11 Best places to camp in North Carolina That Are Extremely beautiful

Hello camping lover,

Are you looking for a trip to North Carolina? So there’s one question that comes to your mind which are the best places to Camp in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a beautiful state with stunning scenery and a wealth of state parks and waterways, making it the ideal place for an overnight camping vacation.

You can pitch a tent here and go on an adventure to enjoy the outdoors while going on a scenic hike and stargazing up at the Milky Way.

This area is home to both a beautiful coast with soft dunes and flat plains and rugged mountain vistas.

Here are some of the top camping spots in North Carolina, from setting up camp by the beach to camping high in the mountains.

Benefits Of Summer Camp Near North Carolina

Each year, more than 11 million kids and adults go to summer camp. Why are so many individuals choosing to attend summer camp? The solution is quite straightforward: summer camp is very good for kids.

Knowing this, we at Camp Blue Ridge work hard to provide them with the most memorable summer ever. We have listed a few advantages of summer camp close to North Carolina to back this up!

1. Community

By enrolling your kid in summer camp, you’re putting them in a welcoming, safe environment where they can be themselves.

In contrast to school, summer camp fosters a nonjudgmental environment where kids can experiment without worrying about failing.

2. Social Skills

Children are sure to meet new people at summer camp, whether they are kids or adults. New friends will be made, and kids’ social skills will advance.

Children frequently come into contact with new kids who share their interests and aspirations, giving them someone to confide in and form bonds with.

Many of our campers credit Camp Blue Ridge with introducing them to their closest friends, and they eagerly anticipate their annual reunion.

3. Unplug

At summer camp, kids are given the chance to experience nature without being tethered to a mobile phone or another technological device.

The ideal site for this is our summer camp. Northern Georgia’s stunning Blue Ridge Mountains are where we are situated.

Our summer camp facilities, which span more than 250 acres of land, are the ideal setting for kids to enjoy summer camp without having access to gadgets

What would summer camp be without an adventure?

Every day at summer camp is a brand-new opportunity to take part in brand-new activities. Children will have more than 50 options to pick from, including sports, art, outdoor excursions, and athletics. Children will engage in activities and gain new skills that they can continue once the summer camp is ended at home.

Keep in mind that these are just a handful of the many advantages of summer camp! If you’re still trying to find a camp for the summer close to North Carolina

List Of 11 Best Places to Camp in North Carolina

So after researching a lot we’re providing you with a list of the best places to camp in north Carolina so let’s start.

1. Linville Gorge

Places to Camp in North Carolina

The isolated Linville Gorge is the place to go if you want to have a true backpacking experience in the great outdoors. This enormous deep-cut gorge, which can be seen in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest, is about 2,000 feet deep.

Here, which spans a distance of 12 miles, are rock formations, canyon walls, and the breathtaking Linville Falls cascades.

Here you may hunt for waterfalls, find peak vistas, and capture stunning sunset views from Shortoff Mountain, making it the ideal camping location for anyone who likes to spend their days on the trail. On-trail camping is possible close to the summits.

2. Mount Pisgah Campground

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Only 20 miles from Asheville, Mount Pisgah Campground is one of the highest campgrounds you’ll find along the Blue Ridge Parkway, rising to a height of 5,000 feet.

Here, perched in the clouds amid sweeping mountain vistas, you can trek on one of the well-liked trails that range in difficulty from moderate to difficult and take in panoramic views from the observation deck.

Choose the Frying Pan Trail for 1.6 miles of adventure through dense hardwood forest and over rocky terrain. After your adventure, rest up at one of the 52 campsites that can be reserved and eat at the Pisgah Inn restaurant nearby.

There are still 74 campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t worry if you like to take things as they come.

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3. Hammocks Beach State Park, Swansboro

Places to Camp in North Carolina

One of North Carolina’s crown jewels is Hammocks Beach State Park, which spans 323 acres and is home to 4 stunning islands.

A three-mile-long, uninhabited barrier island that can only be reached by the park’s passenger ferry or by paddling a canoe or kayak, Bear Island is one of the most well-liked places to explore.

Visitors will discover a lovely setting here that is ideal for beachside camping, where enormous dunes and breathtaking ocean views combine for an unforgettable overnight stay.

Fishing, swimming, and picnicking are all popular activities in the area. There are also hiking trails on Bear Island and well-marked paddle trails.

4. Mount Mitchell State Park, Burnsville

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi, is one of the most picturesque locations in the state to set up camp.

There, campers can take in the views of the lush forest, visit the on-site museum to learn about the area’s cultural and natural history, and hit the trails for a day of outdoor adventures.

It stands out among the others due to its stunning summit and convenient observation. Along with a full-service restaurant, snack stand, and gift store, there is also a nine-site tent campground with grills and picnic tables.

5. Cape Lookout National Seashore

Places to Camp in North Carolina

A hidden gem in North Carolina, Cape Lookout National Seashore is home to three uninhabited barrier islands that stretch for 55 miles along the Southern Outer Banks and Crystal Coast.

This is the ideal location for swimming, birding, windsurfing, and shelling. Camping is also a popular activity here because it allows you to truly disconnect from the outside world.

The stunning beaches, where surf fishing is popular, are also recognized for being the habitat of wild horses.

You may now enjoy a guided tour of Portsmouth Village, climb the lighthouse, and unwind on the sandy beaches of Shackleford Banks, the same places where stockmen, whalers, and fishermen once undertook perilous expeditions.

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6. Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach

Places to Camp in North Carolina

The state’s top fishing areas are accessible from the popular 761-acre Carolina Beach State Park, which is located.

Set up your tent beneath the soaring trees for the ideal remote camping location, then spend your days exploring the kilometers of diverse habitats.

Check to see if you can see the rare Venus flytrap, one of the most unusual carnivorous plants in the world, and take note of the enormous variety of plant and animal life present in the park.

While group camping and a family campground both have a picnic table and grill, family camping cabins are offered for those who would rather spend the night in air conditioning.

7. Jones Lake State Park, Elizabethtown

Places to Camp in North Carolina

The phenomena of the Carolina bays are seen in Jones Lake State Park, one of the nation’s biggest geological mysteries.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of activities available in the 2,308-acre park, which ranges from the four-mile route that arcs around the bay lake to the variety of aquatic activities available in the shallow waters.

One site includes electrical and water hookups and all of the wooded campsites have a fire ring, grill, and picnic table.

While the visitor center educates visitors about the ecology of the bay lakes, from the bay thickets to the pond cypress stands draped in Spanish moss, you can explore the area by canoe and paddleboat during the summer.

8. Pettigrew State Park, Creswell

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Pettigrew State Park is home to the renowned Lake Phelps, a 16,600-acre lake where fishing is king and is regarded as an angler’s heaven.

Here you can find ancient American Indian dugout canoes, the grave of a Confederate general, and crystal clear waters for bass fishing. It’s a place that combines nature, history, and recreation.

Enjoy the scenery of the grassy meadow and beautiful cypress trees while camping with your family or in a group at the campground, which has picnic tables and a barbecue.

Take a hike along the trails or jump in a canoe to paddle along the Scuppernong River to see animals in their natural habitat. Both activities are ideal for a day of wildlife spotting.

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9. Lake James State Park, Nebo

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Lake James State Park, a vast reservoir with more than 150 miles of shoreline and a 6,512-acre lake as its centerpiece, gives visitors a glimpse of the Appalachian Mountain range.

Campers will find walk-in, boat-in, and drive-in campsites, each with its amenities that cater to a range of travelers, offering a variety of family-friendly activities.

Over 25 miles of beautiful trails make up the park’s wide trail network, 15 of which are suitable for mountain biking.

For its educational features, the Holly Discovery Trail will appeal to children, while those seeking an adventurous day of natural scenery might visit the Overmountain Victory Trail.

10. Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Visit Cape Hatteras National Seashore if you’d want to experience sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves and seeing sea turtles along the shore.

With four campgrounds close to the ocean, campers have plenty of options that combine the peace of the salt marshes with the splendor of the starry night sky.

Here, you may get a close-up view of the flora, fauna, and natural landscapes, offering a novel approach to seeing the barrier islands.

The Outer Banks’ 75 miles of protected territory can be seen by taking a stroll along the scenic beach, paddling a kayak along the sound, or climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, one of North Carolina’s most picturesque lighthouses.

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11. Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury

Places to Camp in North Carolina

Hanging Rock State Park combines peaceful forest and gushing waterfalls with high cliffs and bare rock peaks.

Campers will find cottages for those who like a more glamping-type experience, tent and trailer campgrounds, and a stunning view of the Piedmont plateau.

The area’s hiking trails, which are more than 18 miles long and offer waterfall and mountain vistas, are worthwhile for a day trip, and cyclists can discover a single track that offers views of the Sauratown Mountains.

The 12-acre lake is the perfect place to spend a day taking in the area’s natural beauty. Cool off in its cool waters.

FAQs About Places to Camp in North Carolina

What are some of North Carolina’s top campgrounds?

The best campgrounds in North Carolina may be discovered all around the state, from the Outer Banks beaches to the western region’s mountains.

You’re guaranteed to discover a variety of camping alternatives, from rustic and basic to campgrounds that offer resort-like amenities, whether you prefer camping on the beach at sea level or in the state’s highest campsite located a mile high in elevation.

Additionally, the National Park Service manages the campgrounds in North Carolina that may be located along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and they frequently feature a selection of nature trails to explore.

Can you pitch a tent at state parks?

Yes! Yes, please! Discover North Carolina’s many state park campgrounds. Every state park offers a unique and unforgettable camping experience, from rustic campsites on the beach and in the highlands to those hidden beneath a forest’s canopy of trees. The official website of the North Carolina State Parks can be accessed at this link for further details.

What are some essential items for a camping trip?

Any camping trip must be well planned for everyone to have a successful and enjoyable experience. Always err on the side of caution when choosing what to carry for clothing.

To put it another way, be ready for the rain and bring a pair of dry shoes, rain gear, and possibly even a tarp to cover the main gathering area.

As for further requirements, make sure to bring a lighter, a lantern (one for each person is suggested), rubbish bags, tools for cooking and dining, dishwashing soap, and personal stuff.

In North Carolina, the majority of non-primitive campgrounds offer a camp store where you can buy small goods you might have forgotten to carry.

What is the most popular campground in North Carolina?

1. Carolina Beach State Park.
2. Davidson River Campground.
3. Hanging Rock State Park.
4 Pilot Mountain State Park.
5. Lake Powhatan Recreation Area and Campground.
6. Smokemont Campground.
7. Mount Pisgah.
8. Julian Price.

Is North Carolina good for camping?

North Carolina is a beautiful state with stunning scenery and a variety of state parks and rivers, making it the ideal place for an overnight camping vacation.

Where can you camp for free in NC?

1. Catfish Lake Boat Ramp.
2 Basin Creek Camping Area.
3. Ammons Branch Campground.
4. Long Point Boat Launch Camping.
5. Bristol Fields Horse Camp.
6. Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River.
7. Badin Horse Camp.
8. Free Camping in North Carolina.

Where is Stone Mountain NC?

Six miles to the southwest of Roaring Gap in Wilkes and Alleghany counties is where you’ll find Stone Mountain State Park.

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