysafe Cx Anti Theft Convertible...
  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN - With Interlocking Zippers and...
  • CAN BE LOCKED TO FIXTURES - Cut-resistant shoulder...
  • ORGANIZATION & POCKETS - 1* RFID Blocking Front...
  • FOLD DOWNS INTO HANDBAG - Backpack can be folded...

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3. Women’s Convertible Mini Julian Backpack By Rebecca Minkoff

This bag is a terrific option for any woman who needs a stylish and sophisticated bag for everyday use. It is pretty lovely and sturdy, and you can wear it in a variety of ways.

This bag features three different ways to carry it: a backpack, a shoulder bag with a long strap, and a crossbody bag. This makes it a great option for a variety of activities, especially if you like being outside.

Special features:

  • This bag is made entirely of leather.
  • Features gunmetal hardware for a stylish finish
  • The bag is adaptable in three ways.
  • Available in four color hues
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Julian Backpack, BLACK
  • Genuine leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, 15" drop
  • 2 exterior side zip pockets
  • 1 Exterior back slip pocket

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4. Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack By Travelon

Due to the versatility of this necessary convertible backpack, you won’t need to purchase multiple bags for different occasions.

The backpack can be carried as a tote, worn as a crossbody bag, or worn as a backpack in three different ways. Enormous goods can fit in the compartments of the backpack’s large size.

Due to the protective features of this bag, you need not worry about pickpockets. No one will be able to readily access the backpack inside thanks to the locking sections and RFID-blocking interior pockets.

Keep in mind that this bag is ideal for carrying to work because it has enough room inside to arrange your office supplies.

Special features:

  • The front of this bag includes a sizable pocket.
  • Tough materials were used to make it.
  • The bag is adaptable in three ways.
  • Includes anti-theft design
Travelon Anti-Theft Essentials Convertible...
159 Reviews
Travelon Anti-Theft Essentials Convertible...
  • Anti-Theft features include slash resistant mesh...
  • Uniquely versatile, wear it 3 ways, as a tote,...
  • Interior features a business accessory organizer,...
  • Large convenient front pocket with interior slip...

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5. Nylon Convertible Backpack By Sherpani Camden

This bag is versatile and adaptable, so you may use it for a picnic, the office, a night out with friends, or a trip. The bag may be worn in three different ways: as a crossbody bag, a tote, or a backpack. The room is an aspect of this bag that you’ll adore.

It can comfortably accommodate a 15-inch laptop and has no storage capacity restrictions.

This convertible bag ensures longevity and effectiveness in use thanks to its construction of pure polyester elements and nylon lining.

Also keep in mind that this bag is available in a variety of color tones, allowing you to discover your personal color preferences and select the perfect bag.

Due to its superb fit, this bag is great for both short and tall people. To achieve the most comfortable carrying position, adjust the bag’s straps.

Special features:

  • The solely recycled materials used to create the backpack
  • A 15-inch laptop fits within.
  • This bag is water-resistant.
  • A lifetime warranty is included with the bag.
Sherpani Camden, Convertible Backpack Tote, Travel...
570 Reviews
Sherpani Camden, Convertible Backpack Tote, Travel...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The Camden is designed with an...
  • 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS - Crafted with...
  • RFID PROTECTION - Worrying while traveling is a...
  • COMFORT and FIT - Whether you’re commuting,...

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6. Nylon Convertible Backpack Purse By Sherpani Dispatch

This 13-inch laptop-compatible convertible backpack from Sherpani is yet another model of quality and style.

Once more, this is a versatile purse that may be worn with formal or informal attire. The backpack is light and the padded straps make it easy to carry for extended periods.

Two side compartments on the backpack, which accommodate bottles of various sizes, are designated for water bottles.

Your belongings, including credit cards, are protected in this bag thanks to the RFID lining because no one can readily access them from the bag.

Special features:

  • A 13-inch laptop can fit in this bag.
  • The bag has three different carrying options.
  • This reversible backpack is quite cozy.
  • Provides RFID security
Sherpani Dispatch, Convertible Backpack Tote,...
237 Reviews
Sherpani Dispatch, Convertible Backpack Tote,...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The Dispatch comes with two...
  • 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS - Every product in...
  • RFID PROTECTION - This bag contains an RFID lining...
  • COMFORT and FIT - The thoughtfully organized All...

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7. Travel Laptop Backpack for Women By COOLCY

Purchase this reversible backpack for use on trips and business. It’s a fashionable bag, yet the materials make sure you may use it whenever you choose.

For instance, the materials are scratch- and fading-resistant and waterproof to protect your belongings from water contact.

Thanks to the built-in charging port, you don’t necessarily need to open the bag to charge your phone or any other device.

Simply attach your power bank to your phone to start charging it. Women who work in offices can bring work to finish at home because the bag fits all 15.6-inch computers.

Your sensitive belongings, such as phones, power banks, and wallets, can be organized in the interior’s numerous storage compartments. You can store keys or other items that are easy to access in the two additional front pockets.

Special features:

  • Padded straps provide comfort.
  • The shoulder straps can be adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • Comes with a built-in charging port
  • A 15. The 6-inch laptop can fit inside.
COOLCY Travel Laptop Backpack for Women...
  • WORK TRAVEL BACKPACK MATERIAL - Stylish backpack...

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8. Anti-Theft-Classic Small Convertible Backpack By Travelon

This small convertible bag can be carried as a shoulder bag or a backpack. This is a nice casual bag to add to your collection if you like hiking or just hanging out with your pals on the weekends.

Large internal pockets can accommodate many necessities, and the bag also has an extensible mesh bag for a water bottle.

For your comfort, the shoulder strap features cushioning, which you may take off when not in use. This backpack’s zips are made with an anti-theft construction for security.

Special features:

  • This bag contains anti-theft design features.
  • You can wear the bag as a shoulder bag or a backpack.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • An adjustable water bottle pocket is included in the bag.
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Small Convertible...
  • 5-Point Anti-Theft security system
  • Wear it 2 ways - convert from backpack to...
  • Will hold a 10” tablet - Adjustable shoulder...
  • Main compartment has rfid blocking zippered pocket...

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9. Naples Convertible Backpack By Baggallini

This is a gorgeous convertible bag gorgeous convertible bag that every lady should own, both in terms of size and design. It is a versatile purse that you can carry on a date or when hanging out with friends.

The bag is adjustable and somewhat light. Depending on where you are going, you can use this bag as a sling bag or a shoulder bag.

This bag is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts because the materials are waterproof. As a result, in the event of rain, your possessions are protected from becoming wet.

Although the convertible bag has a small appearance, it has numerous inside and front storage compartments to hold all of your items.

Special features:

  • The bag’s construction blocks RFID signals.
  • The backpack is made of waterproof materials.
  • The straps are adjustable for good fitting
  • It has ample storage spaces
Baggallini Naples RFID Convertible Backpack, One...
  • HANDS-FREE FUNCTIONALITY: Never miss a moment!...
  • WEAR IT YOUR WAY: Switch up your style to better...
  • PROTECT YOUR PEACE OF MIND: With built-in...
  • PADDED LAPTOP POCKET: Ensure your computer makes...

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10. Tokyo Tote Backpack By Bellroy

This is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a sizable convertible backpack with various applications. The backpack is roomy enough to fit a 15-inch laptop and has a 20-liter capacity. The bag can be used as a tote in addition to being used as a backpack.

The top piece contains two little straps that you may grab to carry the backpack with your hands, and the straps are highly padded for increased comfort when carrying big stuff. This bag features several compartments for storing different goods you need on the road.

Special features:

  • There are two ways to use this bag.
  • Water-resistant crafts
  • The bag is 20 liters in size.
  • Attaches to a 15-inch laptop
Bellroy Tokyo Totepack, water-resistant woven...
  • 20-liter capacity convertible backpack and tote...
  • Padded backpack shoulder straps tuck away flat...
  • Multiple external and internal pockets to organize...
  • Made from water-resistant woven fabric

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11. Backpack Purse for Women By CLUCI

Thanks to its detachable shoulder strap, I appreciate that you may choose to carry it as a tote, backpack, or shoulder bag.

The pack is made of high-quality soft PU leather and is both lightweight and water-resistant. Metal accents and fabric lining are also included. And it has a respectable amount of storage.

All of your essentials, such as laptops, water bottles, books, and umbrellas, have space and pockets.

Because of the padded shoulder straps, carrying it for hours won’t strain your upper back muscles.

Additionally, you may choose from a variety of colors, which means there are numerous methods to ensure that when you wear it, it reflects your distinctive style.

Special features:

  • This classy bag is a wonderful deal at only $38!
  • This pack has a theft-prevention design.
  • To stop prying fingers
  • the main zipper closing is placed towards the rear.
CLUCI Backpack Purse for Women Fashion Leather...
  • High-end Material: Made of high-quality oil wax...
  • Multiple Compartments:1 main compartment with 2...
  • Convertible Carrying Ways: The bag can be used as...
  • Approximate Dimension: (L) 13.5" x (W) 6.25" x (H)...

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FAQs About Best Convertible Backpacks For Travel

What is a convertible pouch?

A handbag that can change from one style to the next is called a convertible bag.

What are those mini backpacks called?

Sling Bag
Smaller pockets and compartments are included for storing smaller items like your wallet and keys. This is a more convenient and cosy substitute for a typical backpack.

What are shoulder backpacks called?

A messenger bag is a sort of sack that is often constructed of cloth. It is also known as a courier bag (natural or synthetic). With a strap that crosses the chest and rests the bag on the lower back, it is carried over one shoulder.

Is there a mini backpack in Style 2021?

The ’90s were the era of the mini-backpack, and they are currently making a comeback. Mini-backpacks, a ’90s classic, are considerably more practical than purses since they’re lighter, hands-free, and provide just enough room for your daily necessities without making you feel bulky.

What are different types of backpacks called?

Because of this, we’ll offer you a brief overview of each style of backpack in this post so you can decide which is best for you. Everyday backpacks, travel backpacks, hiking/camping backpacks, sporting backpacks, and multipurpose backpacks are the five primary categories into which we grouped them.

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