How to Use Flight Price Alerts to Save Money on Your Next Trip ✈️

Looking for the best flight deals can feel like a never-ending quest. Prices seem to change every day, and it’s tough to know the perfect time to book. I’ve found a simple tip that has saved me a lot of money on flights: signing up for flight price alerts. This free service from various travel companies tracks flight prices and notifies you when it’s a good time to book.

What Are Flight Price Alerts?

Think of flight price alerts as your personal travel deal scout. They monitor flight prices based on your preferences and send you notifications when prices drop. Kayla Inserra from Kayak explains it perfectly: “Price alerts save you time and money by tracking prices daily and alerting you in real-time when the price changes for a flight, hotel, or rental car you want.” Kayak introduced this tool back in 2006, and it’s been a game-changer ever since.

How Do Flight Price Alerts Work?

When you set a price alert, the company tracks flight prices according to your specifications: departure and arrival airports, dates, and airlines. They notify you when it’s the best time to book. You can set broad parameters if you’re flexible, like price alerts for an entire month or any destination. Alternatively, you can be specific and track a particular flight. Regardless of your settings, you’ll get a notification if the price changes.

Setting Up Flight Price Alerts

Setting up price alerts is easy. You’ll need to select a few parameters such as origin, destination, and dates. Most services allow you to create alerts tailored to your needs. For example, if you’re watching a specific flight, enter those flight details to track its price. If your travel dates are flexible, choose a date range, and the service will find the best deals within that period.

Laura Lindsay from Skyscanner suggests, “Flexibility is the best way to get the lowest airfares. Set up price alerts for other airports near your chosen location and try different dates. This way, you’ll get notified if better deals pop up on alternate routes. You can also set multiple alerts to keep your options open.”

Here’s another trick: set price alerts for flights you’ve already booked. If the price drops, you might be able to change your flight and get a refund for the difference in the form of an e-credit. Just remember that e-credits have expiration dates, so this only works if you plan to fly again soon.

The Best Flight Price Alert Services

Below are the main flight booking websites that provide alert services,


Kayak is a metasearch engine that looks through multiple sites for the best travel deals. To set up a flight price alert, search for flights on their site or app, enter your origin, destination, and dates, and then set up a price alert for that search. Kayak also allows for flexible alerts if you’re unsure of your travel dates. You can even set up alerts for the 25 most popular cities.


Skyscanner is another great tool. You can set alerts for specific flights or use its “everywhere” function to search all destinations. Their Savings Generator tool helps you understand the best time to book and the potential savings.

Google Flights

Google Flights is straightforward and user-friendly. After entering your search parameters, click “track prices” to get alerts. You can also see price histories and get insights into whether current prices are average, high, or low.

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Though less well-known, Momondo is a powerful flight search tool. Set a price alert by searching your origin, destination, and date, then toggle on price alerts. Momondo offers predictions on whether it’s a good time to book and provides detailed reports on the best times to fly, including the cheapest months, days, and airlines.

Using these flight price alert services has helped me save a lot of money and stress. Give them a try on your next trip, and you might find yourself scoring amazing deals without the hassle. Happy travels!

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