Can I install a macerator pump myself? 11 Best RV Macerator Pumps: A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient Waste Management

Can I install a macerator pump myself? Yes, most RV macerator pumps can be easily installed by following the manufacturer’s instructions and using basic tools.

    RV macerator pumps play a crucial role in simplifying the process of waste disposal in recreational vehicles. By breaking down waste into smaller particles, these pumps facilitate easier and more hygienic sewage disposal, allowing RVers to enjoy their adventures without worrying about cumbersome waste management tasks.

    Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just starting out, understanding the ins and outs of macerator pumps can greatly enhance your traveling experience.

    In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about these essential devices for efficient waste management in recreational vehicles.

    🧐 Things To Consider When Buying RV Macerator Pumps [Buying Guide]

    When purchasing an RV macerator pump, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right one for your needs:

    • Type of Pump: There are different types of macerator pumps available, including electric and manual. Electric pumps are more convenient but require a power source, while manual pumps are simpler but require physical effort.
    • Flow Rate: Consider the flow rate of the pump, which indicates how quickly it can empty the waste tank. A higher flow rate is generally preferable for faster emptying.
    • Power Source: If you opt for an electric pump, determine whether it operates on AC power, DC power, or both. DC-powered pumps are commonly used in RVs as they can run off the vehicle’s battery.
    • Durability: Look for a pump made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of RV travel and regular use. Stainless steel or corrosion-resistant plastics are often good choices.
    • Size and Portability: Consider the size and weight of the pump, especially if you have limited storage space in your RV. A compact and lightweight pump will be easier to store and transport.
    • Noise Level: Some pumps can be quite noisy during operation, which may be bothersome, especially in close quarters such as an RV. Look for a pump with noise-reducing features if this is a concern.
    • Ease of Installation and Use: Choose a pump that is easy to install and operate, especially if you plan on doing the installation yourself. Clear instructions and simple controls can make the process much smoother.
    • Compatibility: Ensure that the pump you choose is compatible with your RV’s plumbing system. Check the hose sizes and fittings to make sure they match up.
    • Maintenance Requirements: Consider the maintenance needs of the pump, such as cleaning and lubrication. Choose a model that is easy to maintain to prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly.
    • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research different brands and read reviews from other RV owners to gauge the reliability and performance of the pump. A reputable brand with positive feedback is more likely to provide a quality product.

    By considering these factors, you can select the right RV macerator pump to meet your needs and make your RVing experience more convenient and enjoyable.

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    📃 List of The 11 Best RV Macerator Pumps

    Because of this, we have put together a guide and a list of the best macerator pumps for you to use in your car. Let’s start.

    1. 12V RV Macerator Pump By Amarine Made

    When using the Amarine Made 12V RV Macerator Pump, emptying holding tanks doesn’t have to be a frustrating process.

    The 12 gallons per minute discharge rate of this equipment has made living much simpler. It guarantees that the tank in my camper gets drained in nearly no time.

    The four-blade design of this product also caught my attention. This element is essential for properly and completely grinding up garbage.

    Due to this, since using this black water pump for my RV, I haven’t experienced any obstructions or clogging.

    The versatility of this product would be adored by customers. The manufacturer made sure that this sewage pump for RVs could be used on holding tanks other than campers and trailers.

    It is also appropriate for emptying fish boxes, Livewell containers, and marine holding tanks.

    Amarine Made 12V Self-priming RV Macerator Pump RV…
    • Model:MP-3500-12-1;Volts:12V;AMPS:10.A…
    • RV discharge mount macerator pump;Thermally…
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    2. 12v RV Macerator Pump System By SEAFLO

    The SEAFLO 12v RV Macerator Pump system is the final item on our list and a fantastic choice for those who require a permanent RV macerator pump.

    You should be aware of the installation process first, which is thought to be rather straightforward.

    As many customers stated their satisfaction with this feature of the product, this conclusion was clear from the SEAFLO RV macerator pump system reviews.

    In addition, it includes the patented four-blade chopping mechanism that everyone seems to adore, which offers performance that is almost incomparable.

    In actuality, it shares many of the same characteristics as other SEAFLO models, like heat protection, a triple-sealed motor, an ignition-protected motor, reasonable pricing, etc.

    It does not, however, contain the elusive anti-clog feature, unlike the previous product from this manufacturer.

    SEAFLO 01-Series Macerator Pump - 12 GPM / 45 LPM...
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    • Triple Sealed Motor: Equipped with a triple-sealed…
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    3. 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Macerator Pump By Flojet

    Our first offering is made by Flojet, a company that appears frequently on this list. Additionally, the numerous features of this specific Flojet model make it highly alluring to anyone searching for a premium RV macerator pump.

    For instance, it can reduce waste from your RV into tiny pieces that are no larger than 1/8 inch

    . As a result, even a typical garden hose with a small opening can readily pass through the slurry that this device produces.

    This product’s capacity to grind isn’t the only benefit of the Flojet RV macerator pump. Additionally, it is self-priming, allowing you to install the pump atop the holding tank, making it a prime location for the draining procedure.

    Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump with…
    • Connects directly to the RV waste outlet,…
    • Dump longer distances and drain holding tanks at…
    • Remote handheld on / off switch with 6′ wire…

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    4. 3200-001 12V Macerator Pump By SHURFLO

    The first permanent model on our list is the Shurflo 3200-001 12v Macerator Pump, so you can anticipate having it in your RV for a considerable amount of time. The fact that it includes a wide range of features that elevate it to the top also helps.

    One of these qualities ensures that this device has exceptional grinding capabilities thanks to its twin blade and casing construction.

    In fact, a great deal of customer feedback appreciated how effectively this model’s grinding capabilities are in terms of its capacity to prevent waste clogging.

    It will therefore prevent the pump from malfunctioning, which is a huge bonus. Any problem with the pumping process, after all, could become a nightmare.

    Additionally, the fact that this gadget has a one-year warranty should give you peace of mind.

    SHURFLO (3200-001 12V Macerator Pump
    • Designed specifically for sanitation waste and…
    • SHURFLO’s unique dual blade and housing…
    • Performance: 0 psi: 13 GPM, 4 psi: 8 GPM, 8 psi: 6…

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    5. CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System By Clean Dump

    The Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System is the third item on the list. For any RV owner wanting to acquire a macerator pump, this model would be an outstanding choice.

    Because of its qualities, such as its capacity to pump over vast distances, we have great expectations for this product. In this sector, it is practically unusual to have a pump that can operate up to 150 feet away.

    This product is very convenient to buy because it can pump uphill and has other features. However, this product’s biggest feature is its ability to make uphill pumping quick and clean.

    Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System
    • Clean and fast
    • Pumps uphill, Pumps 150 feet
    • No gravity
    • Dump at home

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    6. 18590 Series Macerator Pump By Jabsco

    The Jabsco 18590 Series Macerator, the second permanent RV macerator pump on our list, doesn’t have many difficulties that a client might find cause for complaint. Its incredible design and capacity for peak performance are possibly the source of this quality.

    For instance, this macerator pump can empty a 30-gallon tank in less than 3 minutes, which is unquestionably one of the finest times in this market. Its four-blade technology enables it to deliver this degree of performance.

    This mechanism enables the product to carry out its function effectively and swiftly without posing any difficulties or obstacles. There isn’t much more you could ask for from a macerator pump as a consumer.

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    7. 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump By Flojet

    The Flojet 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump is a permanent type, in contrast to our original Flojet product, and it excels in numerous areas that would benefit any RV owner.

    The ability of the tank to manage your grey or black tank without any issues is where it all begins.

    In fact, this trait was frequently complimented in consumer reviews. When reading customer evaluations, you’d be amazed at how many RV macerator pumps on the market seem to fall short in this aspect.

    However, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with this model’s performance. Additionally, it includes an integrated impeller protection system, which makes it particularly durable. This is achieved by making it very impossible for this model to sustain harm.

    XYLEM Flojet 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump
    • Product Type:Water Pump
    • Item Package Weight:2.132 Kilograms
    • Item Package Dimension:9.652 cm L X13.208 cm W…
    • Country Of Origin: China

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    8. CDPU Permanently Installed Macerator System By Clean Dump

    The Clean Dump CDPU Permanently Installed Macerator System is a superb product that, like the original Clean Dump product, will more than live up to your expectations.

    However, there is a significant distinction between this model and the original of this brand: this one is permanent.

    Being permanent made no difference to the fact that this model has a tonne of features that would make everyone who buys it quite happy. It can, for instance, pump relatively easily from 150 feet away.

    This feature would provide you more freedom to choose where you dump than other campers would, and it would also make it much simpler than it is now to dispose of your garbage inside a campsite.

    Clean Dump CDPU Permanently Installed Macerator…
    • Clean and fast
    • Pumps uphill
    • No gravity
    • Pumps 150 feet

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    9. SS01 Sewer Solution Kit By Valterra

    Any waste collection issue you might have within your RV can be resolved by the Valterra SS01 Sewer Solution Kit. It is able to carry out this task by employing a water-powered jet nozzle with a high rate of velocity that is strong enough to disintegrate anything in your RV’s waste system.

    It can pump waste more than 100 feet away because of its strength. Given the modest cost of this model, even while this distance may not be as great as some others on the list, it’s still a respectable figure that should help you avoid any problems with trash disposal.

    It even has the ability to push trash three feet uphill, which is another excellent attribute this particular device offers.

    Given these two factors, I doubt you’d ever be in a predicament where you couldn’t figure out how to put yourself in a position to access the closest disposal site.

    Valterra SS01 RV SewerSolution Drainage Kit with…
    • MACERATING MECHANISM: Water-powered, high-velocity…
    • STRONG PUMPING ACTION: Strong enough to pump waste…
    • SELF-CLEANING DESIGN: Swivel jet cleans the whole…

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    10.12v RV Macerator Pump By Johnson Pumps

    With a feature like this, there’s no reason to doubt that this particular RV macerator pump, the Johnson Pumps 12v RV Macerator Pump, will be able to handle your waste removal needs.

    It thrives thanks to its high-speed rotary cutter, which will quickly and efficiently shred all your RV waste.

    This model’s stainless steel shaft, which is resistant to corrosion and chemical deterioration, is also advantageous.

    Given these two characteristics, there is a strong likelihood that this model will stay in your life for a considerable amount of time.

    You may rest comfortably knowing that this device can be connected directly to either the holding tank or the sewer line, making installation and use exceedingly simple.

    Additionally, it features a mounting bracket that can be used with different macerators, which makes installation even simpler.

    Johnson Pumps 10-24453-01 Macerator Pump
    • Macerator Pump
    • TA3p10-1907, 12 V.
    • Rotary cutter shreds waste before it is pumped…
    • Included components: document

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    11. 12V Macerator Anti-Clog Waste Water Pump By SEAFLO

    The reason SEAFLO dominates the bottom half of our ranking is made clear by our first SEAFLO product.

    Due to its impressive anti-clogging feature, which enables you to clear clogs without disconnecting the hoses, this specific model deserves a position.

    This macerator pump is worth including on our list for more reasons than just this one feature. Another feature that prevents blockages and guarantees no problems arise when you first use this pump is the four-blade cutting design.

    Another feature that could entice a potential customer is the four-blade system, which would expedite the dumping procedure.

    Its performance actually matches that of all the other excellent devices on our list; it can empty a 30-gallon tank in less than three minutes.

    SEAFLO Macerator Waste Water Pump 12V New…
    • SEAFLO Macerator Waste Pump. Empty Marine / RV…
    • 12 GPM OF FLOW. Self-Priming to 5 Feet. Will empty…
    • ANTI-CLOGGING FEATURE. Dislodge Clogs Without…
    • QUAD-BLADE CHOPPING DESIGN. Ensures problem free…

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    🙋🏻‍♀️ FAQs About RV Macerator Pumps

    There are a lot of questions that come to mind while buying an RV Macerator Pumps, some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

    Q. How far will an RV macerator pump work?

    A. An RV macerator pump can typically pump waste up to 150 feet away from the RV.

    Q. How long do macerator pumps last?

    A. Macerator pumps can last for several years with proper maintenance and care.

    Q. Do RV macerator pumps work?

    A. Yes, RV macerator pumps work efficiently to grind and pump waste from RV tanks.

    Q. What can go wrong with a macerator?

    A. Common issues with macerator pumps include clogs, leaks, and motor failures.

    Q. Is an RV macerator worth it?

    A. For RVers who prioritize convenience and efficiency in waste disposal, an RV macerator can be a worthwhile investment.

    Q. What is the purpose of an RV macerator pump?

    A. An RV macerator pump is designed to efficiently empty the waste tanks of an RV by grinding up solid waste and pumping it through a hose for disposal.

    Q. How long do RV macerator pumps typically last?

    A. The lifespan of an RV macerator pump can vary depending on factors such as usage frequency and maintenance, but with proper care, they can last for several years.

    Q. Do I need any special tools to install a macerator pump?

    A. While some basic tools may be required for installation, most RV macerator pumps come with everything you need for a straightforward installation process.

    Q. Are there any safety considerations when using an RV macerator pump?

    A. It’s essential to follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer, including wearing protective gear and ensuring proper ventilation during use.


    Choosing the best RV macerator pump is essential for a smooth and hassle-free camping experience. By considering factors such as performance, compatibility, portability, noise level, and price, you can select the pump that best meets your needs and budget. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just enjoy occasional camping trips, investing in a high-quality macerator pump will ensure reliable waste disposal wherever your adventures take you.

    🗨️ Which RV macerator pump do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

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