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Does The US President Have A Passport? Yeah, he needs a passport, but it is not the same as anyone else’s. Diplomatic passports, which have a black cover and do not require the holder to pay a passport charge. These passports are given to the president of the United States, his immediate family, some top officials, and diplomatic staff.

When the president flies, a group of people, normally from the State Department, coordinates the trip’s paperwork and keeps the president’s passport secure. The president does not go through customs after leaving Air Force One, waving to the crowd, and getting into his limo.

Employees from the State Department collect his passport, as well as the passports of the others in their team, through the customs procedures of the host country.

Types of US Passports

Your passport is the most important and well-known travel document you can have. You may apply for a passport in the country where you were born. This main travel document assists in your identification for travel-related purposes. Let’s take a look at why it’s so valuable.

US issue 5 types of passport as per below

1. Regular Tourist Passport (Colour: Blue)
2. Official Passport (Colour: Maroon)
3. Diplomatic Passports (Colour: Black)
4. Service American passport (Colour: Gray)
5. Passport Cards


1. Regular Tourist Passport (Colour: Blue)

Regular Tourist Passport (Colour: Blue) | Does The President Have a Passport?
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The blue tourist passport is currently is with 44 million+ people (a few thousand people have green passports issued during the bicentennial of the U.S. Consular Service).


2. Official Passport (Colour: Maroon)

Official Passport (Colour: Maroon) | Does The President Have A Passport
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A maroon-covered “official” passport is with around 400,000+ people. These are given to non-diplomats who are travelling abroad in the service of the United States government–a significant percentage of official passport holders are active-duty military personnel and their families.


3. Diplomatic Passports (Colour: Black)

Diplomatic Passports | Does The President Have A Passport
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Approximately 80,000 people in the United States hold diplomatic passports. One of the perks of becoming president is that you get to keep your diplomatic passport even when you leave office. That means Bush, who used to have one when he was the president’s son, would never be without one again.


4. Service American Passport (Colour: Gray)

The service passport is one of the current passport forms in the United States, and it is given to third-party contractors who travel to the United States to assist the government.

If their travel cannot be completed with a standard passport, they are issued a service passport. The validity limit is set at five years.


5. Passport Cards

Passport Cards | Does The President Have A Passport
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The US passport card is a credit card-sized official national identification and restricted travel document issued by the United States federal government. People Use this for a reason other than international travel, such as domestic air travel, as an identification card.


In Case Of An Emergency

Issuable to people living abroad in emergency situations, such as a family member’s impending death and funeral, a missing or stolen passport while travelling, or a similar circumstance. Validity period: usually one year from the date of issue. People can exchange a full-term passport with an emergency passport.

The pope and Queen Elizabeth each have their own passports

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