Top 11 Things To Take With You On A Solo Trip (Essential solo travel packing list)

Are you planning a solo trip for the first time and looking for the essential solo travel packing list? If you don’t know what to pack, this article can help.

A solo trip comes with responsibility. A person must carry everything necessary himself, in contrast to travelling in a group, where the load is distributed evenly among the participants. In addition, there will be no one to ask for something thoughtlessly forgotten.

The list of things for a water, motorcycle and bicycle trip is different from that for a hiking trip. This article discusses the option of everything you need for hiking solo tourism.

There are two views on the solo travel packing list.

Adherents of the first recommend choosing items made only using innovative technologies, taking into account all the achievements of science and technology. However, everyone imagines that the products of popular and high-quality brands cost a lot.

Proponents of a different view on this issue believe that equipment can be built from existing things without emptying your wallet. The most amazing thing is that the campaign manages to be carried out safely, doing little. Another thing is that not everyone is satisfied with the level of comfort of such an event.

As you know, the truth is somewhere in the middle. The usefulness of equipment is not always determined by the amount of money spent on it. But still, do not neglect modern equipment and clothing.

What to take with you if you are going solo on a hiking or camping trip?

What to take with you on a solo trip – a backpack If you are going to travel alone for the first time, then you should ask experienced tourists for advice.

Equipment should be chosen based on survival priorities: orienteering, first aid, shelter, fire, water, and food.

1. Backpacks

Its size and configuration depend on the duration of the journey. The best option is a specialized backpack from well-known manufacturers. Volume – from forty to eighty litres. Its weight in an unfilled form should not exceed 15% of the filled one.

2. tents

For one person, a single scarf, preferably a two-layer one, is enough. The main selection criterion is its weight. If the hike is carried out in the warm season, then many get by with an ordinary awning or a piece of waterproof material, with which you can protect yourself from rain.

3. Sleeping Place

Sleeping bag, air mattress or ceramic mat – you can choose any of these options. They provide a perfectly acceptable night’s rest. It all depends on the temperature regime expected during the trip.

4. Tableware

What to bring on a solo hike – WILDERNESS Winter Sleeping BagSome backpackers argue that anything you can make yourself is not worth taking on a hike. This means that, say, a spoon can be carved from wood. But this is the most extreme option. The usual setting is a knife, spoon, mug, bowl, and bowler hat. Items should be light, metal.

5. Fire Equipment

If the hike is short, then you can take a gas/gasoline burner or dry alcohol tablets with you. For long trips, you will have to build a fire. Therefore, a small hatchet will come in handy. Of course – matches / lighter in sealed packaging.

6. First Aid Kit

It should contain the necessary set of medicines: for the treatment of wounds, drugs for poisoning, painkillers, and cardiac antipyretics.

7. Means of navigation and communication

Now there are various means for orienteering on the ground. It is advisable to have a tourist GPS navigator, maps, compass, and phone. It is better to use a solar-powered phone charger, which will reduce the weight of your things.

8. Water

You can take a special flask or a regular one-and-a-half plastic bottle with you. You can use water from natural sources, but it is desirable to disinfect it. For these purposes, there are iodine tablets. City dwellers are accustomed to drinking treated water. Therefore, natural water can adversely affect the work of the digestive tract.

9. Products

The physical and psychological state of the traveller largely depends on nutrition. Products should be chosen high-calorie, as nutritious as possible, but with the least weight. Take with you dry cereals, canned food, biscuits, dried fruits, dried vegetables, nuts, etc.

10. Clothes

Take only seasonal items. A very important point is comfortable shoes. It is worth giving preference to worn shoes, which are tested and sit comfortably on the foot. Be sure to have a raincoat or storm jacket in case of rain. And a change of clothes.

11. Various Important

Use a waterproof bag to pack documents. LED flashlights with high lumens, repair supplies, a rope, a sapper shovel – all these can come in handy but are not mandatory attributes.

Each person makes a list of necessary things individually for himself. This is a creative and interesting process. If you love this type of travel, then stop at a certain set of things. But he will not remain unchanged.

The most important thing is information. Sometimes even the most magnificent equipment will not help in extreme situations. If you are going on a solo hike, let your loved ones know.

Tell Us In The Comments As per you What are the necessary solo travel packing list items?

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