Stretch or Squeeze? Unveiling the Legroom Kings and Culprits Among U.S. Airlines – You Won’t Believe

For frequent flyers, the battle for legroom aboard airplanes is a familiar struggle. A recent study by Upgraded Points delved into the legroom dimensions of popular airline routes, revealing surprising winners and, perhaps, expected losers.

The full ranking for the airline seat legroom is:

  1. JetBlue – 32.3 inches
  2. Southwest Airlines – 32 inches
  3. Alaska Airlines/Delta Air Lines (Tie) – 31.8 inches
  4. American Airlines – 31 inches
  5. United Airlines – 30.2 inches
  6. Hawaiian Airlines – 30.1 inches
  7. Frontier Airlines/Spirit Airlines (Tie) – 28
The U.S. Airlines With the Most and Least Legroom

Upgraded Points’ Founder and CEO, Alex Miller, explained the methodology behind the rankings, stating, “We analyzed the seat pitch, the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it, for an economy seat on the listed flights and calculated the average across each airline.”

The study focused on Economy seats, but for those curious about the disparities among classes, United’s Economy Plus boasted 34 inches, and the United First Seat stretched to 37 inches.

The issue of legroom in airplane cabins has drawn attention from aviation regulators. In 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sought public input on passenger airline seat pitch and length, aiming to gauge the need for regulatory standards.

Notably, the pursuit of minimal legroom reached new heights in 2018 when an Italian seat manufacturer unveiled the “SkyRider” seat concept, designed for a nearly vertical, stand-up experience.

Whether you’re a tall traveler or just seeking comfort, understanding the legroom landscape among U.S. airlines can make your journey a more enjoyable one.

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