10 Best Smartwatches For Kids That are Ideal For Travel

Are you looking for the best smartwatch for kids? As prices have decreased, more parents are looking for the ideal smartwatch for their children, tweens, and teenagers.

Smartwatches with GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking are very handy for family vacations, as they aid in navigating unknown locations, locating a local restaurant, and locating a petrol station or hospital in the event of an emergency.

The finest GPS smartwatches for kids are made with safety in mind, allowing parents to keep an eye on their children at all times.

Look for a smartwatch with a camera, GPS tracking, two-way communication, and games when purchasing one for your child. Of course, the greatest kid’s smartwatch will be long-lasting, simple to use, waterproof, sturdy, and reasonably priced.

Smartwatches for children are less powerful and less expensive than ordinary smartwatches, and they’re made with children in mind.

They’re jam-packed with apps and activities to keep your kids entertained, and some even come with built-in cameras for selfies.

Others are full-fledged communication devices that can make phone calls, send texts, and track their location via GPS.

What is Smartwatch And its Purpose?

A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the shape of a watch; current smartwatches have a local touchscreen interface for daily usage, with control and telemetry provided by a smartphone app.

The aim of a smartwatch is to offer users information in a convenient, easy-to-view layout, and it does so by connecting to the person’s phone and showing notifications, calendars, maps, and other records on its small, circular display screen.

Things To Consider Before Buying Travel Smartwatches For Kids  

We’ve also looked at a few budget-friendly choices to discover which of the best affordable kid’s smartwatches are worth investing in.

So, whether you’re looking for a budgeted option, want to be more productive, or have special fitness objectives, here’s a smartwatch shopping guide to help you decide which wearable to choose.

1. Age Suitability

Pay particular attention to the age range suggested by the company. It’s not a good idea to buy a smartwatch for your toddler when it’s designed for a 6-year-old.

Toddlers may lack the necessary motor skills to use it, or it may contain apps or activities that are suitable for someone so young.

2. GPS Tracking

A GPS tracker is included in a few smartwatches. This is frequently seen as a must-have by parents of smaller children. It enables families to keep track of their children during school hours and after they’ve left for playdates.

You’ll need a SIM card if you feel GPS tracking is necessary. The watch will then be connected to a smartphone app that will track its steps.

Geo-fencing and location notifications are even available on some watches. You can set a user’s distance limit, and you’ll get notified if they move beyond the “fencing.”

3. Both Ways Communication

Consider two-way communication features if you’re seeking a smartwatch that can also serve as a phone.

You can talk to and sometimes text your child using these features, and vice versa. You’ll need a suitable SIM card and a data plan once again.

Most watches come with a compatible app that allows you to add contacts and control everything.

Some may only accept calls and messages from phonebook numbers, which is ideal if you have small children. In most cases, you can add up to ten contacts.

4. SOS Button

An SOS button is another desirable feature for young children. The power switch is frequently pressed many times or held in for a few seconds.

When they do so, the watch sends out notifications and makes calls to the emergency numbers they’ve chosen.

5. Application & Games

Think about whether or not you want the watch to have games. Most kids’ smartwatches come with one or two games pre-installed, and some even allow for downloading.

Consider whether it’s necessary – if your child wears the watch to school, it’s usually better if the distractions are not there.

6. Longevity

When it comes to children, the things we buy must always be durable enough to keep up with them.

The majority of children’s smartwatches are durable, but they won’t be able to handle harsh handling.

The bracelet is a good spot to start looking for strength; ensure it’s tightly tied and made of durable material.

Water-resistant materials and impact-absorbing casing are also factors to consider. Reading the reviews is an excellent way to check this; parents will mention how durable the item is.

7. Battery Life

If we need to charge the watch every few hours will just distract from the fun and possibly cause irritation.

Most smartwatches keep their charge for a long time — at most. Check it carefully as it is a very important point to consider while purchasing a smartwatch for kids.

8. Easy To Use

It must be easy to use the watch. It isn’t ideal to require your assistance every second. You and your child will be irritated by this.

Look for a device with large screens and child-friendly controls, as well as a wide wristband that a small child can easily operate.

9. Fitness Features

Smartwatches for older kids frequently include fitness functions like a sleep tracker, active minutes, and a pedometer. These are fantastic for encouraging kids to become more active and health-conscious.

Some devices deliver daily challenges to the wearer, incentivizing them to move by awarding points. The majority of them will allow users to track their progress via an app or online.

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List Of 10 Best Smartwatches For Kids

After considering a lot of factions we have shortlisted Best Smartwatches For Kids.

1. 321OU  Touchscreen Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Watch

This 321OU smartwatch is economical, easy to use, and Bluetooth-compatible with both IOS and Android phones.

When the network SIM card is purchased and installed, there is also a SIM card model that allows kids to make calls directly from the watch.

The smartwatch can monitor sleep as well as track movement, steps, and exercise.

A camera, calculator, image viewer, alarm clock, music player,  and calendar are among the other features of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch doesn’t have a lot of extra games or gizmos, but it’s cheap, durable, and affordable, making it a great smartwatch for both kids boys and girls.

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2. LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch | Smartwatches For Kids

The LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch, which is aimed at children aged 3 to 12, is ideal for parents who want to keep in touch with their children during the day.

To connect with a cell phone, the LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch requires a micro SIM card (not included) and is then compatible with iPhone, Android, Samsung, and other phone models. It is the best smartwatch for kids with SIM cards,

An SOS feature on the watch allows youngsters to quickly and easily contact family members, and the GPS and LBS (location-based service) tracker systems on this kids’ smartwatch provide parents with an extra layer of security.

It also has a camera and games, as well as is water-resistant and long-lasting.

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3. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 | Smartwatches For Kids

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is one of Amazon’s best-selling kids’ smartwatches, and for good reason. It’s jam-packed with activities, games, and intuitive challenges to keep your child entertained.

Your child may use the built-in voice changer and the camera to take hundreds of images and movies. An alarm clock, a timer, a stopwatch, a calendar, a calculator, and a pedometer are among the other functions.

It’s long-lasting, easy to use, and a lot of fun. It’s also available in blue and purple, with a variety of watch faces to choose from. Also, it is the most loving best smartwatch for kids.

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4. Waterproof Kids Smartwatch By Jsbaby

Waterproof Kids Smartwatch By Jsbaby | Smartwatches For Kids

The Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch is a basic model that lets young children make phone calls, send texts, take pictures, and play games.

This smartwatch for kids with GPS provides a direct SOS button, as well as GPS and LBS tracking systems, which are included in the Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch’s safety features.

It works as an Android smartwatch for kids and is partially compatible with iPhone models when connected with a SIM card (not included).

This kids’ smartwatch is easy to set up, sturdy, water-resistant, and affordable to replace if lost. Also, it is a perfect smartwatch for boys and girls.

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5. PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch

PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch | Smartwatches For Kids

The PlayZoom kids’ smartwatch is distinguished by its colourful and distinctive watchbands. Rainbow prints, sports themes, camo prints, hearts, glitter, animal prints, and more are among the patterns featured by the bands.

The watch features adjustable clock faces, a digital camera with storage capacity for roughly 50 photos, a built-in stopwatch, alarm, timer, and calendar, as well as a digital camera with storage space for around 50 photos. Of course, there are a few onboard games to keep your child entertained as well!

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6. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch | Smartwatches For Kids

Themoemoe makes one of the best kid smart GPS watches. Their kid’s smartwatch is designed for kids aged 4 to 8, and it works with any Android or iOS smartphone that has a micro SIM card (not included).

Two-way calling, GPS and LBS positioning, an SOS emergency call button, and a “do not disturb” mode that parents may configure for school are all included in the Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch. Kids will like using the built-in camera as well.

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7. Kids Smartwatch with 90°Rotatable Camera Touchscreen By Prograce 

Kids Smartwatch with 90°Rotatable Camera Touchscreen By Prograce  | Smartwatches For Kids

Yes, we understand that limiting your child’s screen time is a top goal for many parents. On the other hand, parents have duties and trips to run, and screen time is a nice break for children.

The PRO GRACE Kid’s Smartwatch gives your child just enough screen time to get them through a grocery store run without dragging them into an endless YouTube video rabbit hole.

This wristwatch, which comes in blue or pink, includes a rotatable camera, touchscreen, and an FM radio, but it’s the selection of four interactive games that will make your kids jump with joy. The vibrant colour screen is ideal for gaming.

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8. Disney Smart Watch

Disney Smart Watch | Smartwatches For Kids

Remember when you were a kid and you had a Mickey Mouse watch? Your grandchildren or children can now have a smartwatch version of that timekeeper.

The official Disney Mickey Mouse wristwatch comes in both Mickey and Minnie Mouse styles and features numerous watch faces, a built-in camera, activity monitor, games, and more.

It’s great for younger children and parents who don’t need call capability or GPS monitoring. It is the best smartwatch for kids with GPS.

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9. Touch-Screen Smartwatch By L.O.L. Surprise

Touch-Screen Smartwatch By L.O.L. Surprise | Smartwatches For Kids

This smartwatch will be a hit with your youngster if they like L.O.L. Surprise dolls. We love how vivid it is and how long the battery lasts.

A fun selfie camera for taking photos and filming videos, a voice recorder, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator are among the features.

The touchscreen watch comes with a wristband that can be adjusted and six built-in games, as well as a variety of changeable watch faces. It is a very demanding smartwatch for kids and girls.

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10. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 | Smartwatches For Kids

With Garmin’s vivofit jr 2 smartwatches, the Force is powerful. A 60-minute themed storey encourages kids to stay active with this water-resistant, sturdy smartwatch. Star Wars, Marvel, Frozen, and more are among the design styles available on the Garmin vivofit junior 2.

To meet the activity goals, advance the characters through the story. The Garmin vivofit jr 2 displays the clock, monitors your steps and recommends 60 minutes of daily activity.

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All the smartwatches have their advantages so we need to select the watch as per the requirements. The age of the child plays an important role when selecting the watch for your kids.

10 Best Smartwatches For Kids

FAQs About Smartwatches For Kids

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Are smartwatches worth it?” answer-0=”It’s true that the most well-known brands, such as Apple, Garmin, and Samsung, can be pricey. However, there is value to be found. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip watches break the trend and deliver actual quality without the price tag.In today’s time, smartwatches full fill a lot of requirements like messaging, phone calls, SOS services, and so on. After considering various factors we can say that smartwatches are worth it In today’s time, smartwatches full fill a lot of requirements like messaging, phone calls, SOS service, and so on. After considering various factors we can say that smartwatches are worth it ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Do smartwatches need data plans?” answer-1=”Unless they’re standalone smartwatches with cellular connectivity and 4G LTE compatibility, most smartwatches available today don’t require data plans.No smartwatch that connects to your phone requires the purchase of data. Don’t be concerned that wearing the watch will use up your data plan. Almost always, you’re only sending data to your watch that you’ve previously received on your phones, such as text messages and emails.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Do smartwatches need a sim card?” answer-2=”Because they connect to your phone through Bluetooth and utilize it to access the mobile network, most smartwatches don’t require a SIM card. However, if you want to give your child a smartwatch with GPS capabilities so that you can use it as a location tracker, you’ll need a SIM card.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Do smartwatches cause cancer?” answer-3=”To date, there is no evidence from studies of cells, animals, or humans that radiofrequency energy can cause cancer, says the National Cancer Institute. The Institute provides a balanced overview of current research, and it is difficult to believe there is any genuine proof for cancer risk after reading it.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Hole day kids can wear a smartwatch?” answer-4=”Radiation exposure can cause a number of health problems. For example, a handful of people have reported severe headaches and nausea after wearing the smartwatch for an extended period of time. Sleeping problems and memory lapses are two more possible symptoms.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”What is the best smartwatch for a child?” answer-5=”1. 321OU Touchscreen Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Watch
2. LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch
3. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2
4. Waterproof Kids Smartwatch By Jsbaby
5. PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”What age is appropriate for Apple Watch?” answer-6=”Apple claims the service is aimed for children aged five and up, but as I previously stated, even my eight-year-old isn’t yet independent enough to take advantage of most of the features.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”What is the best smartwatch for a 10-year-old?” answer-7=”1. TickTalk 4: Best overall. Best overall. TickTalk 4.
2. Angel Watch: Best for SOS calls. Best for SOS calls.
3. Verizon GizmoWatch 2: Budget pick. Budget pick.
4. Xplora X5 Play: Best for active fun. Best for the active plan.
5. Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”What’s the best smartwatch for a 7-year-old?” answer-8=”1. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch
2. Kids Smartwatch with 90°Rotatable Camera Touchscreen By Prograce
3. Disney SmartWatch
4. Touch-Screen Smartwatch By L.O.L. Surprise
5. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2″ image-8=”” count=”9″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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