How To Stay Cool on a Summer Camping Trip? 10 Best Tips

Are you planning camping in the summer and looking for some basic and important tips on how to stay cool on a summer camping trip? If you have no ideas about it, this article will really help you.

There was a time when I used to cancel summer camping because of the hot weather. Then I started discovering approaches to staying cool even on summer camping trips.

Finally, I discovered some techniques and started applying them to summer camping trips. Now, I don’t miss any summer camping trips If I don’t have emergency tasks.

I will share the tips for staying cool on summer camping trips I usually execute through this write-up.

Hopefully, after reading out the article, you will get to know how to keep yourself cool on summer’s hot camping trips. So, without any further intro, let’s get started.

List Of 10 Tips for Staying Cool On Summer Camping Trips

If you are looking for approaches for staying cool on summer camping trips, this is the segment where I have shared some effective tips that will help you know how you can keep yourself cool on summer camping trips.

  • Choose the Right Summer Campsite
  • Pick Up a Tent for Summer Camping
  • Setup Your Tent In The Shade
  • Ventilate Your Tent
  • Wear The Right Clothes
  • Drink Much Water
  • Don’t Cook Near Your Tent
  • Bring a Portable Camping Fan
  • Take a Cold Shower Before Your Sleep
  •  Keep Your Food Cold

1. Choose The Right Summer Campsite

You have to choose a summer campsite wisely. Otherwise, no matter what approaches you apply, you must experience hot weather.

This is why I recommend researching the campsite first to ensure that the place you will choose has plenty of shade to camp.

Most of us don’t research our own when it comes to choosing a campsite. We take reviews from others who went there a few months ago.  Because of that most of the time, we got the wrong information.

2. Pick Up a Tent for Summer Camping

When it comes to choosing a tent for summer camping, you have to choose it carefully.

Go for a tent that holds some unique features and attributes that will be perfect for camping in hot weather.

You can choose best backpacking tents for hot weather that comes with ventilation features such as an extensive mesh canopy.

This type of tent will keep you safe from biting insects, and allow a breeze to pass through that will add warm weather camping gear.

3. Setup Your Tent In The Shade

This is another way to stay cool on summer camping trips. Look for a shaded area, and set up your tent there.

If the place has plenty of shade, you won’t feel the sun’s heat much and feel comfortable while staying there.

It is a bit difficult to find free places as everybody wants to set up tents in shadow areas, but it’s not impossible. You can share with another person.

Setting up a tent in the shade will protect you from the direct sun’s heat. Thus, you will remain cool and calm.

4. Ventilate Your Tent

To stay cool on a summer camping site, ventilate your tent as much as possible. How to ventilate a tent? This question may come to your mind.

Well, you can ventilate your tent in different ways, such as placing the tent in the direction of the breeze, using a battery-powered fan, opening every window in your tent, and more.

If your tent holds window screens, unzip them, allowing wind to blow through. It will work if there is enough breeze.

You can use a battery-powered fan if there is no breeze that will keep your tent inside cool.

5. Wear The Right Clothes

Wear The Right Clothes, How To Stay Cool on a Summer Camping Trip

Wearing the right clothes will keep you cool on summer camping trips. On summer camping trips, try to wear light-coloured clothing that will keep you cooler. These types of clothes help reflect the sun.

Avoid wearing dark-coloured outfits that will absorb the sun making you warmer over time. Besides that, always go for breathable fabrics that will keep you cooler.

Some of the most popular fabrics to wear for summer camping trips are moisture-wicking clothing, linen, bamboo, and cotton.

6. Drink Water

Drink water as much as possible because hydration is one of the most vital parts of staying cool, healthy, and safe on summer camping trips.

Water contains a certain heat value, which means it takes a lot more energy to change the water’s temperature.

Besides that, if you don’t drink enough water, dehydration can lead to many problems and health risks.

That’s why try to drink at least 64 ounces of water every single day when staying on summer camping trips. Drink water before you feel thirsty.

7. Don’t Cook Near Your Tent

Most of us make mistakes every time we go on camping trips. We cook near our tent which is ok in winter, but if you do it in summer, you will feel discomfort with extra heat from the fire.

You can cook near your tent when it is winter to get warm. But, if you do the same in summer camping, more heat will come into your tent, and you can’t stay inside because of the extremely hot temperature.

We recommend not cooking near your tent. If you have to cook, then do it a minimum of 50 meters away from the tent.

8. Bring a Portable Camping Fan

You can bring a portable camping fan with you when you go on summer trips. There are a lot more people who can not bear the temperature of summer.

If you are one of them, it is better to bring a portable camping fan with you. But before bringing it with you make sure that you can operate it till the end of the trip.

So, before going on your summer trips, make sure that it is fully charged.

9. Take a Cold Shower Before Your Sleep

If you think you can’t sleep due to the hot temperature inside your tent, take a cold shower before you sleep. You will feel better, and help you get sound sleep.

Taking a cold shower before your sleep helps relieve your tiredness all day, and you will get extra courage.

10. Keep Your Food Cold

Don’t forget to keep your food cold while camping in the heat to maintain food safety. You can bring to you a high-end cooler to keep your food cold.

If you don’t want to invest in a high-end cooler, you can cook on-site, which is much more healthy.

Final Thought

Staying cool on summer camping trips is a bit difficult but not impossible. You can’t stop the sun’s direct hit during summer, but by applying some techniques, you can stay cool on camping trips. I have demonstrated 10 effective techniques above that you can execute if you are used to camping in summer. Hopefully,  you will be able to keep yourself cool on summer camping trips.

FAQs About How To Stay Cool on a Summer Camping Trip

People have a lot of questions about summer camping some of the questions are answered below,

Q1. How hot is too hot for camping?

Most experts agree that the highest temperatures for enjoyable camping are in the low 80s at night and approximately 95 ° (Fahrenheit) during the day. It is vital to utilise additional cooling methods, such as a portable fan, in order to sleep peacefully in these circumstances.

Q2. How do you stay cool when it’s super hot outside?

Even if you don’t feel thirsty, make sure to drink lots of water. Plan your outside time carefully. Put on sunscreen and loose, airy, light-coloured clothing. 

Q3. How can I keep my tent cool without AC?

1. Invest in A Summer Tent.
2. Utilize a battery-operated fan.
3. Invest in a canvas tent.
4. Utilize A Well-Ventilated Tent.
5. Get rid of The Rainfly.
6. Place some ice out.
7. Think About Where You Set Up Your Tent.
8. Cover Your Tent With A Space Blanket.

Tell Us In The Comments YourSecret Tips on How To Stay Cool on a Summer Camping Trip.

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