Who is a travel enthusiast? 🤩11 Best ways to become a travel enthusiast

Who is a travel enthusiast? If you love traveling frequently, get excited by the very thought of seeing and feeling the unknown, and love to discover new relationships and places, you are a travel enthusiast.

Every one of us is unique according to the experiences we gathered throughout our lives. Traveling is possibly the best decision one can make to add to that experience. This world is full of surprises and adventures, and it would be a shame not to explore that.

Traveling does not only mean a visit to your friends or family in another city, it means you are ready to accept the vast knowledge this world has to offer and make beautiful memories out of it.

If traveling inspires you or excites you, you are mentally prepared to think about traveling as a hobby or as a full-time life goal.

List of 11 Best ways to become a travel enthusiast

If you want to become an enthusiastic traveler, you must prepare for everything. To plan your trip, it is essential to understand the of travel enthusiast meaning. You’ll be on the right track if you follow these tips.

1. Prepare your mind and body

A Women Doing Yoga in morning to Prepare mind and body

Being a travel enthusiast means that you need to be fit and able to enjoy the experience the world throws at you. You can take up yoga or other activities like getting a gym membership. This will help you keep your body fit and ready for long travels. (For these activities, we also require a few travel accessories like gym bags from https://threo.co.uk/product/gym-bag-with-shoe-compartment/, shoes, etc.

Your mind also needs care just like your body. Practicing stress relief activities helps. In a rough phase, do not shy away from taking advice from a counselor, or seeking medical help if needed.

2. Save Money

Save Money

Only having the drive to travel doesn’t always help you do it. Having enough funds saved up for travelling-related expenses matters a lot. Traveling can be cheap, but only up to a certain extent.

There is always a bare minimum below which you will not be able to enjoy properly. Start saving moving for your trips as early as you can.

3. Keep your Passport updated

Keep your Passport updated

If you are serious about your travels, make sure you have your passport always updated. Travel opportunities can come up anytime, and being prepared is the best way you can ensure that you take full advantage of them.

Passport matters sometimes take months to process, if you fall into the loop, you might miss out on a good opportunity.

4. Signing up with a travel club

Signing up with a travel club

Travel clubs or organizations help people travel by giving access to great deals and discounts on stays, tickets, etc. Some clubs also promote member socializations where you can find like-minded people who share the same passion as you.

You can also get tour packages and sign up for a group tour. This is a great way to make connections and avail good discounts on trips.

5. Job on the go

Young girl working on laptop at beach

If you are thinking of being a full-time travel enthusiast, you need a lot of money. If you aren’t blessed with an already stacked bank account, you should think of a job that suits your travel lifestyle.

Even if you have a full-time job, but love to go on frequent travels, chances are, there will be a good amount deducted from your paycheck. Thus, you need more than one source of earnings that supports your hobby.

6. Active Lifestyle

Couple Cycling

Living an active lifestyle, not only lets you be stress-free but also drives up your passion for traveling. Once you start having an active lifestyle, you set a habit of indulging yourself more in experiencing things outside your house. Laziness is an addiction and overcoming it is very important if you want to enjoy your life as a traveller.

7. Keep a positive attitude towards life

Keep a positive attitude towards life

Everyone has their fair share of ups and downs in life, and as a travel enthusiast, you can face that too. Having a positive attitude towards scenarios ensures that you keep your spirits up even in distress.

Sometimes small things like a delayed flight can make you feel bad, but if you are in a habit of keeping a positive attitude, you might find something better to do with the extra time you have on your hands.

8. Learn more

Girl gathering knowledge for travel on Laptop

The first step of being a travel enthusiast is to know some basic things about their destinations. Gathering some knowledge in the forms of travel, magazines, books, or even online is always worth it. You are better off reading a book rather than watching some series on Netflix.

9. Become a solo traveler

A Solo Traveler checking map on train station

As a travel enthusiast, do not wait for anyone to accompany you on your trips. Solo trips are scary at first, but with proper homework, you might find them more enjoyable than group trips.

Solo trips instill qualities like pre-planning, attentiveness, responsibility, decision-making, socializing, etc., which are invaluable qualities a traveler should have.

Solo trips let you have one of the best experiences since you are the most important person on that trip, and let you have fewer worries.

10. Carefully select your first tours

A Couple enjoying Kayaking

If you always wanted to travel and finally gathered everything required for it, you are ready for your journey. It is always best to select a fairly known place as your first destination.

It may be a visit to a family member living abroad or a guided tour with a group. This will give you a fairly secure environment to apply your skills and know how things work. With a few trips under your belt, you will be confident enough to embark on the next, with many vivid plans.

11. Get travel insured

Get travel insured

Getting travel insurance is one of the duties you should never skip. Things might take a turn for the worse, and the only thing you can do is prepare yourself for it.

Travel insurance comes in various types of covers, select based on your journey. The fact that you have some parts of your journey covered, will let you have a worry-free experience.

Moreover, travel insurance comes with various facilities that you can take advantage of during your travels.

FAQs About Travel Enthusiasts

People have a lot of questions about traveling or travel enthusiasts some of the main questions are below.

Q. What is a travel enthusiast?

A. A person who has a real passion for travel is called a travel enthusiast.
Hodophile – the very word for travel lovers. A Hodophile is “One who loves to travel.”

Q. What is a wanderlust person?

A. A wanderlust person has a strong urge to travel. He couldn’t stay still for too long because of his wanderlust. 


As a travel enthusiast, you are free to explore the world and gather first-hand experiences on anything you want. Give yourself enough time to prepare for your trips, gather knowledge about your destinations, and secure your travels financially for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to happen frequently. Be it the auroras against the Nordic landscape, or the glowing waves in the silent breezy Caribbean nights, you can be there to capture the feelings within your memories as you slowly become a better traveler.

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