17 Cheap Ways To Travel The World: Unlocking Affordable Adventures

Embarking on a journey around the world is a dream for many, but the fear of limited funds often holds us back.

The good news is, there are affordable ways to make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

If you’re eager to explore without burning a hole in your wallet, you’re in the right place!

List Of 17 Ways To Travel When You Have No Money or Limited Money

It is hard to believe that we can travel without money or limited money, Below we have mentioned some of the practical and powerful that will help you in traveling without money.

1. Look For A Job Overseas

If you are bored at your job and just want to pack your things and travel! But wait, lack of money is a barrier for you.

Don’t worry why not travel and do a job simultaneously?

  • Au Pair: In high demand in several countries, where you will help the host family to look after their kids. This is a great way to learn about a new culture and at the same time get a free room and a small salary.
  • Hostel Worker: A great way to meet other travelers while getting familiar with a new location, culture, and environment. You can start off as a volunteer in exchange for a free room and these three websites can help you find the same i.e., Worldpackers, Workaway, and HelpX.
  • Tour Guide: If you are inclined toward history and love to spread knowledge, then try this one out. Will not only provide a cash incentive but also let you interact with people of different backgrounds.

 2. Teaching English Overseas

English is a globally used language, and so is its demand to be learned. This opens a pool of opportunities to earn by teaching across the globe.

It takes place in many forms, from TEFL-certified teaching positions to online teaching. Uncertified can still participate in volunteer programs in exchange for board and room.

Some online platforms to start with and gain some experience are VIPKid, Diverbo, and many more.

3. Try out WWOOFing

If you don’t know what WWOOF means then keep reading!

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, having opportunities across 130 countries with over 12,000 hosts available. Some of the popular ones are Italy, Australia, etc.

While contributing to sustainable practices and farming in exchange will receive free room and board.

You can register at wwoof.net by paying a small membership fee. But all of it is worth it when you are planning to travel long-term.

4. Capitalise On Your Skills

If you want to travel but don’t want to commit to a long-term job. Then why not check and put your skills on board?

You can use Craigslist, TaskRabbit, or Gumtree to look out for people who want to get things done related to their house and PLUS POINT, get paid to do that.

Along with that offer online services like editing, consulting, and many more. Wi-Fi is a boon. Use it with your creative head and earn it in a variety of ways.

5.  Free Stay

A lot of travelers save a lot of money just by Couchsurfing.

Sometimes you will get a room, a couch, or an air mattress, but it comes in free. 

For all those who are always looking to make connections across cultures, and eager to know local people and their stories, this is a great way to do the same.

In return, you can repay the host’s kindness by cooking a meal or buying a drink.

Some of the websites for accommodation are Couchsurfing, Servas BeWelcome or Warmshowers.

6. Try Ride Shares And Cut Transport Costs

With not much safety guarantee, hitchhiking [travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles] is common in many countries. Hoping for the best you can stick out your thumb. 

You can always check out Blablacar which is used worldwide and Ridesharing.com is popular in the U.S. and Canada.

Being cheap these long-distance carpool services are something you can try out and well is also a great environment practice.

7. Live On A Boat And Earn Free Travel Opportunities

During the high season for tourism, Cruise lines and yacht companies are looking for crew members. If you want to travel and live on a boat this is a great opportunity anytime. 

The positions are available greatly from cleaning to the kitchen to entertainment, you can apply to the ones you are eager.

For seasonal positions, you can check out Carnival and Royal Caribbean, and for yacht opportunities, try out Crew Seekers.

8. Get Rail Passes

Instead of individual booking trips, you can always try out Rail passes. Such as the Eurail Pass in Europe or the JR Pass in Japan.

Rail passes are always a cheaper option and you can definitely save a lot of money by practising this.

9. Get City Tourist Cards

If you are planning a trip and looking forward to exploring the city from the inside out, then a city tourism card is something you want to own. 

These will offer you discounted and/or free access to the major attractions and museums, as well as free public transportation.

To get one just head to any local tourism office and avail of one, most destinations will offer you the service.

Some of them are the London Pass, the Paris Museum Card, and tons more.

10. Use The Sharing Economy

Locals no doubt know which is the cheapest supermarket, the best sales offered by which store, and much more.

You can always use the sharing economy to find cheaper accommodation, home-cooked meals with local chefs, etc.

Travel has been made more accessible and convenient, some of the websites that have played major roles in that are as follows

  • Airbnb: Can search for budget-friendly accommodation
  • BlaBlaCar: This one is a ride-sharing app, majorly for medium and local distances
  • EatWith: Connects you with local cooks who provide tasty private meals

11. Use Student And Other Discount Cards

As a student, teacher, or someone under the age of 26, you can for sure avail discounts that are offered.

You can always ask if any discount is available for students and this way can indeed save a lot of money as you are traveling from one place to another.

Museums, galleries, and many tourist places usually have discounts, so take a chance by asking and confirming.

Hope we were helpful and were able to guide you!!

12. Budget-Friendly Planning

Planning is key when it comes to affordable travel. Start by setting a realistic budget for your trip.

Look for inexpensive destinations, consider off-peak seasons, and be flexible with your travel dates. This simple step can significantly cut down your expenses.

13. Embrace Backpacking

Backpacking isn’t just a trend; it’s a fantastic way to explore the world on a budget. Opt for budget accommodations, cook your own meals, and choose public transportation.

It’s not just about saving money – it’s about immersing yourself in the local culture and having a more authentic experience.

14. Travel Off the Beaten Path

Skip the touristy spots and venture off the beaten path. Not only will you discover hidden gems, but you’ll also save money.

Local markets, street food, and lesser-known attractions often provide a more genuine experience at a fraction of the cost.

15. Work and Travel Programs

Combine work and travel through programs that offer job opportunities abroad. This not only helps sustain your journey financially but also allows you to immerse yourself in the local community. From teaching to working on farms, there are various options to choose from.

16. House Sitting and Volunteering

Cut accommodation costs by house-sitting or volunteering. Many homeowners seek reliable individuals to look after their homes or assist with tasks.

In return, you get a place to stay for free. It’s a win-win situation that can make your travel budget stretch further.

17. Utilize Travel Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Make the most of travel rewards and loyalty programs offered by airlines, hotels, and credit cards.

Accumulating points and miles can significantly reduce your travel expenses, making it more affordable to explore new destinations.

FAQs About Ways to travel the world in an affordable manner

Q. How can I travel the world on a low budget?

A. Embrace budget-friendly options like backpacking, volunteer exchanges, and exploring affordable destinations to stretch your travel funds.

Q. Which is the cheapest way to travel?

A. Opt for budget airlines, buses, or trains, and consider alternative accommodations like hostels or couchsurfing for a cost-effective journey.

Q. What is the cheapest form of international travel?

A. Explore budget airlines and low-cost carriers for international flights, and consider traveling during off-peak seasons for more affordable options.

Q. How much money is required to travel the world?

A. The budget varies, but with careful planning, around $50-$100 per day can cover accommodation, food, transportation, and activities in many destinations.

Q. How can I find the cheapest flights for international travel?

A. Use flight search engines, set fare alerts, be flexible with dates, and consider budget airlines to secure the best deals on international flights.

Q. Are hostels safe for solo travelers on a budget?

A. Yes, hostels can be safe for solo travelers; choose well-reviewed ones, lock up valuables, and connect with fellow travelers for added security.

Q. How do I save money on accommodations without compromising comfort?

A. Explore alternatives like Airbnb, guesthouses, and boutique hotels, book in advance, and leverage loyalty programs for both comfort and savings.

Q. What are some tips for negotiating prices in markets abroad?

A. Understand local customs, be polite, show genuine interest, and be prepared to walk away; negotiation can lead to better prices in markets abroad.

Q. How can I stay healthy while traveling on a budget?

A. Prioritize hydration, maintain a balanced diet, get enough rest, carry a basic first aid kit, and consider travel insurance with medical coverage for peace of mind.

Q. What are some sustainable travel practices that save money?

A. Reduce single-use plastics, choose eco-friendly accommodations, support local businesses, and engage in responsible tourism for both environmental and budget benefits.


Don’t let a tight budget extinguish your wanderlust. By adopting these cheap ways to travel the world, you can turn your dream adventure into a reality. Remember, it’s not just about the destination but the journey, and there’s a budget-friendly path waiting for you to discover. So, pack your bags and set forth on an affordable adventure that will create lasting memories without compromising your financial peace of mind. Safe travels!

Tell Us In the Comments Which One Is Your Favourite Cheap way to Travel The World?

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