11 Smart Ways to Carry Money While Traveling International And Domestic

Carrying money on vacation is a delicate balance of safety and convenience.

Making money difficult to get to discourages robbers, and when it’s time to pay for anything, you still want to be ready to get in there without stripping naked and play hide-and-seek with a bag’s secret pockets.

With all that in mind, here are some tips for safely and elegantly carrying money when travelling.

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List Of 11 Smart Ways to Carry Money While Traveling

With travelling comes the need of carrying money in smart ways, which keeps them safe and is available in handy.

Following are some of the ways that you can check out for the same.

1. On-body storage Travel Money Belt By LANNEY

Neck pouches and money belts are useful if there is no secure place available for cash and other stuff of yours.

This money belt has a zipper closure along with built-in 3 layers of RFID blocking linings to ensure your security and is made of water-resistant ripstop nylon. 


  • Simple and practical design
  • Slim
  • RFID blocking technology


  • Limited space
Travel Money Belt for Men Women RFID Blocking...

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2. Travel Neck Passport Holder Wallet By Amazon

The adjustable neck strap and is made of durable nylon ripstop make this product great. Separate compartments are also available for organizing items.

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Neck Passport Holder...
  • Travel neck stash keeps your cash, receipts, and...
  • RFID blocking material protects against unwanted...
  • Separate compartments for organizing items;...
  • Adjustable neck strap with fastener for a...

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  • Travel dry technology
  • Ultra-slim design


  • Can get a bit bulky when full

3. Anti-Theft Bag By Travelon

Built up of polyester, the available 2 mesh expansion pockets hold water bottles & umbrellas. Comes with different pockets which is a great purchase to carry money.

These Anti-theft bags are an investment that eventually helps you to save money.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag, Black,...
  • Locking main compartment plus an organization...
  • Slash-resistant body and adjustable,...
  • Front slash pocket, zip rear pocket and removable...
  • 2 mesh expansion pockets hold water bottle &...

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  • Mash back pocket
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Water repellent


  • Zippers can be sensitive

4. Travel wallet By Buffway

The 8 slots allow you to store all your cards from debit, to credit to the membership card. This makes travelling easier and more convenient

As made of leather, this wallet is a combination of both luxurious styles as well as durability.

This does not require unpacking and repacking your wallet on a daily basis, but rather can simply be transferred.  

Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking...
  • STYLISHLY SMALL, SLIM and DISCREET: Measuring just...
  • PLENTY OF ROOM: 8 slots easily load your driver's...
  • MADE FROM LEATHER: Crafted out of leather, our...

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  • Slim profile for discreet carry
  • RFID protection
  • Nice sand body colour for camouflage


  • Can get dirty easily

5. Divide Money

This is the most common and useful practice, where all the money is not kept in one place but rather at different places or the hotel in a secure place. 

Keeping the funds in different places allows you to have enough money after any unfortunate event. 

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6. Money Alternatives

Try to reduce the usage of cash in as many places as you can as the chances of it getting lost.

Instead, you can rely on a multi-use ticket or another cash alternative.

If in a city where the public transportation system offers multi-use cards (for instance, London’s Oyster card or San Francisco’s Clipper card) or where you can buy many tickets at once for a discounted price, then definitely try to do so. 

7. Small Bills and Coins

It is wise if you carry currency of smaller denominations which is far more easily accessible. The available small bills and coins are helpful in buying food, and souvenirs at ease.

Keep the nigger bills in a secure place and use these for your travel shopping. 

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8. Dummy Wallet

If you find yourself in a place that has a high number of pickpocketing, then consider carrying a cheap dummy wallet. This is a safe practice to prevent your real wallet from getting pickpocketed.

9. Carry Less Important Stuff

Do you require all the cards that are in your wallet right now? No, right?

So avoid carrying them during travel, except for your identification card, insurance card, and other necessary cards.

This will not only make your wallet lighter but also if it gets lost or stolen, fewer items will be replaced.

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10. Adapt To The Local Money Culture

If the place you visit is a cash economy, then it is preferred to carry bills and coins, avoiding credit cards.

However, in a cashless economy,  where chip-and-PIN credit card technology is common, such compatible credit cards will come in handy.

So knowing the local money culture of the place you will visit is important.

11. Stow Valuables Securely

At times carrying no money is the safest option. Keeping your money in the hotel’s in-room is a secure or safe-deposit box. This will keep your mind free and you can enjoy the trip smoothly.  

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FAQs For Smart Ways to Carry Money While Traveling

Can airport security detect money?

Is it legal to search airports for US currency? Travelers who bring a wad of money to the airport for a domestic trip are frequently stopped and detained by TSA screeners. Although the TSA cannot take your money, they may attempt to have a law enforcement officer seize it for civil asset forfeiture.13

Where anyone can convert the foreign currency?

Most often, the best place to convert money is your bank and credit union.

How do you travel with money?

1. Before you go, notify your bank and credit card companies.
2. Keep your wallet simple and smart.
3. Keep some of your money separate and secure.
4. Invest in a money belt.
5. Purchase items with a credit card instead of a debit card.

Can I exchange currency at airport?

The best places to exchange money include currency exchange stores and kiosks in airports. Do your currency exchanges once at a local bank or even a bank ATM for the lowest fees. Check with your U.S. bank to see whether you may get a refund to use a foreign ATM. Not every currency exchange offers the very same rate of exchange.

Tell Us In The Comments As per You Which One is the Smart way to Carry Money While Traveling?

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