11 Best Moisturizer For Face Which Keep You Safe During Travel

Travelling can be hectic if you are not carrying the best moisturizer for face with you.

Which can be visible on your face too!!

It’s almost unavoidable that your skin dries up while travelling. Fortunately, there is a simple cure! While you’re travelling, bringing some moisturiser and sunscreens with you will do wonders for your skin.

We recommend bringing it in your carry-on so you may use it while flying because the recycled aeroplane air tends to take every last drop of moisture from your skin.

But don’t worry we are here for you.


Things To Consider While Purchasing The Best Moisturiser For Face

Because moisturizers are usually prepared to fulfil the demands of specific skin types, it’s a smart idea to start there.

The most common skin types are:

  • Dry (will benefit from a heavier,
    oil-based moisturizer)
  • Oily (will benefit from lighter,
    water-based moisturizers)
  • Mature (will benefit from oil-based
    moisturizers to preserve moisture)
  • Sensitive (will benefit from soothing
    ingredients, like aloe, that won’t be harsh on the skin)
  • Normal/Combination (will
    benefit from a lighter, water-based moisturizer)

If you’re not sure what skin type you have, consider how your skin feels after a shower. You probably have dry skin if it starts to feel tight, dry, or flaking. You probably have oily skin if it feels smooth or seems glossy. Combination skin has a look and feels that is a blend of the two.

Check the labels on items you’re interested in once you’ve found your skin type. They may specify which skin types they are most suited for.

While a moisturizer’s primary function is to hydrate, different formulas can also be used to treat breakouts, soothe irritations, even out skin tone and texture, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

1. Ingredients

It’s also a good idea to look over the ingredient list. Cosmetics do not need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be sold. It does, however, require them to declare all components so that buyers can make wise decisions.

Ingredients aren’t always easy to read, so look them up in the EWG’s Skin Deep database if you’re unsure.

2. Weather Conditions

The weather in your city and at the time of purchase have a big impact on which face cream is ideal for your skin. Winters or cold, dry weather necessitates the use of thick face cream to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

Using the same texture during the hot or humid months, on the other hand, might clog the pores and cause breakouts. Instead, a light lotion or moisturiser would be more appropriate at this time.

3. SPF Addition

If you’re looking for a morning or daily face cream, look for one that has sunscreen. Depending on how much time you spend outside, an SPF of 30–50 is ideal.

Most women only put one product on their face before applying make-up, and they frequently forget to apply sunscreen. Using a face cream that has SPF can help protect the skin while also being quite convenient.

Remember that SPF is important not only when you’re outside, but also when you’re indoors. Sun rays from the window or light reflections can potentially harm your skin.

Regular use of sunscreen can help protect your skin while also making it look younger and wrinkle-free. If you plan to spend most of your time at home, a face moisturiser or cream with SPF 15 would suffice. But, before you go outside, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen!

4. Enriching Vitamins

Why not choose a face cream that might assist heal or smoothing out your skin in addition to providing better hydration? Face creams containing vitamin A or E are beneficial to the skin because they assist to slow down the ageing process, preventing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing blemishes, and promoting the growth of healthy skin cells.

So choose a cream that provides you with more than simply hydration. You don’t have to spend a ton of money every time because big firms are continuously releasing new beauty items. Simply said, make sure you select the appropriate product.

5. Price

Most of us confuse product price for quality, and we immediately seek out the most expensive options. This isn’t always the case, though.

Leading brands all over the world produce high-quality products at a variety of price points. Choose a face cream within your budget based on your skin type and needs. This is especially true when it comes to testing out a new brand.

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What Are The FDA Guidelines For Cosmetics?

What differentiates a high-priced, attractively packaged product from the $10 version on the store shelf? Usually, not much. Don’t let price tags fool you into thinking that quality is determined by the price. It’s all about the components. A decent moisturiser will keep you protected and will not include any dangerous substances.

Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have a strong grip on cosmetics, it’s difficult to know which ones are safe to use on your face. While cosmetics are not needed to be FDA-approved before being sold, there is a silver lining: the FDA allows companies to put ingredients on labels “to enable customers to make informed buying decisions.”

Reading the ingredients, on the other hand, can be as difficult as decoding ancient Language. Knowing what’s in the bottle or jar can assist you to understand what’s in it before you put anything on your face.

11 Best Moisturizers For Face That Will Make Your Skin As Smooth And Elegant As You Desire

After a lot of research and customer reviews, we have shortlisted some of the best face moisturizers that will keep your skin safe during travelling from one place to another.


1. Facial Moisturizer With Ceramides For Sensitive Skin By Real Barrier 

This Real Barrier's triple ceramide moisturizer strengthens the skin barrier that blocks external irritants. The Multi-Lamellar Emulsion contains a skin lipid structure.

Being fast-absorber has less irritation and lets rough skin become silky and healthy without sticky residue.

Keeps the skin moisture for 48 hours and can recover skin damage by external irritation with 5-day usage. A great moisturizer to go for right away.

Real Barrier Extreme Cream, Face Moisturizer with...
  • STRENGTHENING SKIN BARRIER: Strenghthening skin...
  • HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULA: Absorbing promtly with...
  • SENSITIVE SKIN RELIEF: Recovering & repairing skin...

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2. Olay Regenerist Cream

This Olay Regenerist cream moisturizer is the last step in your daily skincare. Leaving the skin hydrated and providing long-lasting moisturization.

It also corrects the look of ageing skin and aids surface cell regeneration keeping your skin ageless. An amazing buy to make right away for bouncy, firm and younger-looking skin.

Olay Hydrating Regenerist Cream, 1.7 oz
  • SUPER CHARGED: For a lifted look
  • MAXIMIZED MOISTURE: For bouncy, firm &...
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Use as the final step of your...
  • VISIBLE RESULTS DAY 1: Combat everyday stressors

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3. Face Gel Moisturizer For Dry Skin By Neutrogena

Keeping the skin hydrated for 48 hours this Neutrogena's gel moisturizer formula provides a smooth and supple look.

It features a non-comedogenic formula that is oil-free and absorbs quickly like a gel.

Provides a long-lasting and intense moisturizing power, instantly quenches the skin. A desirable product to purchase for hydrated skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Moisturizer with...
  • Hydro Boost Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel...
  • Neck & face moisturizer for dry skin is...
  • Water gel face moisturizer absorbs quickly like a...
  • Suitable for daily use, apply the hydrating water...

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4. Daily Moisturizer Face Cream With Ceramide And Niacinamide For All Skin Types, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free By La Roche-Posay 

La Roche-Posay's moisturizer working in two ways replenishes moisture for up to 48-hour hydration and helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier after 1 hour. Suitable for sensitive skin this one is Paraben-fragrance-oil free.

The cream nourishes, comforts and soothes the skin and gets absorbed into the skin to provide immediate comfort. An attractive purchase that will make your everyday comfy.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face...
  • Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer is...
  • Double action helps repair skin’s natural...
  • Its lightweight cream texture easily absorbs into...
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive....

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5. Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 & Oil-Free Face Moisturizer With Sunscreen By CeraVe

This CeraVe's moisturizer with SPF is a hydrating facial lotion that spreads easily along with getting absorbed quickly and leaving a non-greasy finish.

Is Phthalate-free and does the MVE Technology delivers hydration throughout the day? Formulated with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Suitable for dry-sensitive-oily-acne prone skin, this one must be in your cart. Also, consider as one of the best moisturizer for oily skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30| Sunscreen and...
  • [ MOISTURIZER WITH SUNSCREEN ] A non-greasy...
  • [ SUNSCREEN LOTION ] Use this SPF 30 moisturizer...
  • [ DAILY FACE SUNSCREEN ] Broad Spectrum SPF 30...
  • [ 3 ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found...

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6. CETAPHIL Moisturizing Lotion

Giving an instant and long-lasting 24-hour hydration, this Cetaphil's moisturizer binds water to the skin, prevents moisture loss to hydrate and protects the skin from dryness.

The non-greasy, fragrance-free and paraben-free formula absorbs quickly and is excellent for hands, feet and other body parts. Suitable for all skin types this is indeed a great purchase to make.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 20 fl oz

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7. Daily Face Moisturizer Cream for Sensitive Skin, Fragrance-Free Lotion By Burt’s Bees

This sensitive skin Burt's Bees face moisturizer cream  creates a luminous and more hydrated complexion without causing redness or irritation leaving skin refreshed.

Infused with rice extracts and aloe vera it won’t clog pores and keep the skin glowing on the inside as well as outside. Providing a spa-like facial care regimen that will leave you with healthier skin makes it a worthy buy.

Burt's Bees Sensitive Solutions Calming Day Lotion...
  • FACE MOISTURIZER: Create a luminous and more...
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: Burt’s Bees sensitive skin face...
  • NATURAL FACE LOTION: Infused with rice extracts...
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Burt’s Bees hypoallergenic...

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8. Vitamin C Moisturizer – Anti-Ageing & Wrinkle Cream – Hyaluronic Acid & Organic Jojoba Oil – Wrinkles By InstaNatural

Instanatural's cream gives a youthful glow, containing a blend of the best ingredients to deliver unrivalled antioxidant benefits to all skin types.

Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots and takes care of the skin through deep-penetrating moisture to clear dry patches or flaking.

Comes with an optimal hydration pack with the best ingredients and nourishes the skin by replenishing vitamins and minerals. A perfect purchase to make right away.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Face...
  • Brightens, Nourishes and Tones: Our Vitamin C...
  • Clean Skincare that Works: This lightweight facial...
  • Your Skincare Routine, Powered by Vitamin C: Pair...
  • Core Clean Promise: We are committed to creating...

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9. Hero Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer 

This one fuels skin to keep it clean, smooth and balanced. It purifies the skin, fuels good bacteria and smoothes and softens the texture being lightweight.

Being free of fragrance, artificial colours, this one is safe for all skin types and maintains a balance of keeping the skin luminous and smooth all day long. An amazing product that should be in your cart and considered one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin.

Mighty Patch Hero Cosmetics Clear Collective...
  • 💧 The Hydrating Daily Moisturizer: The...
  • ⚖️ Keeps Bacteria in Balance: This moisturizer...
  • 💪 Prebiotic Power, plus Sage: Backed by...
  • 🫶 Respects Acne-prone Skin: No skin-irritating...

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10. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Being an improved moisturizing lotion that will provide twice the hydration all day long. The skin feels soft and springy along wt=ith the glow that it provides.

Applying it twice a day keeps your skin younger and smooth all time. An outstanding product which you should buy right away. Also, comes under one of the best face moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing...
  • Newly improved Clinique Dramatically Different...
  • Apply twice a day to face and throat all over, or...
  • Lot of 2 Travel Size Clinique Dramatically...
  • Delivers twice the hydration all day. Skin feels...

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11. CETAPHIL Daily Hydrating Lotion For Face

CETAPHIL Daily Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion is prepared with a special blend of moisturisers to prevent the skin from dryness right away. This moisturising lotion penetrates fast to seal in moisture and keeps your skin soft and nourished for up to 24 hours.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturiser and an important component of skin, with the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. This ingredient aids in the retention of water by your skin cells and connective tissues, resulting in immediate and intense hydration.

Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion for Face, With...

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Hope we were helpful to you!!!

FAQ’s About Moisturizer For Face

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Why Use Moisturizer?” answer-0=”Moisturizer protects your skin by acting as a barrier, keeping it hydrated and healthy. While there is some debate over whether or not moisturiser is necessary in the first place, most experts advise using it on a daily basis. For a healthy skin care regime, the Mayo Clinic recommends using a moisturiser that fits your skin type and makes your skin appear and feel smooth, in addition to eating a healthy diet and minimising stress.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How to use face moisturizers?” answer-1=”Start with a nickel-sized amount of moisturiser and clean hands. Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then rub in an upward motion. Many people find that moisturising their skin twice a day, in the morning and before night, is effective. Depending on your skin type, you may need to apply moisturiser more or less frequently.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the difference between a face cream and a moisturizer?” answer-2=”The cream is made of oil and is used to soften the skin’s surface. Face cream is a sort of cream that is specifically designed for your face. A moisturiser is an emulsion that is applied to the skin to keep it hydrated and moisturised. The cream has a thicker consistency than a moisturiser. Moisturizer is found in some creams.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the similarity between a face cream and a moisturiser?” answer-3=”Face cream and moisturiser work together to keep your skin clean, healthy, and protected from the elements. They aid in the preservation of your skin’s natural oils, keeping it smooth. They also help in the hydration of your skin, making it healthier.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Which moisturizer is best for glowing skin?” answer-4=”1. The Beauty Sailor Light Moisturizer Skin Cream.
2. Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer.
3. POND’S Light Moisturiser For Soft & Glowing Skin.
4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.
5. Bella Vita Organic Rose Glow Face Gel Cream. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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