Business Travellers Will Be Able To Get Free COVID Tests On American Airlines And British Airways

Get Free COVID Tests On American Airlines And British Airways: Business travellers will be able to fly across the Atlantic Ocean without having to worry about COVID-19 testing thanks to American Airlines and British Airways.

Business travellers buying premium seats on American Airlines and British Airways through American Express Global Business Travel will be able to have the mandatory COVID-19 tests delivered to them directly before departure beginning next year.

The airlines have teamed up with Qured to provide travellers travelling between the United States and the United Kingdom quick antigen tests with findings in as little as 20 minutes. Both the US and UK governments have approved the self-administered tests, and passengers receive a validated electronic record of the results within two hours.

“We’re eager to provide our mutual customers peace of mind that they’ll have what they need to fulfil a crucial requirement when they resume doing business,” said Mark Muren, British Airways’ head of worldwide sales, in a news statement.

Airlines profit from transatlantic routes in particular. According to aviation data firm OAG, British Airways operated the world’s only billion-dollar airline route between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and London Heathrow prior to the epidemic.

“One of the important components of building up business travel across the transatlantic corridor is ensuring corporate travellers have access to rapid, accurate testing,” Muren added.

Passengers must follow the steps after purchasing their tickets to receive their test kits. Then all they have to do is open the COVID-19 test kit that was supplied to their house or hotel, connect to a video call, and swab themselves.

Passengers who test negative for COVID-19 will receive a certificate stating that they are fit to fly, which they may present at the airport or upload to the VeriFly app, which is used by an estimated three million passengers on American Airlines and British Airways.

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