15 Best Countries For Solo Travel That Will Rich Experience

Are you planning a solo trip? if you have no idea where to go this article can help you in finding the best countries for solo travel.

Travelling solo is always a very unique and good experience. When we travel alone, we try to understand and feel ourselves more deeply.

Travelling solo enhances our knowledge as well as our confidence to face the world independently.

When we travel solo at that moment of time we feel freedom and easily we can schedule our time as per our comfort because we don’t have any need to think about others.

While travelling solo, we can indulge ourselves in the local culture of that place, which surely educates us about the culture as well as the lifestyle of that place.

Most of the time we cancel our trip at the last moment just because of other people. This situation irritates us and spoils our mood for many days but when we travel alone we don’t need to worry about it.

Travelling alone is also a way of self-discovery where we get to know ourselves better, something we have never done in the past. It is an experience for a lifetime, so to me, everyone should have at least 1 -2 solo trips in their life.

Getting interested already? Are you? But, wondering about visas and immigration.

Leave it to experts, such as the Global Residence Index. They will ensure that everything is smooth. All you need to do is think about what you are going to do on your solo trip

what is solo travelling?

A solo tourist is someone who travels alone. This individual could be single or in a relationship. They can go alone or as part of a group. Solo travellers do not travel alone because it is necessary, but because it is something they desire to do.

Which Country Is Best For a Solo Trip?

1. Spain
2. Tanzania
3. The Philippines
4. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and also Laos
5. Japan
6. The USA
7. New Zealand
8. Iceland
9. Costa Rica
10. Mexico
11. Switzerland
12. Chile
13. The Netherlands
14. Austria
15. Denmark

1. Spain

Spain | Best Countries for Solo Travel

If I will take a solo trip to Spain, first I would surely learn a two-week minimum Spanish language program, to grab a few sentences and friends and take it from there.

Spanish people are understood for being incredibly helpful as well as friendly. If you can talk about the neighbourhood language you’ll make friends much more conveniently.

There are numerous points to do for solo vacationers in Spain. The region, as well as cities, are diverse throughout the country. Simply keep an eye out for your wallet and phone in large cities.

Spain is normally neglected by courageous Brits. However, trust me, there’s a great deal of fun to be had right here, especially when you can do it your way, on your time. It is also one of the top countries to visit for solo travelers.

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2. Tanzania

Tanzania | Best Countries for Solo Travel

The chance to really get to know other people away from the stresses of the city or the internet was my favourite thing about visiting Tanzania solo.

I began in Zanzibar and got to know the locals, moving out of my hostel with the guys. A few days later, I took part in a safari trip, an opportunity to make friends with like-minded travellers.

Bouncing on the back seat of a Land Rover around the plains of the Ngorongoro Crater, camera in hand, in search of an animal that had joined us from day one as friends.

We slept in tents at night and just had each other for warmth and fun, which means we knew each other in the old way.

The enthusiasm and suspense of a safari are a perfect way to get to know your fellow travellers. For a long time, you would not feel like a solo traveller.

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3. The Philippines

Philippines | Best Countries for Solo Travel

The Philippines is most likely the most generous nation I’ve ever been to– English is just one of the official languages there, making it much easier to make friends with citizens. It’s a fantastic place to travel solo.

With 7,107 islands the Philippines isn’t the easiest place to navigate, but browsing the watercraft and also planes is all part of the fun.

An additional great way to make friends is to look out for someone else in a transportation line who looks a little bit lost and also alone. Possibilities are they’d like somebody to speak with.

Many destinations in the Philippines are known for their party scene. Siargao, as well as Boracay, are excellent for satisfying other backpackers, while the quieter towns like Bohol, as well as Coron, offer us an excellent chance to get to know the Filipinos. The Philippines is considered one of the best countries for solo travel.

4. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and also Laos

Amazing Thailand | Best Countries for Solo Travel
Image Source – Google | Image By – Wikimedia

I know four nations. For solo travellers, the Indochina route is so well set up that if you’re planning to go, you may as well see all the countries on it.

For first-time backpackers, this is one of the best spots as the locals are so used to travellers, and there will be plenty of other solo travellers to meet.

Travelling to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos is so convenient. If you’re nervous about solo travel, this friendly quad of great food, religious places, fun things to do, and easy travel is a great introduction to the amazing world beyond college and education,

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5. Japan

Japan | Best Countries for Solo Travel

Japan is one of the best countries for solo travel. If any individual ever before asks what my preferred country is I always reply ‘Japan’.

The nation is so diverse. I am most likely to attend both the Sapporo and Otaru Ice Festivals. I spent 2 weeks discovering as much of Tokyo as I could.

I saw Geisha ladies in Kyoto, robots, and spaceships, and I saw a couple of lesser-known towns en route up north to the amazing ski. also bathed (nude, as is conventional) in the onsens.

I didn’t meet lots of people when I was travelling in Japan, but after that, I had not been specifically the most helpful individual at that point in my life either.

I was perfectly happy travelling alone and also simply experiencing as much of Japan as I liked every day, just how I intended to. as I really felt completely safe.

6. The USA

Times Square | Best Countries for Solo Travel
Image Source – Google | Image By – Pinimg

At the beginning of this year. I spent three months taking a trip alone up the centre of the USA  from Texas to Louisiana, to Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois and also completed in Minnesota. It was so very easy to do with the Greyhound buses, Mega buses, as well as Amtrak.

The US has a small but impressive hostel scene. I stayed at several of the most effective hostels I’ve ever before skilled. As well as met some actually awesome people.

There’s also so much to do in the USA, with every state resembling its very own country. When you’re in the United States you’re in, which suggests it’s simple to change plans and guidance without requiring new visas. Makes it easy to do a little bit of spontaneous travel!

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7. New Zealand

New Zealand | Best Countries for Solo Travel

It’s an often-quoted statistic that there are currently more sheep in New Zealand than humans, which may be one of the reasons why life is so good here.

I entered the Kiwi Experience bus to Taupo from Auckland and had a wonderful time. There’s so much to do, from visiting Hobbiton to boiling hot water beaches and skydiving in Taupo.

There are also plenty of ways to fly alone in New Zealand. For travellers with many hostels, transport options, and other backpackers, the country is well set up, although you may find it a little more pricey, particularly if you’re hot off the plane from South East Asia.

If you go south, make sure to climb a glacier, and if you want to attempt a bungee jump, this is the nation. A lot of travellers consider New Zealand among the best countries for solo travel.

8. Iceland

Iceland | Best Countries for Solo Travel

There is a reason why Iceland has ranked highly among the hottest destinations in past years: the country is a paradise for outdoor travellers, with caverns and caves to visit, volcanoes and glaciers to climb, and geothermal spas to bath in, and because it is the world’s most peaceful nation, solo travellers can discover the country as per a recent Global Peace Index survey.

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 9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Best Countries for Solo Travel

Costa Rica grabbed the top position out of 140 countries with greater lifespan and overall high levels of well-being in a recent edition of the Happy Planet Index, which tests 140 countries on well-being, health, justice, and ecological effects.

10. Mexico

Mexico | Best Countries for Solo Travel

There is no better recommendation when it comes to selecting a country for a solo travel experience than suggestions from experienced solo travellers who’s been around the world.

Famous blogger and solo female traveller extraordinaire, has explored 60 countries. Her preferred choice for solo trips? Mexico.

People may be amazed to know that Mexico is my favorite place for solo travel. I’ve been backpacking in the area for months and there is so much to explore.

There is no lack of things to do and see, from diving with whale sharks to diving in cenotes to visiting ancient Mayan ruins.

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 11. Switzerland

Switzerland | Best Countries for Solo Travel

Switzerland is the best destination for solo travellers. It is renowned for its beautiful elegance, and there might be no better method than by train to see Switzerland.

Buy a Swiss Travel Pass that provides you with unlimited travel by train, bus, and ferry, and travel past incredible waterfalls, mountains, and lakes, then get off the train to climb the Alps, visit medieval castles, and drink Swiss wine.

In a nation that produces milk chocolate, it is a no-brainer to indulge in the decadent, creamy treat.

But instead of only picking up a Toblerone or Lindt bar at the local grocery store, take a Lucerne and Zürich chocolate-themed walking tour or visit one of several world-famous chocolate factories.

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 12. Chile

Chile | Best Countries for Solo Travel

A lot of Tourists recognize Chile as one of the best countries for solo travellers. Santiago is a modern city and a pleasant point to start.

From there, head south to the Chilean fjords and on to the National Park of Patagonia and Torres del Paine, which promises impressive hiking for beginners and backcountry experts too.

You’ll get an urban experience on one trip, a cruise, and some of the best treks in the country.

Chile’s scenery is as stunning as it is diverse. If you’re exploring Torres del Paine National Park or Patagonia’s San Rafael Glacier, climbing an active volcano in the Lake District, or camping in the Atacama Desert under the brilliant night sky, you’re sure to find an adventure that fits your imagination.

Travel to the beaches of La Serena or Tongo for a happier holiday, or enjoy tastings in one of Chile’s top wine regions.

 13. The Netherlands

Netherlands | Best Countries for Solo Travel

The Netherlands is a perfect place to get your newly-independent feet wet for a first-time solo traveller. In Amsterdam, do as the locals do, with its laid-back and welcoming culture: get around by bike.

Start at Vondelpark, a renowned urban park, then cycle through the picturesque canals and bridges of the city along the way to world-famous museums like the Van Gogh Museum.

Between mid-April and the first week of May, travel to Holland and you will be greeted by a magnificent range of the most beloved flowers in the country: tulips.

Located just outside Amsterdam, the Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, boasts over 7 million bulbs and 800 types of tulips.

Or, travel to Noordoostpolder to see the Netherlands’ biggest tulip field during its yearly Tulip Festival. It is also one of the best places for solo travel.

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 14. Austria

Austria | Best Countries for Solo Travel

Austria is the best place to travel solo. For solo travellers with a taste for fine culture, Austria is a must-see. See for yourself why Vienna is recognised as the City of Music, and go to the State Opera or Musikverein for a performance.

There are also more than 100 museums in the city, perfect for exploring traditional Viennese coffeehouse culture. Also, one of the best countries for solo travel.

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 15. Denmark

Denmark | Best Countries for Solo Travel

Another easy-to-tackle country for solo travellers is Denmark. Start off in Copenhagen and head to Nyhavn to see the city’s famous wooden boats and colourful canal-lined townhouses. Take a stroll via Tivoli Gardens afterward.

The famous attraction, though beloved for its amusement park, also has flower gardens, bubble fountains, and an aquarium.

Shakespeare fans can go to Kronborg Castle: Elsinore Castle in Hamlet is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take the train from there to nearby Hilliard, where you’ll find Frederiksborg Castle, home to the Danish National History Museum. It is also one of the best places to travel alone.

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FAQs About the Best Countries for Solo Travel

What are the advantages of Travelling alone?

Below are the benefits of fo travelling alone:
1. You will get a better understanding of yourself.
2. This is going to get you out of your comfort zone.
3. It will be economical,
4. You can make new friends
5. You can choose your own path
6. You are going to learn how to depend on yourself.
7. This will increase your confidence.
8. You focus better on the experience,
9. You will begin to enjoy your own company.
10. It is beneficial for your well-being.

What are the disadvantages of Travelling alone?

1. Solo travel is more costly,
2. You have to think more carefully about personal protection.
3. You’re going to feel lonely alone travelling
4. You’re not going to be able to share the moment.
5. Traveling alone means eating alone,
6. When travelling alone, it is hard to take pictures of yourself.
7. Coping with other people’s negativity

Which countries are safe for solo female Travellers?

1. Spain
2. Singapore
3. Ireland
4. Austria
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Portugal
8. Croatia

The safest destinations for solo travellers?

1. Iceland.
2. New Zealand.
3. Portugal.
4. Austria.
5. Denmark.
6. Canada.
7. Singapore.
8. Slovenia.

Which countries are not safe to travel?

1. Libya.
2. Syria.
3. Iraq.
4. Yemen.
5. Somalia.
6. South Sudan.
7. The Central African Republic.
8. Part of the Congo (DRC)

Where should I go for my first solo?

1. Thailand.
2. Ireland.
3. Paris.
4. Overland Australia.
5. Barcelona.
6. Northern Italy.
7. Cambodia.
8. New York City.

Tell Us In the Comments About One of Your Favourite Best Countries for Solo Travel.

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