Win a Night in the Legendary Hangover Suite! Enter Now and Relive the Ultimate Vegas Adventure! 🌟

Just please, don’t end up with a tiger in your room. 🐅

We’re marking a milestone for one of Hollywood’s greatest comedies — “The Hangover”! This iconic buddy movie about wild adventures in Las Vegas is celebrating its 15th anniversary on July 16. To celebrate, is offering an incredible opportunity: a stay at the Caesar’s Palace suite featured in the film!

Win a Night in the Legendary Hangover Suite

Here’s How to Enter and Win

  1. Watch “The Hangover” 📽️: Brush up on your knowledge of the film. Watch it once, twice, or maybe thrice!
  2. Take the Quiz 📝: Head over to the quiz page and test your memory on every detail of the movie. (Sample questions include: “What is the name of the wedding florist company delivering flowers in the first scene?” and “What car is Doug given to drive to Vegas?”)
  3. Time is Ticking ⏳: The quiz is limited to just 10 minutes, so make sure you know your stuff!
  4. Submit by June 30 📅: You’ve got until June 30 to enter, so don’t delay!

What You Win

  • A Night in the Hangover Suite 🏨: Enjoy a stay at the iconic suite from the movie (valued at over $2,000). Note: The suite isn’t themed around the film, so don’t expect Bradley Cooper to greet you at the door.
  • Bring a Guest 👫: Share the experience with a friend or loved one.

Note: You and your guest are responsible for transportation, food, drink, and any other expenses incurred. And remember, no tigers or Mike Tyson included! 🥊

How to Prepare

  • Re-watch the Film 🎬: Make sure you remember every detail.
  • Take the Quiz: Be quick and accurate. You only have 10 minutes!
  • Enter at Find out more details and submit your entry on their website.

This is your chance to live out a part of one of the most legendary movies about Las Vegas. Don’t miss out!

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