5 Best Smartphone Essentials For Travel You Should Always Carry


Smartphone Essentials For Travel: we use them for study, navigation, communication, social sharing, taking a taxi, and capturing photos and videos. You use your phone for almost half of your workday (three hours and four minutes on average), and you’re not fooling anyone when you say you’re going “off the grid” on holiday.

Fiery Trippers followers, according to a Twitter survey, would rather travel without a toothbrush or a change of clothes than their phone.

These five mobile essentials can keep your phone safe and change how you use it on the road, ensuring that you never lose it, break it, or run out of battery life. These items I always carry with me when I fly.


Smartphone Essentials For Travel

We have shortlisted some of the important smartphones essential for travel. Things can be varied according to the people but some items will always be the same.

1. Phone Grip or Stand 

Phone Grip or Stand | Smartphone Essentials

A phone grip, whether it’s a PopSocket, LoveHandle, LoopyCase, or something else, keeps your hand stable when capturing photos and videos while on holiday. There are a variety of choices available; I prefer the CLCKR phone stand and grip.

I suggest traveling with the LINKCOOL smartphone tripod if you don’t want to tie an adjustable grip to your phone case but still want to take stable photos and video.

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2. Extra Memory Storage

Extra Memory Storage | Smartphone Essentials

How many times have you had to remove old images or applications from your smartphone to make space for new ones? Probably quite a bit. Invest in a low-cost phone storage plan (We use iCloud’s $3 per month storage plan) so you don’t have to waste time deleting images.

Amazon (free for Prime members! ), Dropbox, Google Drive, or a good old-fashioned external hard drive are all viable storage choices.

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3: Protective Shield Glass

Protective Shield Glass | Smartphone Essentials For Travel

Nothing is more frustrating than a shattered phone screen. A traveler’s best friend is a scratch-resistant, tempered glass screen protector. Our phone is covered by InvisibleShield, which has a lifetime warranty.

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4. Backup Battery

Backup Battery | Smartphone Essentials For Travel

Your phone battery will most likely be dead from the use by the end of your vacation day unless you keep it in Airplane mode all day. That’s why I prefer to travel with a phone case that includes an internal battery, so I’m not carrying around any extra things.

Mophie offers a variety of battery phone cases to suit a variety of phone types and sizes. The Juice Pack Air is one of my favorites because it’s light and doesn’t add too much bulk.

I suggest the Ventev Powercell or one of these small-sized alternatives if you’re looking for a portable charger that isn’t a case.

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5. Phone Lanyard

Phone Lanyard | Smartphone Essentials For Travel

I recently purchased a phone lanyard, and it has quickly become one of my favorite travel accessories. Amazon has a huge range, with the majority of items costing less than $10.

The phone lanyard not only protects your phone from theft and unintentional drops but also keeps it close at hand so you never miss a photo opportunity. This is particularly useful on active or adventure trips.

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