Southwest Won’t Provide Alcoholic Beverages Until At Least 2022


Southwest Won’t Provide Alcoholic Beverages: Southwest Airlines will not sell alcohol on board again until at least January 2022, according to a company official who talked with Travel + Leisure on Monday.

The airline had planned to bring back alcoholic beverages in June but delayed her plans due to an alarming increase in reports of rowdy passengers this year. Southwest’s decision coincides with the extension of the federal transportation mask mandate until at least January 18, 2022.

“At this time, there are no plans to bring alcohol back before January 2022,” a Southwest spokeswoman informed T+L.

The Federal Aviation Administration has recommended more than $1 million in civil penalties so far this year and has received more than 3,800 reports of disorderly behaviour, with more than 73 per cent of those allegations involving persons who refuse to comply with the federal mask mandate.

In an effort to fight the problem, the Transportation Security Administration raised the penalty for passengers who refuse to wear masks on airlines last week. Passengers who break the rule will be fined between $500 and $1,000 for the first violation and $1,000 to $3,000 for the second.

Southwest isn’t the only one who has given up drinking. American Airlines has also stated that it will not serve alcoholic beverages in its main cabin until at least January 18, 2022, but that it will serve alcohol in its business and first-class cabins.

As food and beverage service has returned to the sky, other US carriers such as Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, and United Airlines have all included alcohol into their onboard menus.

While Southwest won’t be providing G&Ts or Bloody Marys anytime soon, the airline will reintroduce seat-back pocket menus next month and expand its onboard beverage selection, according to USA Today. Orange juice, cranberry cocktail juice, ginger ale, seltzer water, and tonic water will be among the new drink options, which include mixers the airline had ordered when it planned to bring back alcohol.

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