What Is Camping And Car Camping? What Is The Difference Between Camping And Tourism

What is camping and car camping? The word itself means camping in the open air. In a broader sense, campsites are both places for tourists to stop and organized parking lots for a comfortable stay in open space.

Also, camping means not only a place but also a type of recreation, the essence of which is to stay away from the city limits, in the bosom of nature.

Thus, the difference from tourism lies in the fact that the purpose of tourism is to overcome an interesting route, and parking is only part of the “program”. And camping is a settled rest in a camp with equipped living conditions.

Sometimes tourism and camping can be combined: hikers overcome the path to stop in a picturesque place and spend some time there with an overnight stay.

Types of camping: from maximum comfort to extreme recreation

  • Hiking with camping: That is, a group of people travels along a certain route, and for a halt or an overnight stay, they pitch tents.
  • Active camping: The goal is only active pastimes, for example, a bike ride, kayaking, etc., and the parking lot serves only to recuperate.
  • Social camping: Gathering in a tent city for recreation based on common interests. These can be tourist gatherings, club meetings, corporate camps, etc.
  • Survival camping is setting up a camp with a minimum of amenities in order to master the skills of survival in the wild.

Auto camping

Separately, it is worth considering car camping. What is car camping? Auto camping is an organized area for those who travel by car. Usually, site owners provide access to the benefits of civilization: water supply, showers, toilets, organized garbage collection, laundry, etc. The longer the period of maximum stays at the campsite, the more amenities are usually provided.

What is necessary for camping?

So, we have already found out what camping is. The only thing left is what to take with you in order to equip your life. Essential items include:

  • Tent. It is better that it be a special camping tent – with several compartments, storage conditions (hooks, hangers, vestibule, etc.), the ability to install a lantern, insect nets, etc.
  • Sleeping bag or camping kit, including a blanket and pillow.
  • Rug for the tent. The best choice is a durable self-inflating mattress, but regular mattresses can also be used.
  • First aid kit.
  • Lanterns
  • Flashlight with a powerful battery;
  • Towels and hygiene items.
  • Knives, utensils, and cooking utensils – gas burner, barbecue, grill, pot, etc.
  • An additional set of clothes, a stock of socks, and underwear.

If electronic gadgets are used, be sure to have a charged power bank with you. The rest of the things are a matter of personal preference. So, if you wish, you can take with you a camping tablecloth, folding tables, chairs, a radio, etc.

Self-organized parking. Rest savages

A comfortable camp for the rest tourists and car travelers outside organized parking lots.

Travelers independently choose a place for the camp and organize their life. In the US and Europe, this is called “wild camping” (wild camping) and means by it any parking outside the places prepared for this, including the bivouacs of various tourists. In some regions, wild camping may be banned by the authorities or restricted by strict regulations.

The task of camping is a comfortable stay in a camp with a well-functioning life.

It is often difficult for people far from the world of tourism to understand how camping differs from sports tourism (hiking, water, cycling, and so on). Sometimes they use the same equipment, and the line between them for an outside observer becomes very thin. The answer is simple. Sports tourism is focused on overcoming an interesting route, and parking is only a small part of it, the bivouac is transferred almost daily. And the task of camping is a comfortable stay in a camp with a well-functioning life. In this sense, camping is possible even with an awning and a sleeping bag.

Sometimes tourism and camping are mixed: people take a short route and organize parking for a few days in order to relax in a remote and picturesque place.

In the English-speaking environment, similar terms are used to distinguish between camping and tourism. Tourist camps and bivouac equipment are simply referred to as camping. For example, camping stoves are camping stoves in all their variety, and not just large camping stoves and stoves. To designate a comfortable stay camping and the equipment for it, refined concepts are used: comfort camping or family camping.

Do not confuse camping with the so-called glamping. This is a format of rather expensive hotels and recreation places that appeared in the 2000s, inscribed in a picturesque natural landscape. Most often, these are stationary buildings with unusual architecture deluxe rooms, and junior suites.

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