How To Make Money While Travelling? 09 Easy Ways To Earn Money

If you love to travel a lot and looking for some ways how to make money while travelling? This article is for you.

Money isn’t easy to earn and neither is travelling. Financial freedom should be one of your top priorities if you travel frequently or wish to do so.

Some extra income will always benefit you in positive ways like increasing your total budget or expenses so that you can have more fun and activities under your belt.

Below are simple yet powerful tips you should consider while you are globetrotting. While putting all your eggs in one basket is bad, it is worse for a traveller. So, we made sure we have multiple strategies lined up for your convenience.

List Of 09 Simple and practical ways to make money while travelling

Below are some of the important ways by which anyone can earn money during a trip.

1. Renting your assets

Since you will be out travelling, your home will be essentially empty. Why let it gather dust? Put it up for rent and you will have a big amount of cash flow into your accounts, which might help you a lot in your travels.

You can either opt of renting it out to services like Airbnb or general home rents through any service or person of your choice.

You can also let your car be rented by travel agencies or other platforms. There are a lot of services that have good insurance coverage and other bonuses for lending your car for their services.

2. Freelancing your skills online

Freelancing is always a very stable way of making money since you can work on your own time. There are a lot of services that give freelancers exposure to clients, like Fiverr and Upwork.

Starting might be a little rough when you are new, but once you work with a few clients and earn some positive reviews, you will have a steady inflow of projects.

There are various types of freelance activities that you can perform. It is better to work with a skill that you already have or have acquired along the way.

Starting with web design, web development, and graphics design to animation, music, and other topics, there is a huge area of freelance activities that are covered by these services.

3. Putting your skills into action

Everyone is endowed with some kind of skillset. If you do not have any applicable skillset, do not worry. You can learn a lot of things via the internet today.

Making and selling stuff is an easy process and does not demand a huge investment. You can make and sell things locally or via the internet or services. This can be a very secure source of your income since your skills are something that stays with you.

4. Online Coaching

With global internet access, language is a skill that is always in demand. You can register to be an online coach or tutor who specializes in any particular language.

The earnings of a tutor are pretty good compared to other online jobs that demand similar time consumption.

There are a lot of companies you can tie up with and provide information about your skill set via your education documents or other similar acceptable documents.

You will have to work for set hours so you should keep a note of that and arrange your travelling schedule according to it.

5. Opting for opinions and online surveys

Companies do spend a chunk of their budget on getting opinions from their customers. It helps them develop and better their products and also get a notion of the current market trend and the competition.

Offline surveys might pay a bit more, but that also demands you to be present at a certain place. There is no such requirement for online surveys, thus it’s perfect for a traveller. There are quite several online sites that offer surveys and pay you on successful completion.

Rewards or pay per survey varies on the time needed and complexity. But some surveys pay you upwards of $100 for participating and successfully completing. You can opt for the surveys at your time of choice and thus it is easier to perform on the go.

6. Selling genuine items

Each place, city, or country you might visit will have some social and cultural items that are sought after by collectors, enthusiasts, or the general public.

If you already have a follower base, you can sell local handmade items and export them to your family/friends/followers in another country.

This is a lucrative thing that you may find very interesting to do. If you have an online shop, things get very easy.

7. Being a photographer

An essential item to invest in before you start your travelling career is a camera. It is a gadget that you cannot do without. With you visiting lots of different places, making lots of memories and meeting different people, you must click your pictures yourself.

Then why let all those moments sit in your memory card and gather dust? You can actually sell your digital pictures for a fair amount of cash.

Some services are offering exactly that. Good digital content needs to have a ton of information and there is no other way than to express them through pictures since each picture can speak a thousand words.

With time, your photography skill will evolve, and not only online sales, but you can also be part-timing as a wedding or event photographer at any local business which will give you not only a steady income but also will take you places that you might have skipped otherwise.

8. Share your experience via vlogs

People love to see vlogs or video logs. It is like having a very detailed narration of one’s personal perspective and feelings about their travels. It is an industry that is always active and while there are lots of people doing it, each one is unique in its own way.

There are a lot of platforms online that let you share your videos and you can earn a substantial amount once you have established yourself enough. While getting popular is not easy, it isn’t too hard either. Consistency and uniqueness are key factors here.

People love to see the ones that are consistent throughout. Youtube is one such platform. It is hugely popular and Google never misses its payment schedule.

Equip yourself with a good camera, get some basic editing skills and invest some time, you will be ready to earn a chunk of income that will only get bigger with time.

Not only YouTube but there are other platforms too. You can also live-stream your journey for an extra flair but do so carefully.

Live streams while travelling might also attract unwanted attention and might also be against the rules of the country or place of the event. While it’s a bit time-consuming to get a fan following going, with time it is always a great possibility.

9. Travel Blogging

Blogging is one of the oldest methods of earning money online. Since it is online, it doesn’t matter when you work or where you work. Opening a travel blog can cost you a bit, but will give you lots in return with time.

A travel blogger always has one objective, sharing the true experience in detail, even the ones that you have to skip while vlogging. As a travel blogger, you can earn via several different methods.

  • You can opt-in to Google Adwords or similar programs and get paid via PPV (pay per view) basis.
  • You can incorporate and direct viewers to your social channels which are also monetized to earn more.
  • You can sell your e-book which you can write.
  • You can tie up with any travel-related business and advertise them in exchange for a monetary benefit.

With a travel blog, your limitations are actually limitless because of the fact that you can do so much with them. There are always people waiting to tie up with travellers to advertise their products. You might get free products from companies to use and review.

They can ask for a permanent advertisement in your blog which is as expensive as the number of viewers you are getting.

Blog does not get established in a day, it takes time, so be patient and you will reap the rewards. While it’s a long-term project, it is surely a stable way of earning online while travelling.

FAQs About how to make money while travelling

how to make passive income while travelling?

1. List your property on Airbnb
2. Create a blog and make money off
3. Online digital product sales (course, eBook, presets, etc.)
4. Create a YouTube channel and make money from it
5. Make stock market investments
6. Market stock images and/or video footage
7. Launch an online store (e-commerce)

how to make money online while travelling?

1. Teach English
2. Freelance remotely
3. Sell your photos
4. Earn from a blog
5. Earn passive income online
6. Create events while you travel
7. Make to sell
8. Translate
9. Teach a skill you have
10. Monetize your experience with consultingu
11. Model


As mentioned earlier, one should not keep all their eggs in one basket. As a person who wants to make money while travelling, you should always have multiple income streams to support you financially. With the above-mentioned ways, you definitely will find an idea that strikes you and be perfect for your travelling schedule.

Tell Us In The Comments Your Opinion About how to make money while travelling.

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