11 Best Places To Visit In Italy That Are Superb

Are you planning to visit Italy and looking for the best places to visit in Italy? This article is for you if you have no idea about it.

Italy is a wonderful nation, worldwide people love it for its diverse combination of traveler attractions. Travelers, on one hand, like to experience unusual the Roman ruins of Pompeii, Rome as well as the Herculaneum.

On the opposite side, they can’t ignore visiting Venice as well as Tuscany for her romantic appeal. Also, there are a lot of beautiful places in Italy to visit.

Moreover, the country is additionally known for its natural attractions as well as beautiful photographs that bring you to a different world. Also, find below beautiful pictures of Italy

They’re magical, beautiful, as well as dumbfounding to say the less. Actually, words do not justify it all. You got to discover them to believe us. But we won’t allow you to lose within the maps.

List Of Important Information About Italy

Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Capital Of Italy: Rome
Population Of Italy: 6.04 crores (2019)
Currency Of  Italy: Euro
National Animal Of Italy: Canis lupus Italicus
The National Bird Of Italy: Italian sparrow
National Game Of Italy: Football
President Of Italy: Sergio Mattarella (In 2020)
Prime Minister of Italy: Giuseppe Conte (In 2020)
Dialing Code: +39
Official Language: Italian
Area Of Italy: 116,347 mi²


List Of 11 Places To Visit In Italy For a Honeymoon

Here are the best places to see in Italy, that are absolutely superb. you can’t hold their temptation!

Before we check the details, A fast take look at the beauty of the best Italian cities as well as top tourist places in Italy. Also, check the best time to travel to Italy’s best places.

1. Tuscany – You Can Not Avoid The Greens Here

Tuscany places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Steveofstonehenge

Tuscany has forever been the heart of the business, art as well as in politics of Europe. Moreover, it is among the most fascinating and best places to travel in June, Tuscany also got famous as the main city of the Renaissance Period.

Marvelous work of art is often seen and enjoyed by art lovers coming to Tuscany. Tuscany is additionally known for its unusual crafts. Also, people use materials to create amazing craft items are wood, metal, leather, marble, wool, and more.

Main Attractions: The Gallery of Uffizi is recognized for its unusual museums, treasures, palaces as well as churches; marvelous views of Siena as well as the Palio; the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and Piazza Dei Miracoli for their different architecture; charming villages as well as the scenic vineyards of Chianti.

Best Time To visit Italy (Tuscany): September – October, and April – June

Tuscany Map

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2. Naples – Tou Feel Relation With Colours

Naples places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – lbpost

Naples, situated in the Campania area, is snuggled between the Phlegraean Fields and the volcanic area of Vesuvius. This city isn’t only remembered also for its beautiful locales, but also popular for its rich history as well as culture.

Among the best places to go in September as per travelers. Also, the town has the most architecturally renowned churches.

Main Attractions: Capodimonte Museum for the Public Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio. The star-shaped Castel Sant’Elmo military fortress.

The famous Lungomare amphitheater, National Archeological Museum, Naples Cathedral- II Duomo, the Gothic Santa Chiara, Naples Archdiocese seat as well as Palazzo Reale.

Best Time To Go To Italy (Napels): September – October, and March-May


Naples Map

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3. Italian Lake District – The Town Of Lakes And Fashionistas

Italian Lake District places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Wallpaperflare

Situated in Italy’s Northern part, the Italian Lake District is recognized for its marvelous lakes. This area has been one of the popular best places to visit in Italy since Roman times.

Annually, a big number of visitors visit this beautiful destination to appreciate and experience its beautiful scenic regions, Lake Garda as well as Lake Como.

The destination is additionally recognized for its real best Italian cuisine and is visited by fashionistas to explore the boutiques.

Main Attractions: Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Orta, Mediaeval castles, fishing villages, Renaissance Palazzi, and therefore the craggy peaks of Dolomites

Perfect Time To Visit: September and should

4. Sicily – Roaming In The Ruins Is Fun Too

Sicily places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Kirkandmimi

Sicily is also the hottest among the traveler’s best places to visit in Italy for its Old Greek ruins. The destination was under the rule of Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs as well as Ostrogoths. The impressions of their rule are often still seen within the ruins.

The remains of the unusual architectural masterpieces of the Norman Era also attract a big number of tourists. Period architecture is the main attraction within the city and is thanked by guests who wish to experience more about the bygone era and its triumphs.

Main Attractions: The Aeolian Islands, Agrigento archaeological site a.k.a the Valley of Temples, the great cathedral Cefalu, the hilltop town Erice, Etna, as well as Nebrodi Mountains

Perfect Time To Visit: Late September – October, and April – Early June

Sicily Map

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5. Cinque Terre – Witness Some Wonderful Sunsets Here

Cinque Terre places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Djedj

Referred to as “The Five Lands”, Cinque Terre is also one of the best places to travel in July. Gorgeous vistas on the hilly coastline of Sicily are worth appreciating.

The five fishing villages are attached by walking trails and also traveling them is a great idea.

Moreover, this complete area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The marine coastline is protected and also maintained to make sure the protection of marine life because it has been for centuries. If you’re trying to find sightseeing in Italy, then this is often a must-visit destination!

Main Attractions: Vernazza fishing village popular for its steep cliff, 12th Century Manarola fishing village popular for its Groppo and Ruins of Fortifications, Monterosso village popular for its churches as well as Monastery, Riomaggiore village for its craggy hills, Corniglia for its 382 stars and the 12 km Blue Path

Perfect Time To Visit: March – July


Cinque Terre Map

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6. Amalfi Coast – A Very Fascinating European Destination

Amalfi Coast places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Kirkandmimi

Amalfi Coast is also one of the most fascinating European destinations, recognized for its happy coasts joining the Mediterranean. It’s ideal for traveling to nature’s marvels in Italy.

Positano, as well as Fiordo of Furore, are places situated nearby and demand more time to enjoy their unusual attractions. Also, it is one of the best places to travel in August.

Main Attractions: Spectacular views from Ravello, an imposing and also attractive cathedral of Duomo, Spiaggia di Arechi, and therefore the 8th century Salerno castle

Perfect Time To Visit: July and August

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7. Milan – A Spell-Binding Fashion Hub

Milan Places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Enibasregniznark

Italy’s most international city, Milan is also popular for football and fashion. The destination is additionally recognized for its original attractions as well as fashion shows that are organized twice a year.

The town observes the influx of consumers, designers, as well as supermodels from everywhere on the planet during the shows. an excellent thought for worldwide fashion designers. Also, the Metropolitan City of Milan biggest city in Italy.

Main Attractions: The great Basilica Sant’Ambrogio devoted to Milan’s defender, the Monumental Cemetery of a number of the notable celebrities of the country, the Piazza Mercanti office of Milan, pieces of art at the Pinacoteca di Brera as well as the 12th century Navigli Lombardi canal

Perfect Time To Visit: Late September – October, and March-May

Milan Map

8. Pompeii – A Walk Down The Lanes Of Antiquity

Pompeii places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Glen Scarborough

Situated on the brink of the Vesuvius foothills, Pompeii is an old town, and around 80 BC, the destination became the main port town. Also, there are many sites that provide flashes of Roman rule over the town. Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today.

It found within the year 1748 offered tons of data about the former Roman Empire. People like to visit this city and also explore the well-preserved ruins to find out more about Pompeii. Also, one of the best places to visit in Italy.

Main Attractions: Antiquarium museum that gives tons of data about this fabled city, Forum Roman Town Square, Temple of Jupiter built on a raised three-meter base, Teatro Grande, Teatro Piccolo, ancient Stabian Baths as well as the House of Menander

Perfect Time To Visit: November – April


Pompeii Map

9. Venice – The Floating City

Venice places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Shaun DunmallFoll

Venice – the floating city – attracts a maximum number of travelers all-round the year. But its charm, as well as romantic gondola rides, make it the most important among the places to visit in Venice Italy for a honeymoon.

Also, there are many canals crisscrossing the town. The time when Venice witnesses a rush of visitors is during the Carnevale. People wearing colorful costumes and also masks are worth watching in their glory.

Moreover, the city of Venice is replete with tons of churches, cathedrals, theatres as well as art galleries.

The sad news, however, is that Venice is gradually submerging. Yes, the town might entirely disappear by 2050. Also, it is the best place to live in Italy.

Main Attractions: Piazza San Marco aka the Drawing Room of Europe by Napoleon, housing St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Torre dell Orologio Tower, Scuola Grande di San Rocco as well as the Grand Canal

Perfect Time To Visit: Late February – Early May


Venice Map

10. Rome – The Town Of Heart

Rome places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image By – Pixfeeds

Rome, with its beautiful sights as well as attractions, is a favorite destination among prevailing, romantics.  Also, It features a lot of museums, art galleries, as well as theatres that provide an insight into its rich culture as well as the historical past. 

However, there are numerous best places to visit in Rome Italy in April or throughout the year with family or friends.

Rome allows the guests to learn more about the progress of Western culture, growth, and also the progress of Christianity as well as the deep-rooted history of the archaeological sites.

Main Attractions: St Peter’s Basilica is known to be the most important and also the grandest church in the world, the Roman Empire’s famous Colosseum with a capacity to accommodate 55,000 spectators, Piazza Navona fountains inbuilt in the 17th century, Pantheon built-in by Emperor Hadrian within the memory of Pagan Gods, and also Trevi Fountain

Perfect Time To Visit: October – April


Rome Map

11. Florance: Art Capital

Florance, Italy | Places to visit in Italy
Image Source – Google | Image by – Picfair

It is also a beautiful city best viewed by climbing its various towers. Also, it is a perfect place to explore in Itlay in May month.

Main Attractions: See the David of Michelangelo, visit the Duomo, visit the Uffizi Museum, walk via Ponte Vecchio, eat lots of gelatos, and watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo over Florence.

Perfect Time To Visit: Between May and September

Florance Map

So which of these places to go to in Italy are you getting to explore first? Well, don’t just sit there. Plan a visit to Italy with a number of the simplest itineraries in Europe.  

What To Wear In Italy?

Here are the recommended things to carry during the Italy trip and what to wear in Italy.


UnderwearSweatersLeisure Shoes
SocksSweatshirtsHiking Boots
SleepwearSwimsuitsSnow Boots
T-shirtsCover-upsDress Shoes
Dress ShirtsCoatsSandals
Casual ShirtsHatsBelts
DressesLaundry KitCollapsible Totes
SkirtsLaundry BagMoney Belt
11 Best Places To Visit  In Italy

FAQs About Best Places To Visit In Italy

Where should I visit in Italy?

1. Tuscany
2. Naples
3. Italian Lake District
4. Sicily
5. Cinque Terre
6. Amalfi Coast
7. Milan
8. Pompeii
9. Venice
10. Rome

What cities are a must-see in Italy?

1. Tuscany
2. Naples
3. Sicily
4. Rome
5. Venice
6. Florance
7. Milan
8. Pompeii

What’s the most beautiful city in Italy?

5 of the Most Beautiful Cities in Italy
1. Tuscany
2. Naples
3. Sicily
4. Rome
5. Venice

Which are 3 places to visit in Italy?

1. Sicily
2. Rome
3. Venice

What is Italy known for?

Italy is best known for its romantic charm and some of the most majestic architecture that has also earned itself a place among the world’s seven wonders. Also, Italy makes major contributions to the worlds of art, architecture, fashion, opera, literature, design, food as well as movies

What are the main tourist attractions in Italy?

Some of the top tourist attractions of Italy are:
1. Colosseum
2. Venice Canals
3. Pompeii. Pompeii
4. Leaning Tower of Pisa
5. Lake Como
6. Amalfi Coast

What to wear in Italy in May?

1. Shorts
2. Tops
3. Dresses
4. Stylish Outfits
5. Pants
6. Jacket
7. Swimsuit

Why is 17 a bad number for Italy?

The number 17 is considered bad luck in Italian culture. Once interpreted as the Roman numeral, XVII, it is then anagrammatically changed to VIXI, which in the Latin language transforms into I lived, the ideal meaning of  My life is over. (cf. Vixerunt, the popular declaration of execution by Cicero)

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