Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack, Which Is Better For Travel?

Are you trying to find out the best result of Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack? If you have no idea which one is better for you? This article can help you.

This bag material wasn’t always made using linen or cotton as it’s today. Initially, the weavers mostly used to use hemp to weave. It’s the use of such material that provided canvas its title. The word “canvas” is derived from the Latin word called “cannabis” which indicates “made of hemp”.

This is assessed that the foremost use of cotton material in canvas products manufacturing dates back to approximately 1500 B.C. Later, cotton cloth slowly spread to Europe, roughly the 8th century, and made its place in the industry.

Now the question is, which material is better for manufacturing bags and why. Well, to answer this question, we’ve researched and found some interesting info. Let’s have a look at the information in this article below…

Difference Between Waxed Canvas Backpack vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

In case you are searching for the best backpack then this question may come to your mind whether to buy a waxed canvas backpack or a cotton canvas backpack. While both waxed canvas and cotton canvas is quite durable and popular materials, there are a few key distinctions between the two. Let’s now have a look at the difference below…


WAXED CANVAS BACKPACKS | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

Waxed canvas bags have all the finest features of canvas and then the wax coating adds more valuable features to it. The wax coating has the power to repel water and wind resistance power. Moreover, waxed canvas ages beautifully. Similar to high-quality genuine leather material, the waxed canvas material feels and looks better with age, as it develops a fine patina with use. 

Maintenance of a waxed canvas item is more challenging than cotton canvas. You surely can’t machine wash your waxed canvas product. But, due to the wax coating, marks and scuffs add to the nature of the object instead of making it appear dirty – thus, you do not need to wash waxed canvas items very often anyhow. Also, with time, the coating of the wax will thin and you will have to re-wax (usually in 1-2 years, based on the number of times you use the item). 

Where Waxed Canvas Comes From?

This material appeared in the period of sailboat invention. Certainly, during their voyages, the sailors had detected that the sails were more efficient and more wind-activated once they were wet. This used to happen because the water used to fill the holes between the fabric meshes.

Nevertheless, the sails were excessively heavy when wet. Thus, they found a way to make them fully waterproof, keeping their effectiveness by using wax coating on them.

And since then waxed canvas material is being used for water-repellency characteristics. It’s used to design things that tend to handle bad weather such as backpacks, tents, and also other outdoor accessories.


While comfort and texture may appear “rugged” at first, the edge of waxed canvas is that this material becomes softer and more refined over time, creating a patinated formation over time.

Some Best Waxed Canvas Backpacks

Here we have chosen the top 3 best-waxed canvas backpacks from Woosir that will offer you everything you need from a waxed canvas bag. So, here is the list…

Vintage Waxed Canvas Backpack Men’s

Vintage Waxed Canvas Backpack Men's | WAXED CANVAS BACKPACKS

This backpack from Woosir uses waxed canvas and crazy horse cowhide. This is perfect for your outdoor traveling.

The fabric feels perfect because of its high-quality material and is more relaxed to use because of the padded shoulder straps. The bag’s size is perfect to carry all your everyday carry items such as a laptop, wallet, phone, keys, etc.

The padded shoulder straps are also adjustable so that you can easily adjust the length. There’s even a leather handle to carry it manually. This bag’s timeless design is perfect for any occasion such as outdoor adventures, hiking, etc.

Although it neither does have a padded laptop sleeve nor a roll top pack that won’t be a barrier in carrying your laptop. The internal pockets are big enough to hold a laptop with ease.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Material Of Lining: Recycled Polyester
  • Type Of Closure: Zippered
  • Interiors: Interior Zipper Pocket and Interior Key Chain Holder
  • Style: Casual
  • Main Material Used: Waxed Canvas
  • Dimension: 17.7 inches *11 inches 4.33 inches (H*L*W)

Vintage Waxed Canvas & Leather Backpack Rucksack Travel

Vintage Waxed Canvas & Leather Backpack Rucksack Travel | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

This bag is made using 100% memory foam and thickened organic cotton shoulder strap, which not just can take a heavy burden, but even makes you feel comfortable. A thick laptop padded sleeve protects your laptop nicely. This backpack comes with a drawstring closure method, which is suitable to open & closing.

Many Rooms for organization usefulness. Two exterior side pockets as water bottle holders or umbrella holders are super convenient. There is also a 1 front zipper pocket available for quick access. The easy-access or quick-access pockets are great for easy use.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Type Of Closure: Cover
  • Style: Vintage
  • Main Material Used: Waxed Canvas
  • Material Used: Crazy horse leather And waxed canvas
  • Dimension: 12.9 inches *5.07 inches 17 inches (H*L*W)

Vintage Backpack Waxed Canvas & Leather for Men

Vintage Backpack Waxed Canvas & Leather for Men | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

This’s a canvas backpack for traveling purposes. There you will get plenty of exterior & interior pockets. Made using top-quality canvas & long-lasting nickel hardware for maximum durability. It is a waterproof or water-repellent backpack that you can carry during the rainy season.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Type Of Closure: Flap
  • Main Material Used: Crazy horse leather And waxed canvas
  • Style: Vintage
  • Dimension: 33CM *15 CM *46CM  (H*L*W)
  • Color: Army Green/ Khaki/ Black/ Lake Green


COTTON CANVAS BACKPACK | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

Cotton canvas is a weave of canvas. It’s exceptionally resistant to tearing and durable. Its rather smooth surface is not easily torn or snagged and can tolerate tough wear. While it is a breathable material, cotton canvas still tends to block wind effectively, making it a favored choice for fabricating workwear.  This canvas is convenient to use as you can even machine wash these backpacks.

Where Does Cotton Canvas Come From?

Nowadays, Cotton Canvas is primarily made using linen or cotton. The weaving method is characterized by a tight weave. Here the weft lines vertically cross the perpendicular warp threads, below & above each warp.

To make the cotton canvas material, one can decide to utilize a 2-ply yarn or 2 single yarns weaved together, giving strength, weight, and also texture to the material.

Some Best Cotton Canvas Backpacks

Here are a few of the best Cotton Canvas backpacks from Woosir that you can rely on…

Woosir Men Canvas Travel Backpack

Woosir Men Canvas Travel Backpack | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

This Bag from Woosir is perfect for traveling. There’s a zippered pocket (backside) with backpack-style padded shoulder straps. Use this backpack either as a duffel bag, scout pack, Duluth pack, or simply backpack-style pack.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Closure: Zipper And Hasp
  • Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Dimension: 48cm*18cm*30cm
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Backpack Usage: Travel Backpack

Woosir Men’s Large Vintage Canvas Backpack Laptop Bag

Woosir Men's Large Vintage Canvas Backpack Laptop Bag | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

This Bag is ideal for school, college, travel, Mountaineering, Hiking, Camping, etc. Multiple pockets design contains 4 different compartments to pack different items in it. This backpack will also complement your style statement.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Material: Canvas
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Closure: Zipper And Hasp
  • Colors: Brown, Black, Khaki, Wine red, Aand Blue
  • Style: Vintage
  • Dimension: 16.5 inches*11.8 inches*5.9 inches

Woosir Men 21L Vintage Canvas Backpack

Woosir Men 21L Vintage Canvas Backpack | Waxed Canvas Vs Cotton Canvas Backpack

A great Backpack for camping, hiking, school, traveling, outdoor activities, etc. It’s even a unisex backpack for all purposes. This backpack is not only durable but also super stylish.


  • Type: Backpack
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Decoration: Belts and Button
  • Material: Canvas
  • Style: Vintage

Bottom Line

Several reasons make the waxed canvas better than cotton canvas. Waxed canvas is water-resistant and gets better as ages. However, on the other hand, cotton canvas is easily washable. So, which one is a better material for you entirely depends on your preference!

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