How Effective Are Portable Bidets? 11 Best Portable Bidets For Travel: The Ultimate Guide To Hygiene On The Go

How effective are portable bidets? Portable bidets are highly effective in providing thorough and hygienic cleansing, ensuring optimal cleanliness and comfort for travelers.

Anyone who wishes to stay clean and fresh on any journey should use a portable bidet. It is lightweight, transportable, and easy to use.

To use, simply attach it to the toilet seat, fill it with water from the sink or toilet tank, and turn it on. Though at first glance it might seem like an odd answer, it’s a brilliant one!

A bidet will leave you feeling cleaner and fresher than ever compared to toilet paper. Additionally, portable bidets can be used anywhere without a plumbing connection.

When making travel plans, you have the option of manual, rechargeable, or squeeze bottle handheld bidets.

Look for features like simple cleaning and a curved nozzle for improved functionality before buying a portable bidet.

Additionally, take into account the capacity for effective use and hygienic storage options. To save time setting it up, think about a bidet that is simple to install.

How To Buy The Best Portable Bidets For Traveling? [Buying Guide]

Below are some of the main things that we should keep in mind while buying portable travel bidets.

  • Weight: The majority of portable bidets are just nozzle attachments that fit any water bottle and weigh less than an ounce. By including a bidet in your backpacking toiletry kit, you’ll be able to carry less toilet paper (or none at all!). Bidets that are supplied with a certain water bottle weigh more.
  • Type: Both a bottle with an attached nozzle and a portable bidet with simply a nozzle are available. Simply put, nozzles are just that—nozzles. Most plastic water bottles can accommodate these nozzles. This style of portable bidet is the lightest and easiest to pack. This type requires a water bottle, although they are made to work with the majority of common throwaway plastic water bottles. We advise doing this with the “dirty bottle” that you use to install your thread-on water filter.
  • Nozzles for portable bidets: Holy Hiker Backpacking Bidet, UYICOO Portable Travel Bidet, and CuloClean Bottle Top Travel Bidet are three nozzle bidets (left to right). A nozzle that comes with a particular bottle that it is made to function with is what is known as a bottle with an attached nozzle in a portable bidet. It is heavier and bulkier to use a portable bidet of this type. To get the high-pressure spray you need to fully clean yourself, however, the bottle that comes with these is typically better suited. This sort is a better choice if weight or space savings are not a concern.
  • Packability: As was already said, nozzle-only portable bidets are quite portable. This type of portable bidet is commonly approximately the size of a cork. Portable bidets yet utilize a separate bottle are far less portable. portable toilet on the floor The Original HAPPYPO portable bidet didn’t make our list due to its size.
  • Material: Plastic or silicone makes up the majority of portable bidets. Both of them function well, but plastic will endure longer. On the other hand, a plastic portable bidet will contain at least one silicone or rubber o-ring. And if it becomes dry and cracks, this component of a plastic bidet needs to be changed.
  • Pressure: To properly clean yourself, you need extremely high water pressure. Better results come from higher pressure. Because of this, you need a portable bidet setup with a tiny nozzle to get the highest pressure. A bottle that is simple to squeeze is another requirement. The pressure will increase as you squeeze the bottle more tightly.
  • Durability: Portable bidets are incredibly robust. They are extremely durable. On the majority of portable bidets, however, new o-rings will eventually be required to maintain a tight seal. The good news is that most hardware stores with a wide assortment of o-rings may assist you in finding a replacement for any dry and cracked o-rings on your bidet.
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List Of 11 Best Portable Bidets for Traveling

After a lot of research and considering buyers reviews we have shortlisted some of the best portable travel bidets.

  • GoSpa Travel Bidet By Brondell
  • Portable Electric Travel Bidet By FOOFOO
  • Portable Bidet Sprayer By ColoClean
  • Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer By GUSTYLE
  • Portable Bidet By Happy Bottom
  • Portable Bidet By TOTO
  • Travel Bidet Sprayer By PSCX
  • Handheld Portable Bidet By UYICOO
  • Handheld Portable Bidet By TONE LIFE
  • Portable Bidet Sprayer By Vowcarol
  • Compact Portable Bidet By Cynpel

1. GoSpa Travel Bidet By Brondell

Consider purchasing this portable bidet with a 400 ml capacity and an inclined nozzle. It has a soft squeeze mechanism that makes it simple to use, and the spray pressure is constant.

After each squeeze, the spray pressure is maintained via an airlock system. This portable bidet is simple to use and quick to clean without much effort, and it comes with a travel case for simple storage.

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2. Portable Electric Travel Bidet By FOOFOO

Those looking for contemporary alternatives to wipes and toilet paper may find this electrical handheld bidet to be excellent.

Additionally, using an electronic bidet does not necessitate a continuous squeezing motion. The bidet can be filled with hot or cold water and used in low- or high-pressure modes.

Given that it may be used up to 100 times on a single charge, this bidet provides a simple cleaning option.

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3. Portable Bidet Sprayer By ColoClean

Purchase the ColoClean portable bidet sprayer that connects to water bottles. As it doesn’t take up much room, it is a discrete travel solution.

You only need to locate a bottle and fix it to utilize these bidet nozzle caps. For each member of the family, you can buy it in a pack of multiples. Additionally, because it produces no trash, this method is environmentally benign.

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4. Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer By GUSTYLE

Think about this non-toxic, high-grade silicone, electric handheld portable bidet. These components are strong and secure to use. Additionally, an automated decompression film maintains constant pressure.

On-the-go cleaning will be flawless thanks to its ergonomic, waterproof design and 180-degree adjusting nozzle.

Two AAA batteries are needed to power this electric bidet; they should be taken out when not in use to avoid any leaks.

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5. Portable Bidet By Happy Bottom

Include this tiny bottle with your cleaning supplies for trips. Because of its shape, the bottle is simple to hold and gently squeeze when using.

To ensure better cleaning, it includes a pressured spray pattern. Additionally, a travel bag is included to keep it clean while being transported and to guard against damage.

After retracting the nozzle, it is advised to store the bidet dry. It will stop any leaks as a result.

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6. Portable Bidet By TOTO

This highly resilient plastic case is used to create a portable bidet with an intuitive design. Because of its compact size, it won’t take up much room in your bag.

It can be loaded up and put wherever for easy use. Even though the product’s instructions are in Japanese, this bidet features a straightforward design that can be rapidly mastered through trial and error.

When traveling for a long time, you may clean while on the go with this portable bidet shower.

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7. Travel Bidet Sprayer By PSCX

Consider purchasing this retractable nozzle handheld bidet sprayer. Its nozzle is made of safe-to-use medical ABS plastic.

This portable bidet comes with a meter for temperature control and an angled nozzle for more accurate pressure adjustment.

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8. Handheld Portable Bidet By UYICOO

It is possible to use any bottle with this bidet adapter. You may design your simple cleaning solution with this attachment and use it whenever and wherever you want.

There are three distinct color options available for this portable bidet. For the right cleaning volume, you can choose the bottle’s size.

Additionally, its compact, ergonomic form makes it simple to use and pack while traveling.

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9. Handheld Portable Bidet By TONE LIFE

When you are out on a hike or are traveling for a long time, this two-pack portable bidet will be a dependable cleaning buddy.

This bundle includes distinct storage bags for each bidet and has an angled dispense system for an improved cleaning experience.

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10. Portable Bidet Sprayer By Vowcarol

Get this rotatable-nozzle ergonomic portable bidet sprayer. This 560 ml bottle can store enough water for several applications and features a six-inch longer nozzle for increased reach.

The water pressure of this portable bidet may also be easily adjusted, and it can hold water at various temperatures.

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11. Compact Portable Bidet By Cynpel

Get this small, portable bidet that, with a light push, provides the best cleansing. This bottle, which guarantees adjustable pressure and is available in a stylish blue hue, is perfect for people who are sensitive due to a medical condition.

To avoid spills, it also comes with a waterproof travel case. In addition to cleaning, you can use the peri bottle for simple hygiene when traveling or right after surgery.

To ensure that you are thoroughly clean after each usage, the nozzle features ten holes.

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How to Use a Portable Bidet?

Using a portable bidet is simple. Follow these steps for a refreshing and hygienic experience:

  1. Fill the Water Reservoir: Fill the bidet’s water reservoir with clean water up to the recommended level.
  2. Position Yourself: Position yourself comfortably on the toilet seat or any suitable location.
  3. Direct the Nozzle: Aim the bidet’s nozzle towards the desired cleansing area.
  4. Activate the Spray: Depending on the bidet model, either press the spray button or adjust the control to activate the water spray.
  5. Adjust Spray Pressure: If applicable, adjust the water pressure to your desired level of comfort.
  6. Move the Nozzle: Move the bidet’s nozzle gently to ensure thorough cleansing.
  7. Pat Dry: After using the bidet, pat the cleansing area dry with toilet paper or a clean towel.
  8. Clean and Store: Clean the bidet as per the manufacturer’s instructions and store it securely for future use.

Why Portable Bidets Are a Must-Have for Travelers?

Portable bidets offer several benefits that make them a must-have for travelers.

  • Improved Hygiene and Cleanliness: Compared to only using toilet paper, portable bidets offer a more comprehensive and hygienic cleansing experience. They guarantee top hygiene even when there is restricted access to water and conventional bidets by efficiently removing bacteria and preventing potential diseases.
  • Environmentally Friendly Alternative: Travelers can drastically reduce their use of toilet paper by using a portable bidet. This sustainable option for environmentally aware tourists helps reduce waste and environmental effects.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Freshness: Portable Bidets provide a pleasant and refreshing experience. When traveling, especially in hot and humid conditions, the moderate water spray promotes relaxation by giving off an air of cleanliness and freshness.
  • Cost-Effective and Convenient Solution: By investing in a portable bidet, you won’t need to buy or carry around a lot of toilet paper. Long-term financial savings and the ease of having a portable cleansing gadget are also benefits for travelers.

Comparison of Portable Bidets vs. Disposable Travel Wipes

While disposable travel wipes may seem like a convenient option for personal hygiene while traveling, they fall short in comparison to portable bidets. Here’s a comparison of the two:

Portable Bidets


  • Give the experience of cleaning up more thoroughly.
  • Sustainable and beneficial to the environment.
  • Long-term economic value-for-money.
  • Simple to use and keep up.


  • Requires access to clean water.
  • Requires proper storage and cleaning.

Disposable Travel Wipes:


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • No need for water or additional accessories.


  • Less effective in thoroughly cleaning.
  • Generate waste and environmental impact.
  • May contain harsh chemicals that can irritate.
  • Ongoing expense of purchasing disposable wipes.

Considering these factors, portable bidets emerge as the superior choice for travelers seeking optimal hygiene and sustainability.

How do I clean and store a portable bidet?

Depending on the bidet model, different cleaning and storing procedures may be required. It’s better to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, cleaning involves rinsing the bidet with water and, if necessary, using mild soap. Before storing the bidet in a spot that is clean and safe after cleaning, make sure it is totally dry.

FAQs For Portable Bidets for Traveling

There are a lot of questions that come to mind related to portable bidets for travel some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q. How do you use a handheld bidet without getting water everywhere?

A. When the sprayer is not in use, a hand-held bidet’s T-valve prevents water pressure from building up in the bidet hose. The metal or plastic T-valve, which is connected to the toilet’s fill valve, is located under the tank. Turn the T-valve handle until it says “ON.”

Q. How should a female sit in a bidet?

A. Sit on the rim of the bidet or crouch over it to take your position on it. Freestanding bidets don’t have seats as toilets do (so you can’t sit on them). Choose the setting or mode that will work best for the area you need to be cleaned. Choose our feminine wash option to clean up after peeing.

Q. Do you wipe if you use a bidet?

A. You shouldn’t need to use toilet paper to wipe yourself clean if you are using your bidet correctly and if it is of great quality. Better than any amount of wiping, a high-quality bidet will completely clean your behind. To dry yourself off, you might want to use a little toilet paper.

Q. Are travel bidets worth it?

A. They are inexpensive, ecologically beneficial, and sanitary. The issue is that you cannot bring a standard bidet that is permanently installed in your bathroom with you when you travel. So a portable bidet is a great option if you want to save toilet paper and keep it clean wherever you go.

Q. Can I use regular tap water with a portable bidet?

A. The answer is that portable bidets are made to work with ordinary tap water. However, it’s advised to utilize bottled water for a safer experience if you’re traveling to a place with questionable water quality.

Q. Are portable bidets suitable for children and elderly individuals?

A. Yes, people of all ages can utilize portable bidets. Children and the elderly particularly benefit from them since they offer a more thorough and gentle cleansing experience.

Q. Can I bring a portable bidet on an airplane?

A. Portable bidets are allowed on airplanes. However, it’s recommended to check with the specific airline’s regulations regarding the transport of liquids and electronic devices.

Q. Are portable bidets compatible with all toilet designs?

A. Portable bidets are made to be adaptable and work with the majority of common toilet designs. Nevertheless, there may be a few uncommon situations where some toilet styles are inappropriate :


Nothing beats washing with water, especially when you’re in the wilderness. You may clean up after using the restroom in the woods without using a tonne of toilet paper or wet wipes if you have a portable bidet. Simply put, using water makes you cleaner than paper.

In many cases, a portable bidet is little more than a tiny nozzle that attaches to a water bottle. Carrying a portable bidet on your upcoming outdoor excursion should be a no-brainer since they are lighter and more packable than a pack of wet wipes.

Tell Us In The Comments As per You Which One is the Best Portable Bidets for Traveling.

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