How to get free hotel rooms? 20 Easy And Practical ways

If you planning your next trip and looking for how to get free Hotel rooms? This article will help you if no idea about this.

The cost of lodging is frequently one of the expenses that consume the most money when it comes to travel. And why shouldn’t it?

A comfortable bed is an ideal way to end a long leg of travel because it can be exhausting. Your ideal vacation may just require a luxurious hotel or resort. Perhaps you need the extra rooms because you’re organizing a trip with your family or pals.

There are therefore sufficient justifications to allocate funds for a decent hotel room, but what if you can get a decent hotel room for nothing?

Is it possible? Does it have any validity? Free nights at hotels don’t exactly sprout on trees, do they? How can you stay in hotels for free without stealing?

If you’ve ever wondered how to earn free nights at hotels, there are a number of very legal ways to do so. Joining some credit cards that offer cash back or credit cards that collaborate with hotels can win you free hotel nights.

By joining a rewards programme with a hotel chain or advertising hotels online, you can earn free hotel stays. Discover how to acquire free hotel rooms by reading on!

List of 20 Easy and practical ways to get free Hotel rooms

After a lot of research, we have shortlisted some of the best practical ways how to get free hotel rooms.

1. Cash-Back Credit Card Rewards

One approach to staying in hotels for free is to get the perfect card with the proper benefits.

The possibility of receiving free hotel nights is one of the reasons we at Viatravelers are aware of how important it is to select a decent travel credit card.

A couple of us have used the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, which is an excellent example. It can help you save money on services like VRBO, Airbnb, and transportation businesses like Uber in addition to allowing you to stay for free at a hotel.

Additionally, this card now offers sign-up incentives and can earn 2X to 10X miles on travel purchases. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is an additional credit card that’s good for travelling that you should consider.

Through Chase Ultimate Rewards, the points are worth 25% more when you redeem them for lodging, travel, car rentals, or even cruises. This means that you get the most value possible.

The American Express Platinum Card is my final recommendation and one of our favourites. Those who travel frequently and can maximise the annual cost may choose this card.

Earn 60,000 bonus points after making a $5,000 purchase in the first three months. These points may be used to purchase ridesharing, flights, auto rentals, and yes, even free hotel rooms!

2. Hotel credit cards

Several big hotel companies have co-branded credit cards that can get you a free hotel night.

Regular purchases at grocery stores or gas stations, for instance, can help cardholders of hotels accumulate points that can be used for free stays. There are more benefits with this than with any other good cash-back credit card.

For paying the annual charge, a typical hotel credit card will annually award free night vouchers to its users! You now have two opportunities to perhaps get a free hotel night with just one card.

Several outstanding instances of hotel credit cards include:

  • Chase offers the Marriott Bonvoy Rewards Credit Card.
  • Using American Express, get the Hilton Honors Credit Card.
  • IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card is offered by Chase.
  • a credit card from Chase called World of Hyatt.
  • Using a Mastercard, get the Best Western Rewards Credit Card.

3. Travel card portals

To convert the points you accumulate from qualifying transactions, the majority of major credit card companies provide travel gateways. You may arrange complimentary hotel stays with credit card points, just one of the numerous things you can spend points for.

In accordance with the number of nights you book, “Nth night free” deals are the most prevalent free room promotions.

You can find offers for the 4th and 5th nights free in addition to the standard minimum of the third night free. Depending on how many nights you have reserved, some hotels can provide 2 complimentary nights straight.

  • American express travel portal

Bookings can be made through the American Express Travel Portal using any American Express card that generates rewards points, however, the Platinum Card from Amex offers the highest benefits.

  • Chase travel portal

The Expedia-powered Chase Travel Portal is renowned as one of the most giving travel websites. Both the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards have substantial point conversion rates and relatively modest annual fees.

4. Hotel royalty programs

You can guarantee your bottom dollar that any large hotel chain has a loyalty programme that allows you to accrue free hotel stays.

Marriott Bonvoy Rewards is one outstanding illustration. With no cost to join, the Marriott Bonvoy programme entitles you to up to 9 nights free each year.

Yet how can one become eligible? Simple!

Once you’ve signed up, you may start earning points by making purchases at hotels bearing the Marriott brand or from one of their partners. The process of accruing points will be a breeze if you choose to associate a debit or credit card with the programme.

The Marriott Bonvoy programme offers a free membership option as well as 5 other tiers, each of which has a charge and offers bigger bonuses for the points you accumulate with every purchase or reservation.

Depending on how frequently you travel, this might be a big benefit since the top tier of this rewards programme entitles you to over 100 free nights annually, VIP treatment, and just about every amenity you could desire.

Other excellent hotel rewards schemes are as follows:

  • Awarded by Wyndham.
  • Marriott Rewards and Marriott Rewards Americas.
  • Honours at Hilton.

5. Hotel promotional offers

For savvy tourists looking for a great deal, a hotel may provide extra hotel points or one free night (or even more), depending on the location, the time of year, or local activities. Once more, a lot of these discounts come with an “Nth night free” offer.

By making the appropriate reservations at the correct time or even by simply following a hotel chain on social media, you can take advantage of promotional deals in a plain and easy way.

This comes up on the subject of social media. If you’re interested in free hotel stays or affordable hotel rooms, it is definitely worthwhile to follow the accounts of hotel brands.

When they do, you’ll be the first to learn about any specials, discounts, or offers for complimentary hotel stays. This way, you can keep an eye on the action. You might at least get a financial break!

6. Online travel agencies

Online travel firms are a haven for all kinds of travel offers, from free flights to reduced car rentals. After all, what good is a travel agency if they can’t get you a deal?

It should therefore come as no surprise that many travel firms can secure your accommodations at a reduced rate or even for free.

Expedia is one of the top tour operators that might get you a free night. You can get discounts on every booking you make with Expedia by enrolling in the Expedia VIP Access programme.

Additionally, you’ll begin accruing points that can be used to purchase automobiles, trips, and of course, cheap and free hotel rooms. When you enrol in the silver plan, you’ll gain extra points when you use Expedia to make your trip reservations. You’ll also get free meals and parking credits.

By upgrading your room for free and occasionally checking in early, as well as being promised a late checkout, you can go one step further and become a gold member (and all the benefits of silver membership). is an excellent travel service that can help you save money if you’re a true budget nerd and have a broad understanding of what qualifies as “free.”

7. Attend a timeshare presentation

One of the most common ways to get a free hotel room or free stays at a luxury rental is by attending a timeshare presentation.

A free night’s stay at a fancy accommodation is one of the most common giveaways timeshare companies offer – typically at the very same timeshare that they’re trying to sell you on.

Timeshare presentations differ in terms of length, perks and rewards, and while they have a reputation for aggressive sales tactics, or being dull (or both), it is a proven way of getting a free night’s stay somewhere special.

Attending a timeshare presentation is one of the most popular ways to receive a complimentary hotel stay or complimentary stays at a luxury property.

One of the most popular promotions offered by timeshare firms is a free night at a luxurious hotel, usually at the property, they are trying to sell you.

Even though timeshare presentations have a bad record for using pushy sales techniques or being boring (or both), they are a tried-and-true method of receiving a free night’s stay somewhere unique. Timeshare presentations vary in length, benefits, and incentives.

8. Mystery shopper

The process of assessing merchants’ customer service standards and adherence to laws and regulations is often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “mystery shopper.”

Did you know that there are mystery shopping businesses that also perform the same tasks for hotels?


Some hotel stays are paid for by organizations like BestMark, Coyle Hospitality, and True Guest to ensure that they are operating as they should.

The issue with this is that it is practically a working vacation. The more you use the hotel’s amenities and visit its many areas, the better because you’ll need to give thorough comments about your experience when your trip is over.

Do your best to confirm the legitimacy of any mystery shopper business you intend to engage with. There are some unscrupulous businesses out there that may try to con you. Yes, there is some legwork required, but it is a surefire method to get a night or two at some five-star hotels.

9. Negotiate with hotels

If you merely call someone in the hotel, you’d be shocked at what you can get away with!

The majority of hotels are largely empty outside of the busy season and are eager to get visitors to stay during these slower months.

During this off-season, you’ll typically find lower rates online, but if you can speak with the hotel directly, you might find that they’re more than eager to take off one or two free nights if it means more guests.

Who knows? If you approach the situation politely and rationally, you might be able to get even more benefits from them or perhaps establish a long-lasting connection with the hotel to get more free nights!

10. Complain about your stay

Prior to taking this course, you should keep the following in mind:

Be considerate. Be considerate. Become the ideal client that every underprivileged worker in the service sector desires. You’ll have a better chance of getting assistance from hotel workers if you treat them nicely.

Bring a sincere grievance with you. Ah. Yes. The REAL tough part. Your request to have a night taken off your bill may not be accepted unless you truly have a problem. In spite of this, you have a legitimate basis to file a complaint if you have a legitimate problem.

Consider poor room facilities, difficulty falling asleep due to noise, unfriendly staff, roaches, or food poisoning; these are ACTUAL reasons to be unhappy. Hash browns are getting scarce.

Be tenacious. Keep a calm, collected, and kind demeanour, but don’t be afraid to gently push until you achieve the desired result, or as close to it as you can.

Please be aware that there is no assurance that complaining will result in the price of your room being reduced. Since they are in the hospitality industry, you can be confident that all hotels will make every effort to meet your wants and preferences as best as they are able to. Regardless of how polite they are, there is no assurance that your complaint will lead to a free room.

This is how you acquire a hotel room for free after you’ve paid for it, even though it can be uncomfortable!

11. Try a new plan through Delta vacations

The new Affirm program, developed by Delta to help individuals plan and pay for their vacations in one spot, was made possible by the COVID-19 Pandemic in an effort to get people back in the air.

There is more to this, even though it appears to be rather conventional on the surface. With the help of Affirm by Delta Vacations, you can plan out your entire trip and pay for it later with six, twelve, or eighteen straightforward monthly payments.

Simply provide them with your name, date of birth, and contact information (phone, email, and the last four digits of your social security number), and wait for Delta Affirm to approve you.

The only information they need is your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and the last four digits of your social security number. After that, all you have to do is wait for Delta Affirm to approve you.

There are no additional costs, and the interest rate of 10% APR is extremely affordable.

Again, understanding what is meant by “free hotel rooms” in a larger sense is necessary, but it is also possible to reserve your entire trip, including your hotel room, without having to pay for it until later.

12. Work for a hotel

Get a job at a hotel if you want to know how to get a free room; it’s probably the simplest and most surefire solution!

Not at all, I assure you. Without getting a credit card or registering for a hotel loyalty program, you are guaranteed free hotel accommodations.

One of the biggest benefits of working for a hotel, especially a big hotel chain, is earning free nights to stay at hotels within the group. Luxury rooms or suites may be eligible for these free night benefits as well.

13. Join the travel industry

Why not try another career in the travel sector if you’re interested in finding out how to earn free hotel stays but working for a hotel chain doesn’t sound appealing to you?

In exchange for any business they bring to the hotel, travel agents, tour operators, tour guides, airline employees, and many other people in the travel industry frequently receive free hotel stays.

Hotels frequently provide these rooms to insiders in the travel industry as an incentive since they are rarely fully booked, as was previously indicated.

Then, if you were to land a position as an airline pilot or flight attendant, not only would you receive free hotel rooms as job benefits, but it’s virtually a given that you’d be housed at a hotel on a weekly basis.

14. Join a frequent flyer program

One of the easiest methods for frequent travellers to get benefits like free hotel rooms is through frequent-flyer programs.

The majority of airlines have some kind of frequent flyer program that enables participants to accumulate points that can be redeemed for free flights, upgraded seats, rental cars, upgraded hotel rooms, and free hotel stays.

Some of these airlines only work with a select few hotel chains, while others provide a fairly large selection of hotels where you may use your points in hotels all over the world.

15. Become a social media influencer

Possess a strong Instagram presence?

 Millions of people have been watching your TikTok account. You might be the ideal applicant for a free hotel stay if you now have or intend to have a significant social media presence.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most successful type of advertising, and social media is the most effective way to spread the word.

Hotels everywhere, especially five-star resorts and luxury hotels, are more than willing to provide influencers with even modest followings with complimentary hotel stays.

15,000 followers might not seem like much in the world of influencers. To a hotel, however, the cost of a few complimentary nights to an influencer might potentially equal 15,000 clients.

Imagine that you had a million fans now.

16. Become a travel blogger or journalist

The finest is saved for last, indeed!

Have you ever thought about telling others about the best adventures you’ve had while travelling?

Therefore, we established ViaTravelers. Staying in hotels…a lot of hotels…is part of this fantastic profession. Along with that, it entails writing extensively on our preferred hotels (which I can assure you are legion).

As crazy about working with popular influencers as hoteliers are, travel bloggers and journalists are also a top priority.

A positive review could lead to a business boom, perhaps even greater than the boost provided by the influencer who has millions of followers, depending on the blogger or journalist’s notoriety.

Because the readers of travel-related blogs or journalists make up that audience and are already interested in travelling. Readers might already be looking for places to stay, from the hotel’s standpoint.

We frequently utilize this strategy, so we are confident in its efficacy. I’m not only referring to trips to commercial hotels and inns.

17. Join a hotel loyalty program

These days, almost all large hotel chains have a successful loyalty program that lets you accumulate points (via hotel stays, flights, and credit card purchases) and then exchange them for free nights.

These reward schemes also provide members useful perks like free upgrades, WiFi, and breakfast. The sole requirement is that you have to reserve your hotel rooms directly through the property’s website or a Virtuoso travel agent.

Four aspects must be taken into consideration before choosing the best hotel loyalty program for you:

18. Book your stay with

The second-best hotel search engine website for me is (after Virtuoso). Booking (luxury) hotels on can result in significant savings, as I’ve previously mentioned here. Rewards is a straightforward yet top-notch loyalty program which is one of the key reasons I enjoy this website.

You will receive one free night to use toward lodging at any hotel of your choosing after booking and staying 10 nights at participating hotels.

A free night is awarded to you by after calculating the average value of the 10 nights you have accrued. The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy, was one of many complimentary hotel stays I was able to secure in this way.

19. Make use of the best rate guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) programs are increasingly used by hotel chains around the world and guarantee that a hotel guest is offered the lowest available rate for a night or a multiple-night stay.

If means that if you find a better, publicly available rate on another website than the official hotel website, you can submit an online claim.

If your claim is approved, not only will the lower price be matched, but you will also receive an additional 10 to 25% discount (depending upon the hotel chain).

It’s important to keep in mind that a BRG claim will only be approved for a booking of the identical room type, date, and length of stay, and reservations must be made directly on the hotel websites (not on third-party websites).

20. Get a hotel-branded credit card

With their loyalty program, the majority of hotel chains have credit cards. These credit cards allow you to accrue additional hotel points on all of your regular expenditures, including those for groceries and phone service, which you can then use for complimentary hotel stays (as explained above).

But of even greater significance are the hotel points or coupons you will receive when applying for a credit card, which are frequently sufficient for one or more complimentary hotel nights.

I hope you can apply a few of these suggestions to get a free hotel night!

FAQs About How to get free hotel rooms

People are always looking for tips o how to get free hotel rooms some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q1. Do hotels offer birthday discounts?

When booking a hotel for your birthday weekend, you might receive a discount at some establishments. Destination Hotels advertises 20% off discounts and birthday delights at certain hotels, when reservations are made during your birthday month.

Q2. Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels?

Airbnb can be more affordable or more expensive than hotels, depending on the type of Airbnb apartment and the hotel. Because it does not have to cover a hotel’s overhead costs or the general management of such a vast operation, Airbnb is typically less expensive than hotels.

Tell Us In The Comments If you know any other way to get free hotel rooms.

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