How can one reach Bouvet Island?

How can one reach Bouvet Island? Bouvet Island lies south of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and was officially designated a nature reserve 40 years ago.

The northwest section of  Bouvet Island, known as Nairosa, is the only place where people can easily reach the Island.

How can one reach Bouvet Island

As the complete island is a nature reserve, there is a possibility that you will be denied permission to enter, if the purpose of entry is just tourism – although you will usually find any Norwegian immigration officer on the island to decline your entry.

Will not meet But, if you absolutely have to get there, your best bet is to try to figure out if the next research expedition is scheduled to get there and ask if you can join them.

If you have a useful occupation or skill, such as an Arctic research biologist, research geologist, helicopter pilot or physician, you will probably be welcome.

There have been at least one case of this happening in the past when a flock of radio hobbyists was allowed to enter the island for DXpedition (establishing an amateur radio station to communicate with people from all over the world).

How Can One Reach Bouvet Island
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How Can One Reach Bouvet Island?

There are no airports anywhere near Bouvet Island Island because of its remote location you can take a helicopter starting from a ship that has taken you a safe distance from this landmass.

It is sure to prove to be a completely different experience. This will also save you time and you will reach the island in almost no time.

Passengers are visited there from Ushuaia to remote locations such as  Bouvet Island. Other locations are the South Sandwich Islands, Ascension Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Cape Verde and St. Helena.
Area: 58.5 km 
Population: uninhabited 
Time Zone: UTC

Where is Bouvet Island located?

How Can One Reach Bouvet Island

South Atlantic Ocean
Bouvet Island, Norwegian Bavotoya, is in the South Atlantic Ocean. One of the most separate islands in the world. It is located approximately 1,500 miles (2,400 km) southwest of the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa and about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the mainland of Antarctica.

What Is Bouvet Island Famous For?

Bouvet Island (in Norwegian, Bouvetya) is famous as the world’s most remote island; the closest landmass is Antarctica, which is over 1600 kilometres (994 miles) away.

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