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Vikas Sehgal

Expertise: Digital Marketer and Content Writer
Education: MBA in HR & Marketing from KIET College OF Engineering Ghaziabad, India

🤩 Highlights

  • Passionate Traveler
  • Proficient in Digital Marketing
  • Expertise in Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing Enthusiast

📚 Education

Vikas Shegal holds an MBA in HR & Marketing from KIET College Of Engineering, Ghaziabad, India equipping him with a strong foundation for business and people management.

👨‍🏫 Experience

With a successful track record in digital marketing, Vikas is skilled in devising effective strategies, particularly in the realm of social media marketing. Additionally, his proficiency in content writing allows him to engage and captivate audiences through compelling storytelling.

He has been providing his valuable services in content reaction and social media marketing to Fiery Trippers since 2019.

Connect with Vikas:
📧 [email protected]

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