How to apply for a US passport for your baby? 07 Steps Full Guide

Are you planning to travel with your kid and want to know how to apply for a US passport for your baby? If you have no idea about how to apply for a US passport? This article is for you.

To travel in the US, even a newborn baby must have a passport. There are certain ways to fill up a form and get it verified by officials. Regardless of age, having a US passport is mandatory for everyone travelling abroad.

The application process can be rather complicated and while you try your best to snap a good passport photo, we have written down the steps to apply for a US passport for your baby.

Parents can apply for a passport for newborns and children under 16 and it may take a few extra necessary steps to get it done. The passport may have 5 years of validity.

There are many ways to get it done online, but It cannot be received directly through the mail, both the parents of the child must be attending when the application is being submitted at the passport agency or any authorized facility (post office).

Keeping everything managed and assembled at first will help you sort out everything promptly without missing anything. The steps to apply for a newborn passport application are as follows.

07 Step Full Guide To US Passport for Newborn Babies

Below are the main steps which we to follow while applying US passport for your child

  • Step 1: Fill up form DS-11
  • Step 2: Proving US citizenship
  • Step 3: Relationship evidence
  • Step 4: Parents’ identity proof
  • Step 5: Parents’ identification photocopy
  • Step 6: In the case of a parent/guardian’s absence
  • Step 7: Paying fees and providing 2 passport-size photos

Step 1: Fill up form DS-11

Download the form from the website USCIS and fill it up according to the guidelines provided.

  • The parents of the applicant ( the newborn for this case) must be present in person when submitting the application form. The legal guardian of the newborn must be present along with the infant for completion of the application submission procedure.
  • The Form DS-11 must be completed thoroughly with the newborn’s full name, the baby’s social security number, and other personal information that needs to be provided.
  • Any supporting documents that might be necessary should be submitted as advised by the officials.
  • The application form cannot be signed unless the parents received instructions to do so.

Step 2: Proving US citizenship

The parents must submit any document which serves as evidence for proving that the infant is a US citizen.

  • Certified birth certificate 
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Any US passport if issued previously
  • Birth abroad with a consular report

Note that no unregistered or duplicate birth certificates are accepted.

The birth certificate which will be provided must have a registrar’s signature, date, and seal and has to be registered from a concerned registering office.

Step 3: Relationship evidence

The proof of the relationship that parents relate to the infant must be presented for the application verification process. The documents which will be submitted should be the original copy.

  • The certified birth certificate is the most ideal method of proving the relationship as it indicates the names of both parents.
  • If the child was not born in the US and does not have residential certified citizenship.
  •  The foreign birth certificate is to be submitted which usually contains both parents’ names.
  • The birth report of the child should be presented.

In the case where the child is adopted, the parents must submit the following documents:

  • An adoption certificate with parents’ names on it.
  • The birth certificate was registered with the parents’ names.

In the case where there is a guardian of a newborn baby, they must submit:

  • The court order established custody of the child.
  • Guardianship certificate issued by the court.
  • Previously made US passports are not approved to prove the relationship with parents.
  • If the child is under the sole custody of a parent, then the parent must present the proof of sole custody or the court order to get the form signed by another parent under special circumstances.

Step 4: Parents’ identity proof

The parents should be able to provide any kind of identity proof for the application approval. The documents accepted are as follows:

  • US passport which isn’t damaged. Condition to prove their identity.
  • A driver’s license will also work if it is valid.
  • Current Government ID or military ID (if any).
  • Naturalization certificate.

If the above-mentioned documents are not available, then there are other options too such as:

Secondary identity proof:

Some documents can be used to prove identity and these must be submitted together.

  • Social Security card
  • Library card
  • Credit/debit card
  • employee ID

These documents do not get approval if they are presented alone.

Any witness can also be brought along who can prove the identity and swear by it. However, there are a few things to be noted before the person can be a witness:

  • The witness must be of US citizenship and residential.
  • They should have valid identity proof.
  • Must be present while the application is being submitted
  • The witness must know the person for more than 2 years.

Step 5: Parents’ identification photocopy

The parents must be able to submit a photocopy of their identification 

  • The photocopy must be presented with the identification documents while applying.
  • If there is more than one child, then an individual passport application should be submitted for each child along with documents and identity proof.
  • The paper should be plain white 81/2*11′ and a standard stock paper which will show both sides of the ID. The other types of papers are not accepted.
  • Both sides of the paper should not be used.
  • The image size can be enlarged, but cannot be made smaller on that standard stock paper.
  • The photocopies of all the secondary identification must also be attached in the same manner as stock paper.
  • If there is a case of any witness or applicant being disabled, then the assisting individual must present the required photocopies on their behalf with identity proof.
  • The person who acts as a witness in the process will be needed to submit his/her photocopies of identity.

Step 6: In the case of a parent/guardian’s absence

For the application of form DS-11, both parents must be available at the time of verification by Acceptance Agent but there may be some exceptions such as:

If only one parent is present:

  • The parent must be present with the infant or child while submitting.
  • The parent must sign the Form DS-11 in the presence of the Acceptance Agent.
  • The consent statement of the second parent may be needed while the inspection.

If the parent has sole custody of the child:

  • The parent must appear with the newborn baby.
  • They should sign the form DS-11 in front of an Acceptance Agent.
  • The sole authority certificates must be presented.

The evidence of the sole authority of the infant can be provided:

  • A letter from the second parent to consent to the application should be less than 3 months old.
  • A birth certificate mentioning only the applying parent.
  • Consular report and certification of birth abroad, which lists only the applying parent.
  • The court order grants a sole parent and as the only applying parent
  • Adoption decree(if any)
  • Death certificate of the parent who is unavailable for applying.
  • The juridical notation of incompetence of the parent who is not applying.

If any of the mentioned forms and certificates are not available, then the parent must fill up form DS-3053 which will state why the other parent is not present at the time of application.

Step 7: Paying fees and providing 2 passport-size photos

  • Two colour photos of the infant must be attached.
  • The photos should not have differences, and the official size is 2X2 inches.
  • The changes in human appearance are frequent, the photos attached must have been recently taken.
  • The child’s face should be visible in the photo with a white background.
  • The photos must have the baby’s face, and no other individual should be visible.
  • The pictures should be taken in an upright position, and if the baby cannot do so, the parent can use any white surface as a background, and the baby can lie down on it for pictures.

The fees range for different types of forms, and the Form Ds-11 charges are as follows:

  • Application fees: 95$
  • Execution fees: 35$

How long does it take to get a passport for a baby in the US?

Usually, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to process the application for a baby passport.

Parents can use expedited services which can cost an additional 60$ as they process it within three weeks or 8 to 10 business days.


The best way to apply is to visit a passport agency nearby and always carry the required documents with you, so the passport application can be processed instantly. Checking the Department of State website will keep you updated with the vital information which may be necessary for the application. Confirming these points will make the procedure prompt and simple.

FAQs About How to apply for a US passport for your baby

People have a lot of questions while applying for passports for their kid some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q1. How do I apply for a US passport for my newborn?

You must visit a passport acceptance facility in person to submit your completed application, together with citizenship documentation, copies of your identification, a photo, and fees. If you are going away soon, your kid might be able to submit a passport application in person at a passport office. For more details, read Get My Passport Fast.

Q2. Do both parents need to be present for the child’s passport in the USA?

The US Department of State needs permission from the child’s parents or legal guardians, who must all show up in person at a local passport office before the passport may be issued. However, if one parent or neither parent is present when a child applies for a passport, an exception may be made.

Q3. Does a 2-month-old baby need a passport to travel?

No matter their age, all US citizens must go abroad with a valid passport. All children, including those who have just been born, are required to have a passport in order to go abroad. Baby passport applications must be made using Form DS-11, just like adult passport applications.

Q4. When can a newborn fly on a plane?

When is it safe to fly while carrying a newborn child? In general, medical professionals advise delaying travel until your child’s immune system has matured. For full-term infants, this could happen as soon as one month after birth, however, most doctors advise waiting three to six months.

Q5. Are babies born in the US automatically citizens?

A person born in the United States and under its jurisdiction automatically obtains US citizenship (known as jus soli) under the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (“right of the soil”).

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