11 Best Restaurants In Brazil For A Perfect Date While Travelling

If you are planning a trip to Brazil we have a list of restaurants that you should definitely visit to try new cuisines and get a hand at such a beautiful ambience.

If you are a non-vegetarian, Brazil maybe your ideal destination. Another attraction of these Brazilian restaurants is the extensive cocktail menu. They’re distinct and wonderful, and many of them aren’t widely available outside of Brazil.

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Top 11 Restaurants In Brazil

We’ve thoroughly researched and selected a list of Brazil’s top 11 restaurants. At least some of these should be included in your list of places to visit in Brazil to make it delightfully amazing.

If you are in ‘São Paulo’ the following are 4 amazing restaurants that you should visit

1. DOM

D.O.M. Gastronomia Brasileira

Being a very popular restaurant, especially for its innovative culinary masterpieces. Having a bizarre ambience that provides exceptional services.

Along with an appreciable cocktail menu that includes rare Brazilian wines. A great experience overall you should visit this place.

Restaurant Details

2. A Bela Sintra

A Bela Sintra Restaurant

If you want to try Portuguese food you should definitely visit this place. Having no less than 15 dishes this place serves plenty of seafood which is lobster thermidor and mixed rice.

The house specials such as Bela Sintra’s filet mignon are a must-try in this elegant dining room.

3. Mani


If you are a terrace view person this is a must-visit place having an ambience of both Europe and Brazil.

The must-try is Jabuticaba[ Brazilian grape tree] cold soup with cachaça-steamed crayfish, pickled cauliflower and ambulance nuts and Rizzo’s stylish version of moqueca fish stew. Being a great place to visit for sure.

4. Chef Rouge

Chef Rouge Bistrot Gourmand

A classic French restaurant that offers excellent french classics such as escargots, onion soup and filet mignon.

Its speciality is its duck: which can be served in tasty versatile ways. The intimate and sophisticated space along with velvet sofas makes it an attractive place to visit.

If you find yourself in the city of ‘Rio de Janeiro’s must check out the following 4 restaurants.

5. Alloro Al Miramar

Alloro al Miramar

Serving regional Italian cuisine this wood-panelled dining room is located on the ground floor. The menu includes linguine alle vongole to speck, gorgonzola risotto and a classic tiramisu. The tirami-choux, a chocolate beignet, is a delightful treat that you must try.

6. Grado

Grado Restaurante
11 Best Restaurants In Brazil For A Perfect Date While Travelling 13

Set in a little house the cosy interior includes an open kitchen and bookshelves along with a pretty outdoor courtyard. The fresh handmade pasta with double ravioli and fontina cheese is a speciality.

It also offers goat’s cheese and beetroot from the wood-fired oven that serves as its central attraction. A pretty restaurant that you must try.

7. Oteque

Oteque Restaurant

The open kitchen gives guests an all-access perspective while the in-house aquarium ensures fresh daily catches.

The menu includes an eight-course oyster, roast onion and sea urchin. The foie gras boudin [blood sausage] is a must-try when you visit this place.

8. Oro

Oro Restaurante

If possible, book a spot in the communal kitchen for a better experience. Cooking with fire, hands-on experience and local ingredients.

Some snacks such as yucca and rump steak tart are supposed to be eaten using hands while cutlery is used for bigger plates. An intimate space to hang out.

9. Glouton


Belo Horizonte

The ambience is something which is relaxing, the exposed brick walls, and an adorable garden with tropical prints.

You will be offered African, Portuguese and indigenous food appearing attractive. The seasonal tasting menu includes canasta cheese with honey, apple and cachaca.

10. Taypa Sabores Del Peru

Taypa Sabores Del Peru
11 Best Restaurants In Brazil For A Perfect Date While Travelling 14


The Austere light fittings and rustic wooden walls and tales let the dishes shine through. The ceviche dish is that star that features oyster sauce and coconut Leche de Tigre. You should try an extensive pisco cocktail list indeed a great place to visit.

11. Taberna Japonesa Quina do Futuro

Taberna Japonesa Quina do Futuro


If you are a Sushi lover this place is a must to go. The playful plating gives hand rolls, sashimi gyoza and tempura an extra dimension in presentation. The ambience is eye-catchy and the dining room is sensual black-and-red next to the enormous aquarium.

FAQs About Restaurants In Brazil

  • Barbecued meat.
  • Moqueca (pronounced moo-kek-a)
  • Cachaça
  • Brigadeiros
  • Pão de queijo
  • Acarajé (pronounced a-ka-ra-zjeh)
  • Quindim
  • Açaí (pronouned a-sa-ee)

São Paulo, Brazil

With restaurants like Olympe (No. 23) and Lasai (the year’s highest debut at No. 16), Rio de Janeiro is the country’s growing star, but So Paulo remains the country’s top foodie city, due to restaurants like D.O.M.

When people get off work in Brazil, dinner is normally served between 7 and 8 p.m. Dinner with the family is very important in Brazil, and eating on the go is typically considered rude.

Enjoy classics like Fuji and Gala, which are grown in Brazil’s southern regions, with a Brazilian touch. Crisp Brazilian apples are claimed to have some of the best flavours in the world, thanks to a subtropical climate and heights of over 3,300 feet.

While meal costs in Brazil vary, the average daily food expense in Brazil is R$80. Based on past tourists’ spending tendencies, an average lunch in Brazil should cost roughly R$32 per person while dining out. Breakfast is frequently less expensive than lunch or dinner.


Feijoada is the most well-known of all Brazilian foods, and it’s enjoyed all around the country. This rich stew is made with black beans and various pieces of pork, with tomatoes, cabbage, and carrots added to balance out the flavour.

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