These Travel Companies Are Making Big Moves to Help LGBTQ Travelers 🏳️‍🌈

Traveling can be tough for LGBTQ folks, but some companies are stepping up to make it easier for everyone. Let me tell you about some amazing efforts and personal stories that show how the travel world is changing to support LGBTQ travelers.

Championing Diversity in Travel

Meet Michael Henderson. After years of planning trips for family and friends, he started B.A.G. Travel in 2021. His goal? To inspire more Black LGBTQ travelers to see the world. He organizes group trips to places like South Africa and Thailand, helping his queer clients understand where and when it’s safe to show affection. Michael’s work is part of a growing community of travel specialists ensuring everyone can enjoy their trips.

Cruises with a Cause

Brand G Vacations offers cruises for gay men, but it’s not just about having a good time. “Community and the destination drive us,” says co-founder Brian Van Wey. They partner with lines like Atlas Ocean Voyages and offer land tours to places like India and Mongolia. Traveling together, they aim to raise awareness and foster acceptance in these destinations.

Pioneering Adventures for Queer Women

Since 1990, Olivia has been organizing cruises and retreats for queer women. With over 350,000 guests, they’ve hosted trips to amazing places like the Maldives and Morocco. Olivia’s commitment has set a high standard for inclusive travel.

Mainstream Brands Joining In

Big brands are also getting involved. Lindblad Expeditions‘ captains can legally officiate same-sex weddings on their U.S.-flagged ships. In 2018, two Lindblad employees, Lucho Verdesoto and Javier Cotin, tied the knot aboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts started the Preferred Pride program in 2011, focusing on properties that commit to diversity training. Virgin Atlantic updated its gender identity policy in 2022, letting crew members choose any uniform and allowing travelers to select gender-neutral titles. Delta Air Lines also offers a wider range of gender identifiers.

Educational and Inspirational Experiences

Lindblad Expeditions invites LGBTQ guest speakers. One such speaker is an Inuit researcher who talks about her climate-change work and her experiences growing up queer in Greenland. These talks provide both educational and inspiring experiences for travelers.

These stories show how the travel industry is becoming more inclusive. Whether you’re planning your next trip or just dreaming about future adventures, know that there are many companies dedicated to making travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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