11 Best Food Cities In The US For Foodie People

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In this article, we tell about the best food cities in the US.

It was realized on a lengthy seven-week road journey throughout North America with the aspirational objective of eating our way across the continent.

We traveled quickly through 26 cities, 16 states, and one Canadian province, and that is precisely what we did.

How We Move Around for Food

Before entering the workforce, we were passionate about food. So before we travel to a new place, we enjoy doing a tonne of research to ensure we don’t miss a meal. That lengthy American road journey wasn’t an exception.

Driving through hailstorms in Texas, snowstorms in Pennsylvania, and torrential downpours in Florida, we nearly lost our lives.

Additionally, we will never forget how our stylish Nissan Sentra shook throughout the last few thousand miles. But we were never bored, and we ate pretty well.

The Best Food Cities in the U.S.

Some American cities are better than others when it comes to food. Instead of being known for a single specialty dish, these cities typically have developed food cultures.

Along with excellent meals, they also provide various great casual and upmarket eating options.

The following cities received our votes as the best cuisine cities in America based on the criteria above:

1. New Orleans

New Orleans | Best Food Cities In The US

There are many different ways to eat in New Orleans, even though we’re all about the city’s affordable fare (think Beignets at Cafe du Monde, Po Boys at Parkway Bakery & Tavern, and Fried Chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House).

We also like dining at renowned New Orleans establishments like Commander’s Palace and Brennan’s and indulging in Cajun and Creole cuisine.

We intend to revisit New Orleans as soon as possible to indulge in even more sumptuous culinary delights. We also plan to look at the city’s expanding international food scene, which includes Israeli, Indian, and Vietnamese dishes.

2. Charleston

Charleston | Best Food Cities In The US

The recognition of three restaurants (FIG, Husk, and Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ) with James Beard’s honors put Charleston’s culinary industry on the map internationally. So, while visiting the Holy City, bookings are a requirement.

We took the advice and came prepared to Charleston with reservations at FIG and Husk. Each supper was delicious and featured elegant dishes made with regional ingredients. However, these weren’t the only delicious meals we enjoyed in Charleston.

Okra Gumbo and She Crab Soup, two Lowcountry staples, featured tastes and ingredients from the Caribbean and Africa. But the flavor sees more modest dishes were purely Charleston, much like the city’s more premium offerings.

3. New York City

New York City | Best Food Cities In The US

For those who can afford a car payment for supper, New York’s temples of exquisite cuisine are, without a doubt, incredible. In Gotham, everyone can eat just as well for a lot less money.

We have had plenty of time to learn about New York City’s culinary culture. Daryl worked in Manhattan for eight years when Mindi also resided there.

We consumed everything, including late Sunday brunches with bagels, steak-filled business lunches, and late-night slices of pizza. And after that, we kept eating.

4. Houston

Houston | Best Food Cities In The US

At Nam Giao, we had our first taste of Vietnam. The Hue-inspired cuisine served at the Houston restaurant included Banh Beo dumplings and Cm Hn, a rice dish with baby clams, toasted peanuts, and sesame seeds. We then intensified the experience by chowing down on Viet-Cajun crawfish at Crawfish & Noodles.

It was a revelation to eat Texas mud beetles seasoned with garlic and lemongrass. We feebly tried to keep up with our Houstonian relatives, who were not newcomers to this seafood rodeo, as we plowed through a pile of tongue-tingling crabs.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco | Best Food Cities In The US

San Francisco, like many of the most vibrant cities in the world, is not an inexpensive place to visit. But it’s a city that everyone who travels for food must pay attention to.

The town boasts thirty-two Michelin-starred establishments, including a trio (Atelier Crenn, Benu, and Quince) that has been awarded three stars.

But San Francisco is more than simply its pricey food. Some of our favorite meals in San Francisco have included devouring enormous mission burritos and tiny dishes of dim food.

As for dessert, we never say no to pastries from Tartine Bakery, Craftsman & Wolves, or B. Patisserie.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles | Best Food Cities In The US

Although neither of us has ever lived in La La Land, we have brothers who have. As a result, we’ve gone numerous times and enjoyed the city’s cuisine.

We’ve eaten at enough Los Angeles restaurants to identify our favorite spots, even if we haven’t yet visited any of the city’s twenty Michelin-starred restaurants.

We recommend Chengdu Taste, Petit Trois, Pink’s Hot Dogs, and Zankou Chicken as the best restaurants in LA. For our upcoming trip, a top priority on our eating wish list is a meal at Nancy Silverton’s Pizzeria Mozza.

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas | Best Food Cities In The US

Without gambling, food tourists could visit Las Vegas and still have a blast. The second option would be a mistake, but they could still have good food without leaving the strip.

Many of the city’s most charming restaurants are found off the strip, even though many renowned chefs run casinos Carbone, Guy Savoy, Mizumi, and NoMad Bar.

Some are in strip malls, while others are in downtown areas. Many restaurants provide cuisine from Thailand, China, and Japan.

Before and after our road trip, we spent a considerable amount of time in Las Vegas. In addition to attending three weddings in Sin City, Daryl’s brother resides in Henderson, a nearby suburban area.

When we’re not spending time with family, our recent vacations have all been centered on dining off the strip. The Black Sheep, Sparrow and Wolf, Lotus of Siam, and Partage are just a few restaurants where meals have been particularly memorable. Another was an omakase anniversary dinner at Raku.

8. Philadelphia

Philadelphia | Best Food Cities In The US

Despite being halfway between New York City and Washington, DC, Philadelphia no longer falls behind those two cities regarding culinary offerings. The Philly food industry has drawn interest for far more than just Cheesesteaks.

Nothing wrong with cheesesteaks, of course! We’ve been residents of the old city for many years, and we’re still delighted to indulge in a fantastic Cheesesteak at John’s Roast Pork on occasion. The most famous philately is only one of the dishes to try while visiting the City of Brotherly Love.

Starting with sandwiches, Wonderful Roast Pork Sandwiches, and loaded Hoagies, local submarine sandwiches frequently topped with Italian meats and cheese, are just as gratifying as Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. This excludes more unusual options like falafel, tacos, banh mi, and bagels with cream cheese.

However, let’s move beyond sandwiches. Thanks to a group of excellent chefs who have lowered the cost of living in the city, Philadelphia’s restaurant sector competes favorably with both New York and DC.

Reservations are essential at nationally renowned eateries like Zahav, Vernick, and Vetri Cucina since they are so well-liked by locals and food tourists.

Philadelphia’s excellent restaurants include quiet BYOBs, Asian restaurants, pizza places, and chef-driven dining. Philadelphia firmly establishes itself as one of the top cuisine towns in America with the inclusion of craft beer bars and Italian bakeries.

9. Portland

Portland | Best Food Cities In The US

Portland intrigued us so much that we stayed for longer than we had initially planned while on our US road trip. To pack the most excellent Portland cuisine into our rumbling tummies in just five days was still a struggle.

The third-wave coffee scene in the city first had us enthralled, rivalling its craft beer scene. We received regular caffeine boosts from specialty coffee shops like Heart and Coava, which enabled us to explore the city’s scene from morning till dusk.

With numerous chefs specializing in a particular cuisine, Portland offers a wide range of dining alternatives, including Pacific Northwest at Paley’s Place, Russian at Kachka, New American at Ned Ludd, and Ice Cream at Salt & Straw. Along with these restaurants, we ate at ramen bars, noodle joints, and donut shops.

10. Buffalo

Buffalo | Best Food Cities In The US

Buffalo takes credit for several traditional American meals, including the buffalo wings created there and now famous worldwide.

During our week-long, food-focused vacation, we sampled a variety of Buffalo cuisine staples in addition to the fabled wings at numerous pubs.

Buffalo also far exceeded our expectations in many other areas.

We enjoyed everything and wherever we ate after sampling a variety of foods at both traditional eateries like Ted’s Hot Dogs and Schwabl’s and contemporary eateries like The Dapper Goose and The Black Sheep.

11. Miami

Miami | Best Food Cities In The US
11 Best Food Cities In The US For Foodie People 13

In South Beach, the city’s famous coastal district, where Joe’s Stone Crab and My Ceviche are located, we began our culinary exploration of Miami by chowing down on seafood.

We also dined at Versailles for Cuban cuisine and CVI.CHE 105 for Peruvian ceviche, following the Miami playbook.

With casual establishments like Zak the Baker, Panther Coffee, and Salty Donut, though, cool Wynwood found our sweet spot.

FAQs About The Best Food Cities In The US

The big winner is Hawaii, which is a top-five state for Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, sushi, and Thai. California shows up in the top five for four different categories of food, and numerous states each fare well in three.

The results placed Portland, Oregon, as the No. 1 US city for foodies, with the top combined rankings for affordability and diverse, accessible, and quality food.

Paris might be nicknamed the city of love, but it could easily be called the city of food. And while it’s easy to associate Paris with fancy, fine dining — a hub of Michelin-starred eateries — there’s SO much more to this culinary city.

The results placed Portland, Oregon, as the No. 1 US city for foodies, with the top combined rankings for affordability and diverse, accessible, and quality food.

The Best Food Cities in the US

  1. New Orleans
  2. Charleston
  3. New York City
  4. Houston
  5. San Francisco
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Portland
  10. Buffalo
  11. Miami

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