What Not To Do At A Nude Beach? 13 Things To Consider

This article is all about what not to do at a nude beach. If you are unaware this article is for you.

In Europe, South America, and the Caribbean, topless sunbathing and nude beaches are common. Nude beaches, on the other hand, can raise a few eyebrows in the United States.

But, despite popular belief, “clothing optional” beaches are neither vulgar nor indecent. Because everyone is naked, they are more relaxed, and beachgoers are more respectful.

Nude beaches can be found all over the world, from Hawaii to Mexico, Greece to Croatia, and even the coasts of New Jersey. If you’re looking for a carefree and clothing-optional trip, these hotspots are ideal.

But, before you go to a nudist beach, keep in mind that decency is important. Most clothes-free locations, in fact, have more regulations than boarding schools. Here’s the information on what you should and shouldn’t do at a nudist beach.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Going To A Nude Beach

Apart from forgetting your towel, there are a few blunders to avoid on a nudist beach. If you’ve never visited a nudist beach before but have always wanted to, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines for you to follow.

  • Don’t Make The Mistake of Assuming That a Beach Is Clothes-Free
  • Don’t Forget to Research Naturist Resorts
  • Don’t Stare At A Nude Beach
  • At Nude Beaches, Don’t Expect Too Much
  • Don’t Take Photos On A Nude Beach
  • In Some Public Places, Don’t Go Naked
  • Don’t Forget To Carry Sunscreen
  • Respect Other People’s Personal Space
  • Before You Leave, Get Dressed
  • Avoid Being A show-off
  • Keep Your Valuables Safe
  • There Will Be No Sex On The Beach
  • You Should Bring Your Own Towel

1. Don’t Make The Mistake of Assuming That a Beach Is Clothes-Free

Don't Make The Mistake of Assuming That a Beach Is Clothes-Free | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

Just because you read someplace that a beach is clothing-optional, doesn’t imply it is. Make sure the place is actually safe for your naked patronage by conducting your own research.

The American Association for Nudist Recreation has created a brief list of nudist beaches in the United States (there aren’t many), and Fiery Trippers has compiled a list of some of the world’s greatest nudist beaches.

And if you’re ever in doubt about whether a nudist beach is actually a nudist beach? Continue to wear your clothes. Public nudity is a serious offence that can result in a fine in many areas (or worse).

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2. Don’t Forget to Research Naturist Resorts

Naturist resorts cater to fully clothed vacationers, so instead of a one-time visit to a nudist beach, consider these possibilities if you want to go all-in (or off).

There’s a nudist resort option to suit your style and budget, from family-friendly campgrounds in the Poconos to opulent all-inclusive in the Caribbean.

Each of these resorts has its own set of rules, and many are exclusively for adults. Before booking, read the resort’s regulations carefully, just like you’d for any other hotel stay.

3. Don’t Stare At A Nude Beach

Don’t Stare At A Nude Beach | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

Don’t stare, gawk, point, or chuckle once you’ve arrived at a nudist beach. Obviously, you’ll have to look at your fellow sunbathers at some point, whether it’s to greet them or to grab their Frisbee from your beach towel.

But keep your cool: most nudist beach insiders claim that it’s easy and that after a while, you’ll stop seeing all the exposed skin.

Are you incapable of dealing with the realities of polite naked society? That’s fine, but for the sake of everyone’s comfort, stick to beaches that demand attire.

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4. At Nude Beaches, Don’t Expect Too Much

Despite common opinion, most nudist beaches aren’t sexy hangouts straight out as shown in Hollywood movies. Visitors come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of physical condition, so keep all these things in mind.

So don’t go to a nudist beach expecting to see models just to be disappointed when you see, well, real beings as normal people.

5. Don’t Take Photos On A Nude Beach

Don't Take Photos On A Nude Beach | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

A solid rule of thumb is to never, ever take someone’s picture without their consent. This is true for all tourist locations, from nudist beaches to theme parks to UNESCO World Heritage sites, but it’s especially true when your target is naked.

Always ask permission to take a photograph and double-check that photography is permitted where you are. (Many nude beaches have strictly banned it)

Furthermore, even if you don’t mind someone taking a photo of you, keep in mind that you have little influence over where that photo goes up online, from travel review sites to social media to less pleasant areas.

6. In Some Public Places, Don’t Go Naked

Many areas at nudist beaches or resorts, such as parking lots, cafes, and shops, may need clothing due to local rules.

Check any posted notices for clothing-required places and pay attention to them. If you need to use the facilities, pack a beach tote with easily accessible clothing.

7. Don’t Forget To Carry Sunscreen 

Don't Forget To Carry Sunscreen | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

While this does not come under the category of manners, it is nonetheless important to know when visiting a nudist beach: Yes, those sensitive places usually covered by swim trunks and bikinis will require a rubbing lotion of sunscreen, preferably one that is light on sensitive skin.

8. Respect Other People’s Personal Space

Don’t annoy others and give them enough space, just as you would on a regular beach.

Keep an eye on where you’re going and who’s surrounding you; no one wants to wake up from their sunbathing to find you jumping over them to get by.

9. Before You Leave, Get Dressed

While you’re safe in the nudist beach’s boundaries, make sure to put your clothes back on before leaving, as no one outside of that small private spot will like seeing you in your birthday suit.

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10. Avoid Being A show-off

It’s fantastic that you’re all naked, but don’t be a show-off.

Naturists come to relax and enjoy their time by the beach. They aren’t here to help you in any way!

11. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Keep Your Valuables Safe | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

Even on a nudist beach, theft can happen.

So keep your valuables safe at all times, whether you ask someone to keep an eye on them or take them with you when you leave your spot.

You might always invest in a waterproof bag so that you may carry your belongings into the water with you if you want to go swimming.

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12. There Will Be No Sex On The Beach

This should go without saying, but just because you can strip down on a nudist beach doesn’t mean you can take your relationship to the next level.

Remember that doing anything sexual in a public place might land you in serious trouble.

13. You Should Bring Your Own Towel

You Should Bring Your Own Towel | What Not To Do At A Nude Beach

It’s standard decency to keep a towel or sarong between you and the seat when accessing shared amenities like benches. It can also be helpful for males who need to cover up for a short period of time.

As long as you’re not actively drawing attention to yourself, the naturist society is typically relaxed about it. Things happen; if you don’t make a big deal out of it, no one else will.

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