Can Running Shoes Be Used for Travel?

Quick answer: Running shoes are highly suitable for traveling because they make on-foot exploration as comfortable as possible. Provided you pick a suitable pair for yourself based on their versatility, adaptability, flexibility, and ‘packability’ — running shoes are a must-have for any vacation. 

If you’re going to someplace you’ve never been, your primary aim would be exploration. And going for a run is by far the best possible way to do so. Sure, you could take a drive around town, but you wouldn’t be able to take in your surroundings as much. When you’re on foot, you don’t have to pay attention to the road constantly. You can look around, appreciate the setting, and experience the culture of a new place. You’re free to walk into any store, coffee shop, or restaurant as you please. 

On a run, you can stop whenever you want if there’s a nice view — as opposed to a drive, where you can’t even slow down without other cars honking at you. Exploring the town on a run often means finding some hidden gems that you otherwise wouldn’t. To add to that, you’d even be burning a large chunk of calories doing so — helping you stay in shape even on your days off.

With all that in mind, a good pair of running shoes will be your best friend when it comes to getting up close and personal with your vacation spot. 

How To Buy Running Shoes for Travel

Not every running shoe is ideal for travel. Some are simply too bulky to pack, while others may be too impractical for the setting depending on the place you’re visiting. Here are a few qualities to look for when you’re looking for running shoes to travel with. 

1. Comfort

If you’ve ever checked your step-counter on a trip, you’d know that you’re generally most active on vacation. That’s why we’re starting with comfort. Ideally, your shoe should make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. So, always remember to try them on and take a few steps across the shop to look for any annoying sensations around your feet. Get a pair that encourages natural foot movement. For instance, some anti-heel strike shoes may be exactly what you’re looking for on a trip where you’ll be mostly on foot.

2. Adaptability

On a vacation, you’ll be participating in a variety of activities. You wouldn’t just be doing laps around the predictable streets in your block. From hotel gyms to the rough and tough terrain of an alpine hike, a travel-friendly running shoe is ready for it all. It should be comfy enough to ease the impact of rocks and cobbles on asphalt when you’re exploring the city. Durability is also a priority since you don’t have the luxury to grab another pair from your home collection if it breaks.

In most cases, you need to run a few miles on sidewalks to access a hiking trail. So, make sure your running shoes are versatile enough to handle off-road and paved surfaces well.

3. Flexible and Light

No matter how big of a bag you carry, space is never abundant when you’re packing for a vacation. The right pair of shoes will fit easily into a fully cramped luggage. For this, they need to have a flexible, thin sole, and a nimble design that doesn’t take up too much space. 

4. Presentability 

Since you don’t always have the option to pack four different pairs of shoes, shoes for travel should be presentable in any context. From city exploration runs and tough hikes to a family dinner, you should be able to slip them on without a second thought. 

On a vacation, most of the situations you encounter are non-athletic, so your running shoes should be able to match all your outfits. They shouldn’t look out of place in shopping malls, museums, and brunches. 

5. Easy to Clean

For the same reason as not being able to pack several pairs, your travel-friendly pair of running shoes should also be easy to clean. From mud splashes on a run to spilled curry stains, it should all come right off with a good wipe. The design should also be breathable enough to avoid odor-retention.

FAQs About Travel Running shoes

While preparing to purchase running shoes that you can use for a trip, many issues cross our minds. Some of the most frequently asked questions are addressed below.

Q. Can I wear running shoes as normal shoes?

A. Yes, you can! Many running shoes offer comfort, support, and style, making them suitable for everyday wear. However, consider factors like breathability and the terrain you’ll be walking on. For dressier occasions, opt for more casual sneakers.

Q. Which shoe is best for Travelling?

A. The best travel shoe depends on your trip! Look for versatility, comfort, and durability. Consider lightweight sneakers for city exploration, waterproof hiking boots for outdoor adventures, or sandals for warm climates.

Q. Can running shoes be used as sneakers?

A. Running shoes, often in neutral colors and sleek designs, offer versatility for both athletic and casual wear, but prioritize performance over fashion, making them not ideal for formal occasions.

Q. Can running shoes be used for walking also?

A. Running shoes offer cushioning and support for walking, but may not be as flexible as dedicated walking shoes, especially for long distances.


To sum it up, running shoes are like the Swiss Army knives of travel footwear. They’re comfy, lightweight, and perfect for all your walking and exploring adventures. Whether you’re checking out city vibes or trekking off the beaten path, these kicks have your back. Just keep in mind, if your trip involves fancy dinners or extreme sports, you might want to sneak in some other shoes. But for the everyday wanderer, running shoes are the MVPs, making sure every step of your journey is as chill and comfy as it gets. Happy travels!

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