Google Flights’ Latest Update Helps Travelers Find the Best Prices – Here’s How

Google Flights is making it easier for travelers to score great deals with enhanced trend insights.

Google Flights is making it easier than ever to find great deals on flights with its latest update. Now, the search engine provides specific insights on when flight prices have been the lowest, helping you better predict the best time to book.

What’s New?

Google has always analyzed flight trends, but the latest update takes it a step further. For searches with reliable trend data, Google Flights will now inform you when prices have historically been the lowest. This feature will also guide you on the likely cheapest time to book your flights and how much you could save by booking now or waiting.

Key Features of the Update

  • Historical Price Data:
    • Google Flights will now provide insights into when prices have been the lowest for specific routes, helping travelers decide the best time to book.
    • Example: For a trip from New York City to London over Christmas, Google Flights might indicate that the cheapest time to book is between now and October 7, with the lowest prices, typically found three to six months before the trip, potentially saving travelers about $64 on average.
  • Cheapest Time to Book:
    • The feature will not only show current prices but also predict the likely cheapest booking periods, advising travelers on whether to book immediately or wait.
  • Booking Insights:
    • Google will provide personalized recommendations based on reliable trend data, guiding travelers on the best booking strategies for saving money.
  • Flight Tracking and Alerts:
    • Travelers can set up flight tracking to receive notifications about price changes, ensuring they never miss a deal.

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Planning Tips from Google

  • Book Early: Especially if your plans are inflexible, it’s often better to book on the early side.
  • Use Tools and Alerts: With dynamic pricing, flight prices change frequently. Utilizing Google’s tools and setting price alerts can help snag the best deals.
  • Holiday Travel: For Christmas flights, especially to Europe, Google recommends booking as soon as possible, with the best deals typically found 72 days or more before departure.

“If you want to save money on flights this holiday season, or any time of year, a little bit of planning can go a long way,” Google stated. “Most of the time, it’s better to book on the early side, especially when your plans aren’t very flexible. But flight prices do change frequently, and there are often low fares to be found with the right tools (and some perseverance).”

By leveraging these new insights from Google Flights, travelers can make more informed decisions and maximize their savings on airfare.

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