How to Keep Your RV Safe and Secure While Travelling? 12 Easy and Simple Tips

Are you own an RV and looking for simple and easy ways how to keep your RV safe? This article will really help you if you have no idea about this.

Your RV is like a second home when you are on the road. The RV lifestyle is the choice of many people who love traveling and camping away from their homes.

Going on adventurous trips and exploring new places can be done with much-needed convenience and comfort when you own an RV.

The beauty of traveling in an RV is about the huge amount of important items you can carry to make your trip much more exciting and fulfilling. With more valuable items in your possession, it becomes very important that you protect these with proper measures.

Just like your home, your RV needs to be kept safe and secure from thefts and burglaries. No matter where you are traveling, RV safety should be on the list of top priorities.

Sometimes your RV might be the target for thieves and burglars since it is an easy-to-penetrate target that almost always has valuables inside.

Heading out in the RV is a marvellous experience and keeping it safe is one of the many important goals to keep in mind. 

12 steps to keep your beloved RV safe

Below are some of the basic points that we need to consider to keep in mind to the safety of your RV.

1. Research your destination or camping grounds

The location of the campground, the neighbouring areas, the reviews, and any news related to that particular campground should be researched.

Researching multiple camping grounds options is a wise decision because this can save extra time and effort in case the campground of your choice has a history of mishaps.

Reviews and comments about your camping destination can make a big difference in your choice as negative reviews or some informative comments can help you out.

2. Make sure the RV is parked in well-lit and visible areas

Every RV owner should choose a camping ground that has facilities of good lighting during the night. Choose an area that is visible, and has open space. Also, make sure that there are no big trees or bushes that hide your RV’s visibility from any direction.

In case you need to pull over your RV to take a break, or for something urgent, make sure to choose a lively or busy parking lot, or truck parking as there are people around, and the chances of any theft or burglary decrease a lot. 

3. Making sure the RV doesn’t get stolen

Small-sized trailers are very easy to steal as the rig can be hooked to most trucks and towed away. To protect your RV from the same, buying a hitch lock is a good idea.

A hitch lock is the kind of device that will prevent any other individual from attaching your rig to their truck or vehicle.

Another great option is parking the trailer so that the hitch faces the rear of the campsite, this makes it hard for anybody to hook the rig to their truck or vehicle.

To park the trailer backwards, a jockey wheel or a tongue wheel is required. Buying wheel boots can also be an effective method of preventing theft as the wheels would not turn.

The boots can be useful to prevent lug nuts from being taken from the wheel. Consider locks that go around the kingpin. There are popular types of locks to choose such as padlocks and cylinder locks.

4. Keep the doors and windows locked

Just as any individual would keep their doors and windows locked at home, the same needs to be done with your RV too. Locking the doors and windows is a crucial step for RV owners.

Most RVs come equipped with locks on doors and windows but these are pretty basic ones.

One might think of upgrading the lock systems that will serve the purpose in the long run. Deadlocks can be used on the doors for extra security. 

5. Keep shades or blinds closed

If you do not want individuals to spy on you or check out the interior and belongings through the windows, closing the window shades/blinds are a good option to ensure that things stay private and outsiders cannot take a visual note of how everything is arranged inside.

Thieves are most probably tempted to go for it if they notice valuable devices such as laptops, cameras, tablets, phones, etc. Another way is to have a tint on the windows, but that varies with State Laws.

6. Keeping a tab on every expensive item you own

Every RV owner may have one or more expensive items with them while traveling or camping. This makes it prone to theft.

Expensive items should not be left outside or anywhere for that matter as they will attract unwanted attention. Investing in a small safe will ensure that the valuables are secured.

During the night, take any item that may be lying outside and store it inside RV such as bicycles, foldable tables or chairs, or any other item that belongs to you.

7. Arrange a proxy

It can be an excellent idea to make criminals think that someone is inside the RV at all times so that they cannot consider breaking into your RV.

Keep the lights on, and turn the radio/TV/Sound System on, so that they might think someone is still there and it becomes less likely for them to try anything.

8. Investing in a security system is worth considering

Just like you have a security system for your home, installing one in your RV can save tons of hassle altogether.

There are a variety of anti-theft devices available in the market nowadays to prevent anyone from breaking into your RV.

Installing extra lights at every corner of the RV can come in handy along with motion sensor lights.

It should be placed 6 to 10 feet above ground level and must point to dark places where light can hardly reach. 

9. Ask neighbouring RVers to keep a lookout when you are away

Starting a conversation with the neighbouring RVers can be very useful. They can help to keep a watch on your RV when you are away from it, and can instantly alert everyone if they see someone unknown tampering with your RV. 

10. Choose a population-filled space

Try going to famous camping grounds where most people camp or take breaks. Burglars avoid such populated areas as moving unnoticed between rows and rows of RVs is not an easy task and can eliminate their chances to steal anything or break into any RV.

This step is to be considered every time you go RVing. If a peaceful camping experience is what you want, you can choose a place that has less number of campers but is busy nonetheless. 

11. Check your security before every trip

Always be sure to verify that the security systems that you put in place work fine, before every trip. Check the door locks, window locks, hitch locks, and other installed safety systems. This will allow you to take stressless small breaks on your trip if you need one unavoidably.

12. Have good RV Insurance in place

If you are an avid RV traveler, you should have the right insurance for your RV. Most RV insurance covers accidental, physical, and other types of damage and even covers your personal belongings to a certain extent.

Most RV owners like to customize their policies with their insurance companies. A customized policy helps in getting insurance for valuables that are mostly not covered by general RV insurance plans.


RV thefts and crimes are increasingly common these days and they can be serious for many people as they carry many valuables with them. This has become a concern for individuals who travel a lot with their RV, trailers, and campers. Implementing these tricks will ensure better security and safety for travelling individuals.

FAQs about how to keep your Rv safe

Rv owners do have not a lot of questions about RV safety and security some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q1. How can you prevent theft in an RV?

Install new locks on your cargo box, doors, and hitch to ensure that only you have access to the key. When leaving your RV alone, lock the cargo box, windows, and doors. Review security: Before making a reservation, inquire about campground security when you’re travelling.

Q2. Can you put a security system in an RV?

Many RVers choose to install an RV alarm system in order to secure their homes, just as many homeowners have made the investment in an alarm system for their homes.

Q3. How often do RVs get stolen?

Only one to ten RVs are usually stolen each year. As many as 20 RVs have been stolen annually during the past two years.

Q4. Why are there two locks on an RV door?

Because these locks are frequently made with the same key, anyone with the same latch can enter your RV using their key. Naturally, to ensure your safety, the makers will provide you with a unique set of the deadbolt and handle locks, requiring the use of the same two keys.

Q5. How do you secure a camper to the ground?

Use the stabilising jacks, wheel chocks, tyre cradles, or even the mobile home anchors that came with your RV. Some RVs come equipped with stabiliser jacks that can be used in strong winds. If you don’t have that choice, there are a number of RV anchoring solutions on Amazon and other online retailers.

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