What Are The Most Overrated Travel Destinations?

The world is big out there, and there are so many wonderful and magnificent places in the world. But with the increasing rise in the business of tourism, travel agents often charge a high price to visit places all around the world.

It can be difficult for people to decipher tourist traps and find genuine travel agents that charge a fair price to their customers for their services.

The charges mostly depend on the popularity of the place. Places such as Paris, Japan, and Italy are some of the few examples of great places to visit. Some of these places are just overrated due to the hype spread by people.

In this article, we will look at the most overrated travel destinations for traveling or for vacation purposes.

List Of 10 Most Overrated Travel Destinations

Below is the list of the most overrated travel destinations but it doesn’t mean that places are bad. All places have their charisma everyone should these places at least once in a lifetime.

We have just highlighted some of the negative things about the below places.

1. Dubai

Dubai | most overrated travel destinations

To start our list, we have Dubai as one of the most overrated travel destinations in the world. The city has some good things, but Dubai lacks any real culture.

It is an expensive country. Dubai is a quite multicultural society with a racial hierarchy. The city holds some of the best architectural marvels and the food in Dubai is sublime.

It is a great place for traveling with a clean city, safe, and highly efficient. Dubai is definitely worth the visit.

It is a raft of never-ending shopping malls and boutique experiences with high prices. Dubai feels like an empty place similar to a mirror. Dubai is one of the most overrated travel destinations in the world.

2. Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Bourbon Street, New Orleans | most overrated travel destinations

The next tourist place on our list is Bourbon Street, New Orleans, It is one of the few places in the world where you are allowed to legally drink in the public.

Most of the restaurants and bars have the rule of consuming alcohol before leaving their establishment, but not on Bourbon Street. It is a great travel destination for parties. When you visit Bourbon Street, you will feel like you are in the middle of a college party.

The main reason Bourbon Street is overrated is that the place does not smell good and there is a mixture of smells such as cigarettes, urine, dead fish, horse manure, and marijuana. The smell can be a bit overwhelming in some places, which makes it an overrated travel destination in the world.

3. Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles | most overrated travel destinations

In a study conducted, the participants voted the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the worst tourist trap on Earth. It is a massive tourist trap place. It is one of the main reasons that makes Hollywood Boulevard an overrated travel destination places in the world.

The tour companies are pushy and will drive you around the town to see the homes of different celebrities. There are souvenir shops which are quite expensive.

In Hollywood Boulevard, you will find plenty of people dressed in DIY characters and making money by snapping pictures with tourists. The price they charged these people is outrageous. It creates an uncomfortable situation which makes it an overrated travel destination in the world.

4. Pisa, Italy

Pisa, Italy | most overrated travel destinations
What Are The Most Overrated Travel Destinations? 12

The next place on our list is Pisa, which is in Italy. It is famously known for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions places in the world.

The main reason why Pisa is overrated is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is just a typical selfie spot and nothing more than that makes it an overrated travel destination in the world.

It is not a great place to vacation. Tourists can also take photos of themselves climbing through the tower, but it comes with its own cost.

The first thing is that you have to stand in line for hours and pay for it to receive little return for your investment. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the popular places to visit, but it has got overcrowded, and it makes it difficult for the tourist to enjoy.

5. The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík

The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík | most overrated travel destinations
What Are The Most Overrated Travel Destinations? 13

The next tourist destination on our list is The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík. It is a popular place for a vacation.

The main reason why The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík is overrated is that the price to visit this place is expensive. Tourists need to spend 45 euros to buy a ticket to get into some hot water pool. The entrance fees are expensive.

The entrance fees have increased in the year 2022 which is 66 euros per person. The second reason is the crowd.

You will find a lot of people coming to visit this place, which makes it overcrowded, and you cannot get any private space with your partner or family. Usually, The Blue Lagoon gets full of people coming from different places around the world.

6. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand | most overrated travel destinations

Phuket is the country’s popular island, and it is one of the most overrated travel destinations in the world.

Tourists that come to visit Phuket might think of beautiful white sand beaches, peaceful sunsets, and limestone cliffs jutting out of the ocean, but there are absolutely none of these things found in Phuket.

The island in Phuket is below average, with mediocre beaches and a statue of Buddha at the top of the hill.

The main reason why people get misled to visit Phuket is because of Google and social media applications like Instagram.

It is one of the common tourist traps that leads to loss of money, and time for every individual. The islands in Phuket are crowded and small. Tourists need to pay a lot of money to visit different Islands in Phuket.

7. Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida | most overrated travel destinations

The next place on our list is Clearwater Beach, Florida. It is a popular vacation spot for tourists to relax and enjoy their holidays.

The reason Clearwater Beach, Florida is overrated is that it is extremely overcrowded, has zero parking, has high prices, and the overall quality of the beach itself.

The other problem that a tourist face when visiting Clearwater beach is traffic. The drivers are worst around that area. There is a high number of collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians, which make it dangerous for tourist to visit this place.

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the beach, but tourists can drink in one of the expensive bars found to bear the beach area.

8. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt | most overrated travel destinations

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, is another overrated travel destination in the world. The main reason is that tourists struggle to get to the pyramids themselves. You can get a can for the ride to the pyramids, but it is not easy to get on in Giza.

There are scams pulled in Egypt where cabs do not stop at the exact location of the pyramid, but they will stop at the stables and tell you to visit the pyramids on horseback. Beware of this scam if the cab driver says that the cab won’t go any further than refusing to get out of the cab, and they eventually drop you at the exact location of the pyramid.

There is a crowd around the pyramid which creates extreme hassle, and that is the thing that you won’t like about Egypt. There are people all around the place trying to sell things, camel rides, etc.

You have to tip people that provide you with their services, and sometimes you have to tip someone for nothing and if you don’t pay them they get annoyed. There are a lot of scams going around in Egypt.

9. Mexico City

Mexico City | most overrated travel destinations

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The monarch butterfly colony in Cerro Polon.

The city offers many things including sightseeing, major sports, music events, and much more. Easy to get to Mexico City from Canada and the US.

The main reason why Mexico City is an overrated tourist place is that the architecture of the city is sterile.

The best places to visit in Mexico City include Rome Norte, Coyoacan, or even the Zona Rosa. These are some of the best places to travel in Mexico City. It is an overrated tourist destination place.

10. Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines | most overrated travel destinations

The last tourist destination place of our list is Manila, Philippines. It is another popular tourist destination for tourists around the world. The other places in the Philippines are good, except Manila.

The main reason why it is an overrated place is that the quality of air in Manila is very bad, as traffic, and the rubbish. You will find poverty on the streets of Manila.  These are the reason for Manila is an overrated tourist destination in the world.


Before you make any plans for a vacation or decide to make a plan. Beware of all the scam travel agents and research them before you decide to take on a journey for a vacation. Find travel destinations that are worth the visit and not just complete hype.

Research for places that is under your budget and do not waste your money on unnecessary expenses. Finally, look for places that are in an affordable price range and from a trusted travel agent before making any decisions on your vacation.

Tell Us In The Comments As Per You Which Are The most overrated travel destinations?

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