What Is the Travel Document Number & Passport Document Number for Your Next Trip?

If you are planning an international trip and are confused about all the important travel document numbers, then this article is for you.

Travel makes us all very excited, and if we travel to another country, this enthusiasm also increases. In order to not spoil our fun at all, it is necessary that we know all the documents used in travel properly. 

Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems while clearing customs and immigration at the border crossings, which would surely help to settle some nerves.

We will only assist with the main things, such as travel document numbers and important documents required for travel. These types of documents are a crucial part of your journey. Without it, you will not be permitted to cross any borders.

What Is A Travel Document Number?

A travel document number is a set of digits that assist each person in travel and is found on the official document used for the trip. This number can be found on passports, visas, and other similar forms. The travel document number on each document helps recognize you and decide your eligibility to travel overseas.

  • U.S Passport —Passports issued in the United States would have a combination of 6 to 9 characters. There are both letters and numbers.
  • U.S. Visa—This is an eight-character number. Seven of the eight numbers are numbers, while one is a letter.
  • Green Card- This 13-character document is another essential travel document. Three of them are letters, and ten are numbers.

What is the purpose of a travel document number?

A travel document number provides a unique identification for a particular travel document. It also makes it simpler for governments, airlines, and immigration authorities to confirm a traveller’s identification and keep tabs on their movements. This number helps in the differentiation of one travel document from another.

Types of Travel Documents

We should be aware of all the other documents that are required to travel if we want to go somewhere outside. Here follows a short explanation of each type of travel document.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Green Card


We all have passports, and if not, then we have to get them before travelling to another country because it is not possible to travel without a passport.

Your passport is the most important and well-known travel document you can have. You may apply for a passport in the country where you were born.

This main travel document assists in your identification for travel-related purposes. Let’s take a look at why it’s so valuable.

Why Your Passport is Important?

Passports work similarly to keys. Without it, you won’t be able to fly abroad. You’ll need it to go through customs and immigration in your home country, and you’ll need it again when you reach your intended country.

Obtaining a visa to enter a country is almost always necessary before going there. To be eligible for a visa, you must have a passport. If you do not bring your passport to your visa interview, you will not be approved.

Some passports have greater “authority” than others. The Henley Passport Index clarifies this in a very easy format.

A Japanese passport entitles the bearer to visa-free travel to 191 countries. A passport from Iraq, on the other hand, can only enter 28 countries without a visa.

Although a passport will help you enter a country, bear in mind that the amount of time you can stay on a visa-free entry varies by country. If you do not agree to these rules when travelling abroad, you will face a problem.

How To Get A Passport?

It all depends on which country’s passport you’re searching for. First and foremost, you must be eligible for one.

A passport is only available to citizens of a particular country. You must apply for a passport through your birth country’s relevant government department. In the United States, it is the Department of State.

Send your application after completing the necessary forms and providing or adding the required supporting documents.

Your passport will arrive soon. But what is a travel document number, and do you have one on your passport?

Where To Find Your Travel Document Number On A Passport?

Where To Find Your Travel Document Number On A Passport | Travel Document Number

The upper right-hand corner of the page with your picture contains your passport number. Each passport has a unique code and a 9-digit passport number. It is also the travel document number or passport document number.

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In most cases, visitors to foreign countries need visas. Visas are provided by each country’s citizenship and immigration departments.

In the United States, it is known as USCIS. Since they have authority over this, they decide who is allowed to enter their country. But why is securing a visa so crucial?

Why Is Your Visa Important?

The purpose of your visit to a country is decided by the visa. It defines the terms of your stay.

Conditions such as the duration of your allowed stay in the country, the activities you are permitted to participate in, and other aspects of your stay are addressed.

It’s likely that a passport won’t be enough to get you into any country you visit. Check to see if you’ll need a visa before you leave.

You will be asked to show your passport to the border officer when entering the country. If your passport does not qualify for visa-free entry, the officer may ask for a visa to confirm your eligibility. Visas can be issued in the form of an official document.

How to Get a Visa?

Go to your home country’s nearest embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit. Apply for the visa you need. The intent of your visit will affect the type of visa you need.

Tourist visas are issued to tourists, while employment-related visas are issued to those who wish to work in the country.

Complete the appropriate paperwork, including supporting documents to prove your qualifications, pay the fees, attend and pass your interview, and your visa will be issued shortly. But what is a visa’s travel document number?

Where to Find your Travel Document Number on a Visa?

Where to Find your Travel Document Number on a Visa | Travel Document Number

The visa number is normally written in a different colour on your visa. The number of the visa is written in red on the bottom right corner of the visa. The visa number is also known as the travel document number.

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Green Card

A green card is provided to people who become permanent residents of the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues a green card after an individual has proven their eligibility for an appropriate U.S. visa. Let’s take a look at why having a green card is so critical.

Why Your Green Card is Important?

A Green Card is not a substitute for a passport. A Green Card allows you to become a permanent resident of the United States.

However, this does not imply that you are a resident. You’ll also need your birth country’s passport. However, when used in conjunction with your passport, a Green Card can help you travel more efficiently.

A Green Card is particularly necessary when crossing the US border because it proves your eligibility to enter the country to the immigration officer.

How to Get a Green Card?

Green Cards will be given only to those who are qualified for citizenship. If you follow the proper guidelines, you should be able to confirm your eligibility.

You most likely got a visa while visiting the United States. They will issue a form  Type I-94 travel and departures record when you entered the United States.

All of these immigration-related documents assist in the advancement of your eligibility case. There are several factors that go into obtaining a Green Card. You choose the one that best suits your needs.

Prove your qualification, follow the correct guidelines, and wait for a visa to become available, and you’ll have your Green Card in no time.

Where to Find your Travel Document Number on a Green Card?

Where to Find your Travel Document Number on a Green Card | Travel Document Number

In this case, your Green Card number also serves as your travel document number. Your physical Green Card has it written on the backside.

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How is a travel document number assigned?

The government or issuing authority of the nation where the travel document was issued typically assigns numbers to documents. In order to make sure that each number is unique and cannot be repeated, different numbering systems and algorithms are typically used for giving travel document numbers.

What is the format of a travel document number?

Depending on the issuing authority and the kind of travel document, the format of a travel document number may change. Alphanumeric characters, such as letters and numbers, and barcodes are examples of typical formats. A travel document number’s length can also vary, however, it normally falls between 8 and 10 characters.

How is a travel document number used?

Governments, airlines, and immigration agencies use a travel document number to confirm a traveller’s identification and track their activities. This data can be utilised for a number of things, such as border security, immigration enforcement, and tracking traveller movements for law enforcement and security.

How can I find my travel document number?

Typically, your passport’s front or back cover, as well as the visa or identity card you were issued, will all have your travel document number. If you are unsure of where your travel document number is, you can speak with the issuing agency or check the additional documentation that was provided when your travel document was issued.


Your trip overseas seems like it was a lot of fun. You’ve packed your bags and are ready to depart. You’re also much more ready now that you understand the significance of each travel document’s travel document number.

Always remember to have those important documents with you everywhere you go. We hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.

FAQs About Travel Document Number

People have a lot of questions about travel document numbers some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q1. Is a travel document the same as a passport?

A travel document is a form of identification provided by a country or a foreign treaty body that helps people to cross government-controlled borders. The most popular form of travel document is a passport.

Q2. What are the 3 types of travel documents?

Three types of travel documents are as below
1. Passport
2. Visa
3. Green Card

Q3. Travel document number vs passport document number

Is my passport number the same as the number on my travel document? Yes, the number on a passport often serves as the number on a travel document. However, since the number on your card varies from the number on your passport booklet, the travel document number on your US passport card would be different.

Q4. What is the travel document number on an Indian passport?

The upper right-hand corner of the page with your picture contains your passport number. Each passport has a unique code and a 9-digit passport number. It’s also known as the documents’ travel number.

Q5. How much do travel documents cost?

The cost of travel documents varies around the world. For the time being, we’ll only focus on the costs of US travel papers.
Passport of the United States of America
The cost of a passport is as per the type of passport you desire. The most affordable adult passport costs $110, while the most affordable minor passport costs $80. A passport fee will be approx $35 per application (if applicable).
Visas for the United States
Nonimmigrant visas cost $160 on average. Since various types of paperwork and/or processing are needed for different types of visas, the costs vary. An H1B visa fee, for example, would not even go to the visa recipient. The cost must be covered by the beneficiary’s employer in the United States.
Green Card for the United States
A Green Card in the United States costs $1,225 for adults and $750 for children aged 13 and under. The $85 biometric fee is normally included in this.

Q6. What is the passport document number?

Your passport number can be found under the word passport number in the top right corner of your passport.

Q7. Is a visa a travel document?

A resident of a foreign country who wishes to visit the United States must first obtain a U.S. visa, which is then put in the traveler’s passport, which is a travel document issued by the traveler’s home country.

Q8. What is the beneficiary’s travel document number?

The beneficiary’s travel document number serves as a special identification number for monitoring the status of a particular travel document. Both the relevant visa application form and the travel document itself contain this number. When submitting a visa application or other relevant paperwork, it is crucial to include this information.

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