Best Places To Visit In Kolkata | Historical Places In Kolkata [2021]


Best places to visit in Kolkata: People also say Kolkata as The City of Joy, because of that, it also enhances the excitement of first-time visitors to Kolkata.

Is now the intellectual and cultural capital of India, through an exciting Kolkata sightseeing tour, this vibrant city welcomes you to experience its artistic grandeur, dazzling history, and literary history.

In addition to its great heritage and ancient culture, there are some of the best tourist places in Kolkata that are an important part of the tourist industry of the city.


Historical Places In Kolkata

Kolkata earlier name was Calcutta. It was the capital of India for a great deal of the British requirements. While the capital was moved to Delhi in the year 1911. Below are the some best visiting places in Kolkata


Art and culture

Art and culture | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Utilized the high requirements of training and intellectual pursuits in Kolkata, the city is called the cultural capital of India. Kolkata is still the centre for music, arts, and theatre in India.



Handloom And Handicraft

Handloom and handicraft | Art and culture | Best places to visit in KolkataKolkata is a gold mine of astonishing cotton and silk handloom, handicrafts that are produced in the towns of Bengal.

People can buy a variety of clothes like khaddar items, shola pith (Indian cork), terracotta sculpture pieces and the big demand of taant sari, Baluchari sari.

The majority of these products are still cost conventional markets where you talk up the seller over a cup of tea.

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Food Of Kolkata Is Popular

Kolkata Food image | Best places to visit in KolkataKolkata is still the most budget-friendly city in India in concerns of food. You can visit Kolkata simply for a gastronomy journey.



Tram Automobiles And Trucks In Kolkata
Tramp image | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Kolkata is the only city in India that has tram vehicles. In today’s quick-paced lives, a leisurely journey in the tram car, meandering through the hectic city, is a huge love.


Durga Puja In Kolkata

Durga Puja | Best places to visit in KolkataWhile this is a Hindu occasion, the celebrations in Kolkata are of grand parts that break spiritual borders and accept a nonreligious flavour.

Individuals stroll the streets in vibrant clothing and the city is awake all 5 nights and days.

The events reach carnival parts and Kolkata ends up being a living art gallery!


Best Places To Visit In Kolkata

If you are preparing a journey, you need at least 3 or 4 days on hand for Kolkata sightseeing.

Kolkata has a robust public transportation city by a strategy of a bus, cable cars, yellow taxis, radio taxis, regional trains, ferryboats throughout Ganga.

Exclusively based upon my personal favourites. I kept in mind listed below is a list of the most popular tourist places in Kolkata to see.

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1: Victoria Memorial Structure In Kolkata

Victoria Memorial structure in Kolkata | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Committed to the memory of Queen Victoria. This spectacular marble structure in the heart of Kolkata brings a substantial collection of marble statues, artefacts, oil paintings, and old manuscripts.

It is now a museum that likewise has a devoted Calcutta gallery. The tidy big yards around the structure are called the lungs of the city. Also, one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.


2: Indian Museum

Indian Museum | Best places to visit in Kolkata

The Indian Museum bears the honour of being the most considerable and possibly the earliest museum in Asia. Also, it is one of the popular places to see in Kolkata.

The Indian Museum is not far from the Victoria Museum so if you are a museum fan, this museum can quickly take you the whole day. Also, one of the best tourists places in Kolkata.


3: Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium | Best places to visit in Kolkata

The program times are as per the audio language– English, Bangla, and Hindi. I initially visited this place as a six-year-old and was certainly awestruck.

As quickly as once again in 2015 and it did not quit working to engage me as a grownup. I went to the Planetarium. It is the among best Kolkata places to visit.

4: St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral | Best places to visit in Kolkata

The Kolkata tourist places, the cathedral was wound up in the year 1847. It is an exceptional end of an example of Gothic architecture in India.

St. Paul’s Cathedral holds the absolute best Christmas service in Kolkata that I have actually in reality gone to. Due to the truth that of the increasing crowds.

The Christmas service nowadays is only for the members of the parish. Also, one of the popular places in kolkata.

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5: Howrah BridgeHowrah Bridge | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge is famous in Kolkata and best places to visit in Kolkata. If you are in  Kolkata and not clicking the picture with Howrah Bridge in the background, others would question.


6: Kalighat Temple

Kalighat Temple | Best places to visit in Kolkata

The temple in its present kind was integrated in the early 1800s in the Chala or Bengal hut design. It lies in the southern part of Kolkata and draws a substantial range of fans every day of the year. Also, one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.


Places To Visit Near Kolkata

In addition to the well-known places in Kolkata, there is an unlimited number of tourist places near Kolkata.

For covering the popular ones, you would require a minimum of a month. Here is a list of a few of the leading tourist places to visit near Kolkata.


1: Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Shantiniketan, about 165 kilometres from Kolkata, is a university town that was made popular by Rabindranath Tagore.

It is the head office of Biswa Bharati University. The extremely industrialized school, filled with remarkable wall art, statues, and sculptures, conjures up a sense of peace. Also, one of the unique places to visit in kolkata.


2: Bishnupur

Bishnupur | Best places to visit in Kolkata

Bishnupur temple town has an abundant collection of terracotta temples.

Developed by the Malla dynasty throughout the 17th century, Bishnupur is around  150 kilometres from Kolkata and was a centre of music and art in previous years. In addition to the grand temples, one can get a feel of the cultural pursuits of Bengal in Bishnupur.


3: Sundarbans

Sundarbans | Best places to visit in Kolkata
Sunderbans or Sundarban (” Beautiful Forest”) is a mangrove forest place about 100 kilometres from Kolkata. This place is actually numerous in biodiversity.

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4: Digha Beach

Digha Beach | Best places to visit in Kolkata
Digha is a famous seashore on the Bay of Bengal. It is around  200 kilometres from Kolkata and takes about 4 hours to reach. It is a popular picnic area and draws a big crowd throughout the getaway.


5: Darjeeling

Darjelimg | Best places to visit in Kolkata
It is an overnight journey from Kolkata. Taking the “toy train” around Darjeeling is a unique advantage.


Pro – Tips From A Kolkata Travel Specialist

Kolkata is close to the sea, that makes it damp aside from for the winter season. The summer season lasts from April until September and might not be comfortable for tourist activities.

End of September till March is the very best time to visit Kolkata

Apart from historic places in Kolkata, you might likewise keep an eye out for taking place nightlife in Park Street place. It is a succeeding city so all medical centres and modern-day functions are available.

That defined, Kolkata uses timeless appeal like no other city in India which keeps drawing us back to this romantic City of Joy time and as quickly as once again.


Botanical Gardens In Kolkata

At the Botanical Gardens in Kolkata, 2010.  I was here on the invitation of India Tourism on a journey to Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Sikkim. These are my memories of Kolkata

I took a trip for about a year in India, completely, practically constantly by myself– with no guide, no group, no journey, no accomplice– previous to having a look at Kolkata for the truly extremely very first time in 2010. In Kolkata, I felt out of my depths.

Fortunately, I stayed in Kolkata as a visitor of India Tourism, and they cared for whatever. We were here for  3 days driving around the city as I tried to get a deal with on it.


Dakshineshwar Temple, Kolkata

Dakshineshwar Temple | Best places to visit in KolkataKolkata is considerably abundant in both history and eminence.

It is understood for being house to a few of the world’s poorest individuals and among the darkest minutes in British colonial history (from the British point of view)

The Black Hole of Calcutta. However likewise, it was the capital of the British Raj until 1911; it has in truth developed a few of the 20th century’s most substantial Indians, such as Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo and Satyajit Ray; and it was the motivation for Mother Teresa to satisfy her ability as a saintly individual.

I went to Kolkata with my creativity filled by mythic images and concepts and I believe it will take a while for me to process my impressions. Then I can define something for sure: I have truly never ever been anywhere like Kolkata prior to.

I pleased the Mother Superior of Loreto Convent School when I stayed in Darjeeling. She had, in reality, staying in Kolkata for several years. She reviewed that Kolkata is an incredibly human city; it’s not like a city, however more like an extremely substantial little town.

The people of Darjeeling are supportive and so humble, The issue with being a tourist is that you get such a shallow experience of a place.

Kolkata is more than most likely amongst those places that grows on you; that you find out to get a kick out of. Like Delhi, it is not that tourist-friendly, not an, in fact, a simple place. Also, one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.


Vivekananda Samadhi at Belur Math, Kolkata

Vivekananda Samadhi at Belur Mat | Best places to visit in KolkataAnother emphasize was the brief visit we made to Mother Teresa’s house.

I liked the simpleness of the place, and the simple availability of her burial place– where, inexplicably, photos were enabled.

Burial Place of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa’s home is a leading place to visit in Kolkata.

I got chills and truly felt moved, for the 2nd time in Kolkata. The incredibly really very first time was at the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple.

The other place I liked in Kolkata was, by possibility, throughout the street from my hotel. One early morning simply after breakfast I strolled over to the Aurobindo Bhavan, without understanding what I would discover.

Other highlights of my stay in Kolkata. I consisted of tasting the well-known Bengali sweet foods– one day, Shrabani and I went to Halidram’s and taken in sweet foods for lunch!. In the historical Tollygunge Club, I had supper with Sattarupa who is from India Tourism.

Walking the Victoria Memorial and walking in the Maidan, and taking a look at Kumartuli. This is the place where the architecture of Kali and other Hindu gods are made.


Kumartuli, Kolkata

 Kumartuli, KolkatI likewise went to a Jain temple, Rabindranath Tagore’s home.

Where I was searching for a Bengali cotton sari, and the Marble Palace– which “certainly” homes 2 paintings by Rubens (amongst a choice of other garbage and treasures).

I saw one called the Marriage of St. Catherine, however, I have no concept whether this a genuine Rubens or not.

The collection is housed in an old estate. I have actually truly decomposed together” air about it. A line from Great Expectations if you do not understand your Dickens.

No photos were enabled here either– concern consider it, no images were permitted essentially all over I went! Nonetheless, I left my guide and took a variety of anyhow.

I cannot validate breaking the requirements besides to state that my objectives were not dishonourable. I have in reality continually managed requirements as ideas.

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FAQ’s About Best Places To Visit In Kolkata

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the famous for Kolkata?” answer-0=”Kolkata, previously named as Calcutta, is the academic, economic and cultural hub of the Eastern part of India, and is the third-largest metropolitan city of India. Kolkata is a leader in the field of drama, arts, theatre and literature with many Nobel laureates contributing to the Kolkata art.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How can I spend 3 days in Kolkata?” answer-1=”Places to visit in Kolkata: Tips to explore the city in three days Howrah Bridge:
The third longest cantilevered bridge in the world. CNN/Tom Vater.
The fanciest side of the city is West Kolkata. CNN/Tom Vater.
The Kalighat Kali Temple is the oldest Hindu pilgrimage site in Kolkata. CNN/Laure Siegel.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How can I visit Kolkata in one day?” answer-2=”
1: Victoria Memorial Structure In Kolkata
2: Indian Museum 3: Birla Planetarium
4: St. Paul’s Cathedral
5: Howrah Bridge 6: Kalighat Temple ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is Kolkata famous food?” answer-3=”Here’s what you have to do in Calcutta before you die!
1. At Golbari Kosha Mangsho.
2. Biryani at the Hotel Royal Indian.
3. At Kasturi, Kochu Pata Chingri.
4. Rosogolla Mistanna Bhandar in Chittaranjan.
5. Beef Chateaubriand Olypub Steak.
6.Coffee at the House of Indian Coffee.
7. At Flurys, the Club Sandwich.
8. Nizam’s Rolls At.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”What are the top attractions to visit in Kolkata?” answer-4=”The top attractions to visit in Kolkata are:
1. Victoria Memorial Hall
2. Mother House
3. Dakshineswar Kali Temple
4. Park Street
5. Eco-Tourism Park” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”What are the best outdoor activities in Kolkata?” answer-5=”The best outdoor activities in Kolkata
1. Eco-Tourism Park
2. Rabindra Sarovar
3. Prinsep Ghat
4. Maidan
5. Kolkata Zoo & Zoological Garden” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”What are the most popular things to do in Kolkata with kids?” answer-6=”The most popular things to do in Kolkata with kids
1. Eden Gardens
2. Dakshineswar Kali Temple
3. Victoria Memorial Hall
4. Eco-Tourism Park
5. Howrah Bridge” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Which are the best historical places to visit in Kolkata?” answer-7=”Some of Kolkata’s most famous historic places to visit are the Victoria Memorial, Tagore’s Residence, Marble Palace, Fort William, and Howrah Bridge.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”Which are the best places to visit in Kolkata for shopping?” answer-8=”Some of the best shopping places in Kolkata are the New Market, Gariahat Market, College Lane, South City Mall, and Forum Courtyard.” image-8=”” count=”9″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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